10 Best Putters for the Money in 2023 – Top Golf Reviews


Generally speaking, most of the people among us still believe that the higher the price of the club, the superior the quality. On the flip side,some expensive clubs don’t come up with the expectations while contrarily some cheap ones get a reputed name in the market.

Surely, with cautious buying, one can purchase the Best Putters for the Money at the most reasonable price, than you ever imagined. Unquestionably, putters are the most important club in the golf bag, indeed.

Not only they are used more often than any other golf club but also there is a wide range of putters available in the market. Here, a question arises, do they need to cost a considerable sum of money?

Meanwhile, the most important factor kept in mind while choosing a putter is whether it’s a mallet or blade putter. To improve your golf game while enhancing your performance and making more and more putts in the hole. The putters that are worth the purchase provide a soft feel, great distance control, and offer maximum forgiveness.

Demanding Post’s:

  1. Best putter’s for average golfer
  2. Best putter’s under $200

Without any doubt, as new putters are emitted each year, former models are kept at discounted prices offering the same specs and performances. Besides, the best putters high handicappers are not always the expensive ones. Point often overlooked, not always the value of the club will give you the worthful performance.

For this purpose, I’ve gathered a list of the best putter at a reasonable price along with a detailed description of their features. Furthermore, look through my article to find out which are the best budget putters, well-suited for your game.

Best Putters for the Money in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter9.9
2Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter Sporting goods9.8
3Odyssey Red Ball Putter9.6
4Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR400 Putter9.5
5Taylor Made Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putter9.4
6Power-bilt RS-X M200 Mallet Golf Putter-Right Hand9.3
7Taylor Made Golf 2018 Spider Putter9.1
8Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter9.0
9Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter8.9
10TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter8.8

Best Putters for the Money in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Wilson Harmonized – Best putter to improve putting:

Onto the first one, the Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter has been one of the top golf equipment brands. The distinctive features are the microinjection inserts along with an oversize grip, and vertical seam which guarantees outstanding feel and supreme comfortableness.

In particular, incorporated with the microinjection polymer inserts and Heal/Toe weight placement assures a firmer feel and enhanced sound at the impact. Let’s read the features of this best cheap putter stated below.

  • Horizontal lines on the clubhead
  • Micro-injection inserts for great feel at impact
  • Alignment aids included
  • Mallet style putter
  • Vertical seam grip
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Heal/Toe Weighting maximizes the MOI

Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter Reviews:Best putters for the money

Most of the Wilson putters have robbed the heart of the golfers as they’re immensely magnificent at all means, and so is this one too.

Striking Appearance:

Notably, the Wilson Harmonized, stainless steel shaft looks sleek, giving the club a more innovative look and feel as well as sound. Additionally, the mallet-style putter head looks astonishing, with a contrasting grey/black color scheme with white and red vertical strips to aid with alignment.

Enough Length & Lined Clubhead:

Another key point, this Harmonized Square Putter is 35 inches lengthy, and obtainable in both right and left-hand orientation. In like manner, incorporating horizontal lines on the clubhead, you can acquire accurate control over the distance.

On the whole, through such extraordinary distinctive Wilson Putter design, you’ll certainly look like a pro-golfer with this club in your hands.

High performance:

In the first place, this Wilson Harmonized putter features several micro-injection polymer inserts on the clubface that delivers an exceptional feel at impact. In like manner, these micro-injection inserts aid to provide maximum forgiveness and get you to raise lasting confidence while striking.

Firm grip:

By the same token, this putter includes a larger and firm grip for rebalancing and redistributing weight and delivers stability in your swings. Furthermore, the Wilson Harmonized putter’s oversized grip encompasses a vertical seam at the back to enhance the putter’s feel all over the stroke.

Heel/Toe Weight placement:

At the same time, the Harmonized square heel/toe putter ensures the golfers acquire all-out MOI. Also, the putter has affluent alignment aids, which most of golfers seek to perfectly strike the ball into the hole.

  • Perfect for golfers with a mid-high handicap
  • Great ball control
  • Improved alignment
  • Admirable look
  • firm grip and additional comfort
  • Sharp edges could scratch your other clubs
  • Headcover not included


All in all, this is an excellent pick of putter for golfers of all skill levels, who aspire to reach par. It can be tough while putting green, but the Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter makes it easier for you to make consistent strokes.

2. Wilson Staff Infinite – Best putter under 300:

Moving on, third on the list is the Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter integrated with the new Counterbalanced Technology. On the positive side, not only does the Wilson infinite putter have unique looks, but also the technology used is new for the golfers.

Let’s find out more about the staff infinite golf putter.

  • Doubled milled face
  • Counterbalanced Technology
  • Dark Anti-Glare Finish Grip Technology
  • Milled Face
  • PVD Finish
  • Tour Proven

Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter Sporting goods Review:Best putters for the money

Markedly, this Wilson’s model offering dark anti-glare finish, double milled Face alongside an aesthetically pleasing appearance is assuredly a commendable pick.

Enhanced performance:

Surely, the Wilson infinite putter is the most suitable for players who demand additional grip, better stroke performance, and salient specs. As well, with the creation of a counterbalanced putter, it feels staggering to nearly everyone as it doesn’t burden your hands.

Grip Technology:

Another key point, the Wilson Infinite putter features an oversized grip for better handling, enhancing one’s performance and leading to more consistency on the greens. To emphasize, the grip technology the putter offers, also helps one diminish unwanted twisting and bad shots.

Counterbalanced Technology:

Chiefly, the Wilson Staff Infinite Putter features the Counterbalanced Technology to the golfers that provide a further controlled putting stroke. Not only, but also have this technology places supplementarily weighted in the putter head as well as in the grip.

At the same time, the supplementary weight creates maximum MOI, for the whole club, encouraging consistent and controlled putting stroke.

Impressive look:

Equally important, the Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter features the new dark anti-glare PVD finish to lessen glare and emphasize sightlines. On the other hand, the double milled Face ensures consistent impact, smooth roll, and accurate distance control.

Maximum forgiveness:

The Wilson staff infinite golf putter offers an enormously high moment of inertia and enhanced forgiveness. Similarly, with the combination of additional weight and mallet design, this infinite putter delivers supreme forgiveness.

  • Consistent impact and roll
  • Elegant design
  • Larger grip
  • Very affordable
  • Headcover included
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Mediocre sound


On the whole, if you’re in quest of a mallet-style putter offering maximum forgiveness, then Staff Infinite is known as the best putter for beginner the price.

3. Odyssey Red – Best putter arc swing:

Here, the third one is the Odyssey Putter. Coupled with, a face-balanced mallet putter with a Red Ball scope along with the White Hot RX insert for additional assistance. Additionally, among all Odyssey putters, it is one of the best-selling clubs as it has a nonpareil design, indeed.

This Red Ball putter is offering high performance with upgraded technological construction that is a notable feature. Let’s read the description below to find out further details.

  • Red Ball for easy alignment
  • Versa Improved alignment
  • White Hot Sound and Feel
  • Mallet Shaped for increased forgiveness
  • Left-hand oriented
  • Micro laminate technology

Odyssey Red Ball Putter Review:Best putters for the money

Ultimately, being the best-selling putter, this putter has been integrated with top-notch features. It has all reasons to be counted as the best one with its high demand by the public.

Distinctive design:

In the first place, The Odyssey Red Ball putter has a lime color along with a tapered wall that optimizes the performance scale.  In like manner, this red ball putter has a rounded, marginally-triangular, neo- mallet that has ever been introduced.

White Horseshoe:

In the meantime, it has gazed at the aiming features that comprise a slender, white top-line surrounded by a raised white horseshoe. Further, beholding at the flange, which has a broad white stripe accomplishing the black/white/black Versa look.

Now moving with attention to, the Red Ball attributes, it has a black ring overhead and inside the horseshoe. For instance, to acquire a proper address position for striking, position the ring around the ball, to attain more and more putts.

This remarkable putter is coming with the perfect combo of black and white colors on its head.

Incredible sound and feel:

In the light of, the White Hot RX insert, The Odyssey Red Ball putter delivers a feel that must be conversant to thousands of golfers. Equally important, the White Hot insert is astonishingly firm, which counts as a blessing for many golfers.

Best Striking:

On the other hand, owing to the firm insert and stable putter head, this Red Ball putter receives diminutive feedback on the strike quality. As an illustration, when one strikes the ball from the heel or toe, you will experience a slight twist, but then minor mishits are suppressed.

Great Alignment:

With attention to, the Odyssey Red Ball putters are constructed notably to address an accurate setup and enhance opposite alignment. On the positive side, this groundbreaking Odyssey design is all about gaining an accurate and suitable position while putting.

Likewise, together with the distinctive specs and technology to the White Hot RX insert, you’ll be accompanied with everything you need to attain more putts.

  • Consistent flex
  • Flawless feel
  • Higher power integration
  • Dead spots are eliminated
  • Stable profile
  • Notable rolling and aligning
  • Heavyweight
  • Headcover not included


All things considered, this splendid putter is among the best budget putters being the first choice for every golfer.

4. Ray Cook Golf- Best putter budget:

Next, I am going to describe to you Ray Cook putter. Among the best affordable putters, it’s one of the topmost-selling products as ray cook combines all the innovation and technology in one club. Not only, it meets the demands of professional and amateur golfers but also, accommodates the needs of the contemporary world.

Let’s get to know the quality features this putter facilitates us with.

  • 3 degrees Loft
  • 70 degrees Lie
  • Headcover included
  • Right-handed orientation
  • Maximum MOI
  • Black finish
  • Groove pure roll face
  • Face balanced
  • Oversize Ray Cook grip for maximum comfort

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR400 Putter Review:Best putters for the money

Ultimately, the customers are asking for this incredible putter for having an amazing aesthetic look and well worth the money.

Admirable Design:

As an illustration, the Ray Cook SR400 has a high contrast black and white color scheme on both the top and bottom sections. To point out, the black and white color scheme provides enhanced alignment to assist the golfers while aligning the ball. The appealing look of this SR400 putter marks another outstanding feature, indeed.

Balanced Weight:

Additionally, the rich charcoal grey finish diminishes glare whereas, the dark bold lines help improve set-up and enhance alignment. On the positive side, the little heavier head weight fosters compacted, accurate, straighter, and consistent stroke in more accurate distant control.

Superior construction:

In general, the Ray Cook SR400 offers a midsized putter grip, particularly for those in quest of trying new things with their putting stroke. Additionally, the sleek mid-size paddle-style grip promises to provide customers with improve comfort, feel and deliver stability in your swing.

Premium Headcover:

Moreover, the premium best putter headcover included guarantees putter safety and ensures that the club lasts longer without any damage. With the aim of, creating a much more consistent roll, Ray Cook appended a new grooved face, which aids in increasing more topspin even on mishits.

All-around Performance:

Amazingly, Ray Cook SR400 is a quality putting equipment and helps in providing better putting accuracy and improving better putting stroke. Along with its classical performance, also this putter is available at an affordable price.

On the flip side, if you’re on the lookout for maximum forgiveness and higher consistency on the greens predominantly, then Taylor-made spider is worth an investment.

  • Highly affordable
  • Premium cast putter
  • Smooth, comfortable feel
  • Offers optimum putting consistency
  • Protective headcover
  • Striking black finish
  • Oversized, Comfortable grip
  • Not suitable for left-handed players
  • Mediocre stability


Truly, This Ray Cook- Silver SR400 Putter has to be one of the Best value putters you’ll ever get, that too with outstanding specs.

5. Taylor Made Golf – Best putter for handicap:

As our next pick, we have the magnificent Taylor-made spider tour black being the simplest version as the most popular mallet putter. Being the new addition to the Taylor-made spider family, the spider tour black has secured its position among the hottest and most distinctive putters on tour. To know its basics, let’s view its features given below.

  • Pure roll insert
  • Vibration dampening foam throughout the putter head
  • Stainless steel frame for better accuracy
  • Premium headcover
  • Short slant neck hosel
  • Perimeter weighting for increased MOI
  • Winn Medalist pistol grip

Taylor Made Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putter Review:Best putters for the money

In the light of, Taylor-made spider tour along with its quality features the pure roll insert, multiple hosel options, and much more. With all these topnotch attributes this club is dominating in the market with its distinct design.

Premium black finish:

To facilitate the customers every year with the groundbreaking innovation of its exceptional quality putters. The Taylor-made 2017 family welcomes the new Spider Putter, which is the synonym of innovation and modern technology along with supplementary cosmetic options.

Moreover, this putter embodies a classy look, great stability, and pure roll technology, which the majority of us desire. Equally important, this spider 2017 putter is restyled with the sleek crown and nix sightline, delivering an enhanced alignment system.

Light Weight & Maximum MOI:

In the first place, the tour black spider putter is combined with a lightweight aluminum body along with a heftier stainless steel frame. On the flip side, the black finish with no sightline aids to frame the golf ball smoothly while creating maximum MOI.

Impressive performance:

Significantly, this spider putter is fabricated to help in providing all golfers with a playable game even on mishits. In particular, this putter creates a truer role being a technology-based product for golfers at all levels, along with its innovative design.

The most compelling evidence, Taylor-made spider putter is trusted by most professional golfers around the world intended for an extremely affordable price.

Legendary feel and sound:

Furthermore, this Taylor-made putter has a Winn Medalist pistol grip that is highly suitable for right-hand players. Contrarily, the perimeter weighting aids in delivering consistent strokes and amazing swings meanwhile, improving your stability of impact and performance on mishits.

Vibration Damping Foam Insertion:

Vibration dampening foam throughout the putter head provides a firmer feel and more enhanced sound at impact. Similarly, the pure roll insert helps promote smoother roll, incredible topspin, and accurate distance control, which gets the ball rolling quickly and smoothly.

  • Outstanding forgiveness
  • Consistent weight throughout the putter
  • Firm metallic pure roll insert
  • Tour-proven performance
  • No sightline
  • No fluidity


On the whole, this tour black spider putter has a premium built along with salient features for consummate results. All things considered, undoubtedly, the Taylor-made spider putter has to be the best golf putter for the money.

6. Power-bilt RS-X – Best putter for intermediate:

Proceeding to the next pick, I have the all-metal construction Powerbilt RS-X M200 Putter with the mallet body along with the double roll construction. To attain continual and straight shots, this M200 putter is a better option to initialize the game and to put the ball in the hole easily.

Thus, to know more features of this Powerbilt M200, keep reading this ahead.

  • Mallet with Offset putter design
  • Face Insert included
  • Powerbilt Velvet Grip
  • Powerbilt Steel Shaft with 35 inches length
  • Right-Handed Orientation
  • Graphite composite material

Power-bilt RS-X M200 Mallet Golf Putter-Right Hand Review:Best putters for the money

Another key point, the putter has a lightweight quality that adds in as a benefit for the customers. However, does that makes it the best putter to buy? The lightweight not only contributes to providing consistent ball speed, smooth roll through the strike but also increases the MOI significantly.

Accurate Alignment:

The Powerbilt golf M200 is an avant-garde-looking design that is aimed to get an accurate alignment and to provide control over your shot. With this in mind, overall, it is a quality putter that will assist you to get the ball in the hole faster and smoothly.

Exotic Design:

Also, Powerbilt RS-X M200 Mallet Golf Putter is, truly, an exquisite putter, which comes in alluring and aesthetic dark grey color. To point out, it also has rich accentuates of off-yellow, red, and black color contrast.

Graphite Composite Material:

In detail, the Powerbilt golf M200 has an all-metal construction, along with a mallet head that comprises a Graphite Composite material. On the other hand, the Graphite Composite material is both featherweight and extremely durable along with a 35” length elegant metal shaft.

Additionally, the mallet body is accompanied by a double roll construction and basic alignment technology for upgrading stroke consistency.

Affordable choice:

Another key point, to have a high-quality putter, when you’re on a budget, then this putter will be the most suitable pick for you. On a serious note, this remarkable putter is the best for the money along with its design and performance.

On the whole, it’s a highly genuine putter club that makes golf putters for an extremely reasonable price. Furthermore, together with such exceptional quality, makes them worthy of purchasing, so why miss such a great deal?

  • Offset design
  • Modern shaping technology
  • Easy alignment
  • Extremely affordable
  • Very stable and forgiving
  • Double roll construction
  • Headcover must be purchased separately


This Powerbilt M200 Mallet Putter has to be one of the best affordable putters, together with iconic performance and salient specs.

7. Taylor Made golf Putter – Best putter for low handicapper:

For the next option, we have the Taylor-Made Golf Putter which comes with the stoke Mid-Slim 2.0 Grip. Moreover, the putter comes with the most innovative design and technology that will let you put it with confidence from any distance, always.

On the flip side, it is the finest golf putter which provides a user-friendly interface for easy handling and distance control. Let’s eye on the features of this Spider Putter model in detail.

  • Pure Roll Technology for smoother roll on the green
  • Perimeter weighting increases MOI
  • Super Stroke Mid-Slim 2.0 Grip
  • Premium Headcover included

Taylor Made Golf 2018 Spider Putter Review:Best putters for the money

In brief, this Taylor-Made 2018 Spider Putter, displays a top-notch performance, however, it’s half a point behind due to its slightly high price.

Pioneering specs:

In the first place, Taylor-Made 2018 Spider Putter encompasses the farthest innovative design and technology. Uniquely, the spider putter is erected with an insert that uses Roll Groove technology that delivers more forward roll to the ball. Besides, this facilitates one’s putts with accurate alignment and enhanced distance control.

Increased MOI:

Notably, the Taylor-Made putter embraces a perimeter weighting that helps to increase MOI levels and marks the brand as the most forgiving putter on the market. This is an incredible point for money and performance as well.

Pure Roll Technology:

Markedly, there’s a lovely stable feel about this spider putter, which many other customers have experienced while playing golf. Similarly, the putter has an incredibly soft, consistent sound at impact obligated to its Pure Roll technology that gets the ball roll faster. As has been noticed, the pure roll insert delivers an incredible distance control and an ideal sound at impact.

Notable performance:

The spider putter is not just about idyllic look and perfect feel, but also it rolls astonishingly. Correspondingly, it offers maximum forgiveness through its compact mallet design. Significantly, the putter allows the golfers to make consistent and sleek shots.

  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Incredible sound and soft feel at impact
  • Accurate distance control
  • User-friendly
  • Average alignment system
  • A little pricey


The Taylor-Made 2018 spider putter has to be the best putter for the price, along with the revolutionized putter design the benefits are worth it.

8. Pinemeadow Golf – Best putter for money:

For the next product, we have Pine-meadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter, providing high quality with optimal performance. Another key point, the putter comprises of mallet head design and the additional weight in the clubhead. By the same token, that helps produce a tour-like feel, which is quite surprising looking at the cheaper cost of this putter.

  • Tour-weighted
  • Alignment Aids
  • 34 inches shaft length
  • Precise white finish
  • Customizable headcover
  • Ball picker included

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter Review:Best putters for the money

Not all putters are built correspondingly, instead, some putters are truly more forgiving than others, and PTX putter has made this true. In fact, not only does the Pine-meadow offers an awe-inspiring amount of forgiveness but also is exceptionally the best cheap putter.

I have to say, this Pine-meadow PGX is an exceptional putter, as this product is bolting with improved design and feel.

Quality Material:

Surprisingly, the high-quality technology of the product engenders a tour-like feel, which makes it pretty unique at a much cheaper price. Alongside this, the material of this PGX putter is metallically embracing a painted white finish.

Strong Headcover:

Moreover, the headcover is included to ensure the putter’s safety. All in all, this putter has a flawless feel and finish of high quality to provide its customers with the best experience while playing.

Sleek White Finish:

In particular, the white finish is quite effective and helps you focus on the ball while making putts. Uniquely, evince with the wonderful design both the design and color will make you feel quite comfortable and confident during the game.

Anti-Glare Surface:

In detail, the quality white finish reduces the glare and helps you focus better on the overall alignment of your shot. While the contrasting black alignment lines on the clubhead again, aids with improving the alignment of your stroke.

Comfortable Feel:

Do remember that the PGX putter has an extremely comfortable feel. As with the first use, you’ll realize the efforts and technology that has been put in to create such a remarkable club. Without any doubt, the contrast provided by the Pine-meadow Putter is extremely helpful while hitting the shots in the hole.

  • Sleek and precise white finish
  • The white head helps to reduce glare
  • Highly affordable
  • Perfect, well-balanced shaft length
  • Easy to stain on the whitehead


In brief, for both design and performance Pine-meadow PGX putter is the topmost aesthetically attractive and sunning putter in the market. Surely, it has to be, the best golf putter for the money, indeed.

9. Pinemeadow Golf – Best putter for shaky hands:

I’ve almost reached the end of this list, now we have the Pine-meadow Golf Site 4 Putter featuring a low center of gravity. At the same time, the site 4 putter is equipped with an oversized site plate and consistent face technology. In reality, it is a perfect option for golfers looking to enhance their distance control.

Do you want to know more about its distinctive features? Let’s come down.

  • Low center of gravity
  • Pine-meadow Spider grip to enhance control
  • Comes in a pristine white color
  • consistent face inserts
  • Offset Hosel
  • oversized site plate

Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter Review:Best putters for the money

Even though the Pine-meadow Golf Site 4 Putter has refined paint and finish and it uses innovation for providing the best performance. On the other side, you can’t argue over the value and cost, as the putter secures high customer demands.

Low center of gravity:

On the other hand, the spider grip provides shock absorption and feels extremely, comfortable. Another key point, the weight of the putter head is balanced by the low center of gravity, which results in smoother and consistent stroke and provides a solid hit.

Maximum Forgiveness:

On the flip side, the large face provides maximum forgiveness and initiates immediate forward roll while reducing ball skipping and hopping.

Striking White Finish:

By the same token, the Site 4 putter features a pristine white finish that enhances visibility and alignment. Significantly, the Pine-meadow Site 4, is among the topmost putters in the market place equipped with an oversized plate and high-contrast line.

Offset hosel:

Again, the putter comes with an offset hosel to provide an accurate alignment to promote stroke consistency and set up an accurate shot. Moreover, the offset hosel feature is known for improving one’s alignment.

Highly affordable:

Certainly, this budget mallet putter provides incredible design, accurate alignment, and distance control at a highly reasonable price. To point out, this putter is a smart choice for those on a tight budget, and neither want to compromise over the quality.

  • Well balanced mallet putter
  • Smooth and consistent ball rolls
  • Perfectly Balanced putter
  • Shock-absorbing spider grip
  • Aesthetically appealing design
  • The grip is slightly shorter for some golfers
  • Not quite refined paint and finish


Hence, the spider grip and low center of gravity make it the best value putter for most of us. Chiefly, it is an ideal choice for those on a tough budget.

10. TaylorMade Golf – Best putter for teenager:

The last one is the Taylor-Made Golf Spider X Putter, a mallet club head with an improved perimeter weighting. For the most part, the spider X putter ensures reduced twisting and accurate head weighting that marks it as a high-end choice.

The Taylor-Made Golf Spider X encompasses its inimitable wide web of features, fabricated to hunt for the win. Let’s have a look at its further features.

  • The true Path alignment system
  • Enhanced Pure Roll insert
  • Tour-proven performance
  • short and slant neck hosel
  • Redesigned Weight Ports

TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter Review:Best putters for the money

Not to mention, the redesigned spider putter uses impressive golfing technology to fulfill its promise to the customers for high-performance levels. The true path alignment is a huge help, promoting an optimal combination of consistent roll, accuracy, and distance control.

Equally important, erected with enhanced stability and high forgiveness that is truly visible, the putter has an up-graded performance.

Appealing Design:

Truly, the copper/white design is spectacular, not only in terms of beauty but also vital in visualizing the target line. As an illustration, the solid black line at the putter head provides enhanced alignment and control over your shot.

Accurate Alignment:

Above all, the white stripe in contrast with the black alignment line is specially built for accurate alignment while striking. Mainly, the spider X putter is designed to encompass a higher MOI.

The True Path Alignment:

Equally important, the true path alignment not just appeals to the eye but provides confidence to set up and make amazing shots. The Taylor-Made Spider X putter is astoundingly stable and easy to align and assist golfers to improve putting accuracy.

Without any doubt, the Taylor-made has come up to the expectations by making notable putters in terms of fine design and performance.

Upgraded stability:

Additionally, the slightly heavier head merged with the lightweight shaft of the putter makes it quite balanced than other models. Most importantly, the additional weight in the putter head will reduce twisting at impact and enhance stability.

Significantly, the Taylor-made Spider X is comprised of increased face thickness, which creates better topspin for consistent roll on the ball.

Flexible weight ports:

One of the most notable amendments involves the addition of various weight ports of numerous sizes, designed for additional stability and higher MOI. At the same time, the face insert provides a firmer feel and enhanced sound at strikes.

  • Optimal stability and alignment
  • Reduced twisting
  • Better topspin
  • Customizable weight ports
  • The wider and more forgiving sweet spot
  • A bit pricey


All in all, the massively upgraded aesthetics and other specs make it one of the best golf putter for the money.


Besides selecting the best putter, there are a few more significant factors on which we rely for top-class gaming performance. These factors are important things, one should consider before getting themselves a putter.

The factors to consider are all aspects of a putter from the length and weight to loft and lie angles and shape selection. Knowing that there are numerous different putters available in the market, finding a suitable one may not be a tough row to hoe.

And keeping these significant pointers in mind will have a positive effect on your putting performance. To know these factors in detail, let’s head to their description below.

Putter Types:

As discussed earlier, putters are at hands in many different kinds to suit varying needs and professional demands.

The types consist of several face-balanced and toe-balanced putters. You can also choose from mallet putters or blade putters. Some brands also include another type known as peripheral weighted putters.

Face-balanced & Toe-balanced:

Let’s have a comparison between the face-balanced putter and the toe-balanced putter as it’ll be easy to understand which one’s favorable for you.

A face-balanced putter has the putter face pointing upwards when balancing it on your finger, while a toe-balanced putter when balancing in the same way, positions towards the ground.

The face-balanced putters have their CG located right below the shaft’s axis, while toe-balanced putters tend to open and close on and off the way through during the putting stroke.

For these reasons, face-balanced putters suit golfers having a putting stroke that’s straight back and straight through. Conversely, players having average rotation in their putting strokes will find a toe-balanced putter as a suitable option.

Putter Heads:

Blade, mallet, and peripheral weighted are the putter heads designs, combines with either a face-balanced putter or a toe-balanced one. These head designs, just like the two putters discussed above, are different from each other.

Blade Putter:

The blade head design is by far the oldest and conventional type as it uses a smaller head size. It incorporates the vintage design of the last century, which is highly popular used by many players.

With a sleek and flat appearance, the blade uses a soft hit suitable for stiffer greens. Blade putter heads are likely to be face-balanced as they require a straighter and more delicate putt.

Peripheral-Weighted Putter:

Calling this head design a rendition or an upgrade of the blade head might be right, as they have a naturally similar shape. A peripheral weighted putter is lengthy and sleek at the address.

Its design could still speak of delicacy, but the heel and toe’s additional weight adds more consistency and forgiveness to it. It’s also known as the heel-to-toe putter which is toe-balanced and has an alterable length to suit everyone.

Mallet Putter:

With a large-sized head, the mallet has to be the bulkiest putter head design. The size of this head provides high forgiveness and is comparatively consistent. Many manufacturers use this increased surface area to aid with alignment for allowing the players to align correctly.

Its distinctive design works for enabling a lower and deeper center of gravity. Besides, it maximizes the MOI for minimizing spins and improving overall performance. Thus, mallet putters are mostly face-balanced and more suitable for putting straight strokes.

Faces and Inserts:

Next up, the selection of an appropriate face and insert for your putter. The face selection depends on your preferred feel, your chosen ball, and the speed of greens you put your ball on. Your preference results in providing the sound and feel, you require on every shot that you make.

The types of faces include metal and grooved as well as the insert-faced similar to the metal ones.

Metal-faced Putter:

Usually, these putters have a steel material face, whereas other materials also came in use, in the past for this purpose. These materials have a bulky nature and are heavy-weight, therefore suit putter faces very well.

As steel has a sturdy reputation for hard-core shots, it responses very well to the strikes and provides a constructive feel. A plus point is a loud sound produced as it enables you to hear and feel your putter’s location.

On the contrary, some metal putters have grooves that produce a softer sound and a delicate feel as the ball’s contact reduces. Providing a softer feel, it may sound unusual to some that these grooves help in performing better.

Insert-faced Putter:

These are typical metal putters, with a replacement of the metal face with a non-metal one. The non-metal insert has a lighter feel hence, the weight reallocates to the putter’s heel and toe. Other than the weight distribution, it also increases the MOI to provide maximum forgiveness.

Many think, these inserts don’t produce a sound similar to the metal-faced and take it as a demerit. Whereas, modern design with inserts promotes a softer feel and replicates the metal-faced sound using lighter weights. Another plus point is the cover ball which feels firm even if you use a softer ball with a metal-faced one.

Groove-faced Putter:

The advancement of putters with the grooves milled on it is amongst the newest renditions of golfing. It might not be a thing you’d be happy or excited about, but there’s a reason behind everything.

When putting, the impact on the greens often results in skidding, sliding, or back spinning before the rolling takes place. Even if you hit the right spot, these are the consequences that occur on a missed shot.

For this reason, the grooves aid with forwarding motion and keep the ball on the line. It may or may not suit you as it’s not suitable for every golf player.

Putter Shafts:

They’re usually made of steel to provide the maximum touch and feel while on the green. The types include heel-shafted, center-shafted, or offset putter, so select the one based on your preference for handling the head or hosel for proper guidance of the ball.

The heel-shafted putters’ link their shaft with the putter head on end, closest to the player. Besides, the center-shafted putters connect similarly; however, join to the center of the putter head, lengthwise. Whereas, the offset putter has the hosel bent backward for moving the bottom of the shaft nearer to the putter face.

Putter Length:

Putter length is the most significant part of a putter as everyone wants to get into the ideal address position.

When opting for a favorable putter length, you get to choose between conventional lengths that are either 32 or 36 inches, belly putters that are either 41 or 46 inches, and long putters, which stretch up to 52 inches in length.


If you know that you need a shorter putter, just shortening your putter shaft will do you no aid. Ultimately, the putters were built to be at a particular swing weight at a certain length. Trimming it down will also make the swing weight go down the hill, and will feel lighter in your hands.

So, go for a putter that has the proper weight and suits your requirement. Usually, a 35-inch putter head weighs 330 grams. For a 34-inch putter, you need to focus on having a 350-360-gram head weight.

On the other hand, if you need a putter even shorter of 32 or 33-inch, you must opt for a head that weighs around 370-380-gram.

Putter Grip:

Unlike all other clubs in your kit, the putter is distinctive as a flat edge is the only grip it can have. Usually, this flat edge has placement away from your body to aid with locating your hands on it.

It’s available in different materials as well as different sizes or diameters to enhance your playing ability. However, if you require a feel that incorporates a lot of wrist action, then stick to a standard grip as this may not be suitable.

I hope this helped you buying yourself a suitable one while keeping in mind all the aspects of a putter. Every aspect has its importance so don’t miss out on any one of them as they might affect your game.


So, here I am going, to sum up, the read on the best putter for the money. When you will choose a putter whether you’re playing for enjoyment or competitively, the importance of getting the best putter should never be overlooked. However, as has been noted, not at all times the best putters have the highest price.

Besides, not always the value of the putter would determine its praiseworthiness but the real value is the performance it delivers. The article consisted of the best ones, which deliver astonishing performance without paying too much.

In the final analysis, with high expectations, I hope you’ve found out the most suitable one for yourself, from the above-mentioned putters. Moreover, if you have any query regarding any product then mention it below, I will try to sort it out soon. Also, share this article, and don’t forget to give your valuable feedback in the comment section.

Till then, adieus!


1. What is the best putter for the money?

Along with, the impressive performance and salient specs, the Taylor-Made Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putter is the best putter for the money.

2. What is the best putter on the market?

Thus, along with the distinctive specs, versa high contrast alignment, and unique white-hot RX insert. The Odyssey red ball putter is the best putter on the market, indeed.

3. How much does a putter cost?

The cost of the putter depends on the design, material, and other features and mainly on one’s budget. However, you may easily find a putter for between $15 and $800.


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