10 Best Putter Covers in 2023 – Top Golf Reviews


Golf is a game that never works out without a good putter and therefore a good putter must be well maintained. Might be possible, this thing bothers you how should it be maintained and all? Then you don’t need to worry about this as I am here to make you understand the whole scenario.

So, the Best Putter Covers are necessary to protect your putter from harsh things and scratches which can damage your putter. As a golfer, you must be aware of the quality and design of the covers according to the shape of your putters.

Putter headcovers are made to make your club bag set out from the rest pack on course. Now, let me explain to you that these headcovers are the key to your putter’s maintenance. Currently, headcover for putters is in huge demand.

Therefore, many established companies are now offering the best quality and maximized featured headcovers for their customers. These new branded covers not only make your putter safe from harsh conditions but also give them a classy look while carrying.

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So, to know more interesting facts about a putter’s cover like; how much durability, and reliability a headcover should have? How should a head cover’s material be? Which one to buy and which one not? Then you must read this article.

As I have mentioned here about 10 famous putter brand and their features collectively. Hence, you must check out these and you will get help in choosing the best one.

Best Putter Covers in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1USA Flag and Eagle Golf Cover9.9
2Pacific Golf Clubs Black Golf Putter Headcover9.8
3Synthetic Leather for Taylormade 2019 Spider X Cover9.6
4Team Golf NFL Arizona Cardinals Golf Cover9.5
5Amy Sports Golf Putter Head Covers9.4
6Craftsman Golf Blade Putter Head Cover9.3
7Golf Putter Cover – Putter Headcovers Mallet Putter9.1
8USA Stars and Stripes Golf Putter Head Cover9.0
9Stars & Stripes Golf Mallet Putter Head Cover8.9
10PINMEI Golf Blade Putter Cover8.8

Best Putter Covers in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. USA Flag – Best putter headcovers:

USA Flag and Eagle Golf Driver Head Covers are high-quality putter headcovers that are fit for any brand. These are best blade putter covers and thus have a unique and stylish design as well therefore, they are considered as the best-looking putter headcovers in the market.

  • Strong magnetic closure
  • Special design
  • The best protection for the putter head
  • After-sale services
  • Black in color
  • Leather material
  • Light-weighted and waterproof
  • Durable and elegant

USA Flag and Eagle Golf Driver-Golf Putter Head Cover’s Review:Best putter Covers

These are the best putter cover when it comes to durability and I like the overall patriotic look and therefore are highly recommended.

Strong Magnetic Closure:

These putter’s covers are specially made with the magnetic closure so that there would no risk remain of falling. Hence, you must feel free to take it anywhere without so much care of being slipped out as USA Flag headcovers are nowhere to protect them very well with their magnetic pull.

Patriotic Design:

Are you a design and style freak and are too conscious about the style of your putter’s cover? Then these USA Flag putter headcovers are the best putter covers in terms of embroidered eagle patterns.

Best Protection:

Besides, the putter headcovers protect your putters from any harsh conditions like they protect the clubs from striking each other so that they may not get dings. Also, these covers are specially designed to protect the club from any bad weather or incident while playing or traveling.

  • Best leather quality
  • Magnetic closure
  • Stylish pattern
  • 1-year warranty
  • Best protection
  • Fur piling inside
  • Waterproof and light weighted
  • No battery


Overall, the whole product is good itself but the best thing is its magnetic clasp that keeps the cover securely in a place. High quality, strong protection what else you could wish for? To enjoy this amazing tool, you must experience it once.

2. Pacific Golf – Best putter cover brands:

Are you a golfer and are too much concerned about your putter’s looks and protection? Then Pacific Headcovers are best for you as they brought you the covers in black. The second thing is that they have huge market exposure and therefore they know well what their customers demand.

  • Black in color
  • Protective soft squishy material
  • Scratch and damage protection
  • Velcro closure
  • Standard size available
  • Imported from the USA

Pacific Golf Clubs Black Golf Putter Headcover Review:Best putter Covers

This product is so much in demand and therefore remains out of stock most of the time. Hence, it has a good rating in terms of customer satisfaction so you must take it if you want to have your putter in good condition for a long time.

High-Quality Material:

These Pacific covers are made up of black soft and squishy material and therefore, provide the best protection you may ever have for your golf club. These covers are specially designed on demand and customer needs that show their quality with reliability. That’s one of the best custom putter covers on our list.

Velcro Closure:

Moreover, these putter covers contain major small to medium sizes and thus works for both left-handed and right-handed. It has a Velcro closure and has a stylish pattern over then so, considered the best-looking putter cover for the odyssey.

Perfectly Fit to Putters:

To cover your putter means to prevent its head from damage and paint off scratches for consistent golfing. Then it must be fit your club that it cannot strike with the other gears in the backpack. So, this cover is a perfect fit for your mallet putters to protect its elegance. And that’s best mid mallet putter covers hope you will get that cover for your putter to safe.

  • High quality
  • Velcro closure
  • Black in color
  • Hard-wearing
  • Best protection
  • 1-year warranty
  • Remains out of stock


Pacific putter headcovers indeed have high dimensions thus can easily fit into every size with decent padding. As well as it is the most inexpensive headcover I have ever had with such amazing quality and design.

3. Synthetic Leather – Best putter cover golfwrx:

The best of all, Spider-X are the best-looking putter headcover for odyssey having modern and advanced features that will never dissatisfy you with its performance and features. So, let’s just dig into the detail of this brand.

  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to use and store
  • Variety of colors
  • Fully refund offer within 2 months

Taylormade Spider X – Putter Head Cover’s Review:Best putter Covers

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You will get impressed by its high warranty so no need to worry about its quality and customization. Therefore, if you are not happy with its features and quality, you can exchange it within 30 days.

Best Magnetic Closure:

Here, this headcover comes up with a strong magnetic closure that has the stamina enough to stick the cover in its place. It is like the mallet putter magnet cover that lasts for too long and thus is far better than the Velcro clasp. it’s best magnetic putter cover.

Elegant Design:

With its remarkable magnetic closure, this club cover is also offering elegant designs to keep your clubs stylish while you are carrying it in the ground. Besides, its durable construction aids for long-lasting protection. So, that’s why these are ranked as the best putter covers of the decade till now.

Damage Preventive:

Here, many companies are bolting with brand new items to offer maximum safety but this one is catching its consumers amazingly on the board. To prevent the club from dings and scratches, it is designed with soft linings inside the cover. Needless to worry about the safety of the clubs while having these covers over them.

  • Best quality
  • Magnetic closure
  • Best design
  • Long-lasting
  • 30 days warranty
  • Magnet move all around


If you are concerned about its quality and magnet power etc then you can check customer reviews and ratings on their online store. You will surely get good remarks about this product as nothing has left that they don’t offer.

4. Team Golf NFL – Best Blade Putter Headcover:

Here, I am going to tell you about Cardinals Golf Club Headcover, which is a fantastic addition to the protection of your clubhead. This headcover will surely prevent damage to the club from stains and dings. So, to know more about it, let’s read out its features.

  •  Magnetic closure
  • Adorable design
  • Pure fibre construction
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible

Team Golf NFL Arizona Cardinals Golf Club Vintage Blade Putter Headcover Reviews:Best putter Covers

Moreover, this imported headcover will keep your club protected and also gives you grace like a pro golfer. It is embroideries are fascinating that enhances its looks and design.

Quality Construction:

The most notable feature of any product is its construction material which should be good and long-lasting. So here, this unique putter cover is for you with its 100% fiber construction which would be long-lasting and graceful.

Taking care of the customers’ demands, manufacturers are bolting with exclusive headcovers which not only attract the buyer by its design but also through its durable construction. There are two embroidery lines over the surface of its cover which seems to be adorable.

Magnetic Closure:

Besides, the cover you are snapping out must be fit to your clubhead, that it may not slip down from the club. Therefore, I came up with this excellent cover, which occupies magnetic closure to prevent stains and dings over the surface of the clubhead. So, it is needless to worry about the safety of the putter, when it is kept with the other golf gear.

Light-weight & Affordable:

Also, it is not a heavy cover that will be tough to carry or take extra space, along with the other gear. With its lightweight, you will feel like there is no cover over the club.

On the other hand, it’s not too costly that it will not disturb your budget. So, you can easily buy this piece at an affordable price for yourself or to gift your loved ones.

  • Good quality construction
  • Adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Colo r may fade after 2 months


Consequently, this putter cover will be proved to be an exclusive cover to your putter. Do try this headcover, if it fits your desire.

5. Amy Sports Golf – Best LeatherPutter Head Covers:

These Army sports golf headcovers are extremely protective against damage and bruises while traveling or playing. Therefore, if you want protection and safety of your putter then these cover heads will prove to the best grip patchwork putter covers you may ever have.

  • High-quality neoprene
  • Sponge lining
  • Thick, soft, and stretchy material
  • Convenient zipper
  • Avoid collision and friction
  • Double protection

Amy Sports Golf Putter Head Covers Blade PU Leather Review:Best putter Covers

Are you a beginner and you damage your putter most of the time because of ad cover? Then these putter headcovers will prove to be the best ones for you.

Amazing Functions:

This cover contains stretchy elastic that makes it able to fit in every putter size. It has convenient zippers that will allow it to remain in one place so, whenever you want to prevent collision and friction then this brand is highly recommended.

Well Packed:

These covers come in dual packaging material like your cover will put in a small first and then wrap with a paper. So, this dual packaging proves to be the best protection against friction and bruises while delivering. This all process is done to protect putter’s cover from any harm and thus to maintain good condition till delivery.

Classic Material:

You must be sick off with the bad quality of fabric or material you got from the local stores. Here, the Army Sport putter cover has brought high-quality neoprene fur lining putter covers that are thick, soft, and elastic thus, making it able to easily get in every size and shape

  • Neoprene material
  • Thick and soft
  • Elastic material
  • Durable
  • Best dimensions
  • Well packed
  • Exchange offer only within 30 days


Consequently, these covers are the perfect tools for making the protection of your putter sure as the quality and the material are one class and you will never regret this decision. So, go and place an order for your favorite cover now.

6. Craftsman Golf – Best leather Blade headcover Cover:

Are you a headcover lover and still waiting for the best one? Mate, you are at the right place, here you can find whatever you wished for. So without any late let’s have a look at the feature of these headcovers.

  • Barrel-shaped and retro
  • Reasonable price
  • White and black stripped
  • Synthetic leather cover
  • Stylish design

Craftsman Golf Blade Putter Head Cover Black Orange Review:Best putter Covers

These covers are so much stylish and good in looks that I have become a fan of their jazzy design and flawless function. Are you interested in reading more about this fascinating tool? Then come with me down here.

Design and Display:

These are synthetic leather covers and are made of high-quality leather to maintain the looks as well as the durability. They are available in retro and prom barrel shape containing the black and white strips on them.


These putters are known as the best odyssey mallet putter headcover as they have a reasonable price instead of the fact that in the main market they are selling at very high rates. But Craftsman takes care of its customer needs and preferences therefore have got you something amazing like these easily affordable headcovers.

Flawless Quality:

No doubt that these headcovers are available at low prices but this doesn’t mean that they compromise on the quality. Not at all, they have given the inner fleecing lining to make it able to stretch somehow. Moreover, they always give their words to you on quality and durability o no need to worry about that at all.

  • Durable material
  • Fleecing inner lining
  • Stretchable material
  • Adjustable size
  • Reasonable price
  • High-quality material
  • Not in stock


I have experienced that Craftsman covers are very elegant and nice in looks and so in the function. Thus, I will never take my back on this brand ever in my life.

7. Golf Putter Cover – Putter Headcovers Mallet Putter:

Coming to the next, this golf putter cover fits on most of the clubs and contains the strongest magnetic closure thus made up of high-quality leather material. The guarantee of its quality and durability is itself has given by this brand.

  • High-quality leather
  • Super strong magnetic closure
  • Fit to every size
  • Velboa lining
  • Long-lasting

Golf Putter Cover – Putter Headcovers Mallet Putter Review:Best putter Covers

These headcovers are very famous, especially for their design and style. Therefore these headcovers are known as the best-looking blade putter headcover for odyssey so you must give them a try.

High-Quality Leather:

These are made up of high-quality synthetic leather with ultra-thick 3 layers and you will be amazed to know it’s working. Also, they offer you outer to inner strong leather material with the spongy material in the middle as well as VELBOA lining.

Super Magnetic Clasp:

Besides, these head cover are embedded with the super-strong magnetic clasp that never let your putter or wood down. Therefore, provides your putter best protection by making the club stay in position. Now you don’t need to worry more about dropping the putter or damaging it while playing or traveling.

Durable and Long-lasting:

Furthermore, this golf putter cover is a life-time worry-free product as they provide you long-lasting quality. As it is coming up with VELEBOA lining and quality constructed structure, then it would prevent your clubhead from damage for a long time. So, there is no compromise on durability for contented golfing.

  • High durability
  • Best fitting
  • VELBOA lining
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Synthetic leather material
  • No dual packaging


Based on the quality and features this brand is tough to beat but has broken the records as well when it comes to durability and guarantee. So, it is the best choice and you will never get disappointed with this in near future.

8. USA Stars – Best Stripes Golf Putter Head Cover:

USA Stars and Stripes Golf best putter covers endure the leathery headcovers with the PU synthetic stuff. Having Velcro clasp inside it is easy to ON and OFF so you can have trust in these amazing headcovers that USA starts offer to you.

  • Velcro clasp
  • Synthetic leather material
  • Fit for any blade putter
  • Light in weight
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable in quality
  • One year warranty

USA Stars and Stripes Golf Putter Head Cover Review:Best putter Covers

Are you still confused about the quality and are not getting the best mallet putter cover? Then you should have USA Starts and Stripes Golf Putter Head Cover as these are just like you want.

Super-Strong Velcro Closure:

You must have fed up with the inconvenience of your poor local headcover and remained worried about security and all. Now USA starts have taken away all your tensions and worries about your putter’s safety. They offer you a Velcro clasp with an easy ON and OFF option thus preventing your putter to drop out as well as maintain them in good condition.

Adorable Design:

Let me tell you about its amazing design that gives you a patriotic feel while carrying, playing, etc. As there is an American flag designed over it so Americans would love to buy this product to show their love towards their country. But this unique design also catches golfers to procure this imported clubhead cover.

Effective Protection:

Moreover, its protective quality against your putter that makes you more confident and relaxed. Its top-notch resistance against water and sunshine gives your putter effective protection and keep it away from rust.

  • Best package dimensions
  • Velcro closure
  • Best protection
  • One year warranty
  • Velcro is less effective than a magnetic closure


These headcovers are easily available on their online store and have a good customer rating and review there. So, you must check out and procure these wonderful headcovers.

9. Stars & Stripes – Best Mallet Putter Head Cover:

Stars & Stripe’s putter headcovers not only offer you good leathery material but also provide you dual protection with its micro-fleece liner. This help you out to prevent the putter banging around while traveling etc.

  • Good material
  • Micro-fleece liner
  • Dual protection
  • Best for heel-shafted putters
  • Best for both LH and RH
  • Fit for a variety of putters

Stars& Stripes Golf Mallet Putter Head Cover Review:Best putter Covers

These covers are suitable for all types of putters whether wood, iron, etc and thus making it easy for you to use them as a multi-purpose tool.

Micro-Fleece Liner:

This headcover gives you dual protection and prevents your putter from banging out while playing or traveling. And this all becomes possible with the micro-fleece liner that is present in it to make sure of your putter’s safety.

Suitable-Heel Shafted Putter:

Here, these headcovers are amazingly fit for heel-shafted putters and therefore it is fit for any type of putters whether left or right-handed. Hence, it gives you much more than you expect as it is the best mallet putter cover you ever experienced.

Well-Suited Material:

The Stars & Stripes offer you the best quality leather thus making your life so much easy and good. This leathery material is good for all types of brands and thus provides your putter with incredible protection and an exotic look as well.

Moreover, these headcovers are suitable for many types of putter brands like Taylormade, Craftsman, Callaway, best Scotty Cameron putter covers, and many more. So, you can use it for these different brands without buying a separate one for each.

  • Micro-fleece liner
  • Suitable for heel-shafted putters
  • Suitable for both LH and RH
  • High quality
  • A bit expensive


After having a deep view of this product I have found this brand confined with amazing construction and safety. Therefore, I would recommend you this putter cover to keep your clubs corrosion-free.

10. PINMEI Golf Blade Putter Cover Golf Putter Headcover:

PINMEI golf putter headcovers are incredibly known for their stylish pattern on the material and soft texture. Protect the clubhead well without offering much friction and dings. Moreover, this is a well-known brand in the online market that offers its product at the best price.

  • Solid embroidered pattern
  • Soft PU leather
  • The soft flocking inner lining
  • Fit for many putter brands
  • Provide the best protection

PINMEI Golf Blade Putter Cover Golf Putter Headcover Review:Best putter Covers

However, you must want to have a headcover with so much facility, durability and reasonability thus go and get it now. You will surely get surprised by the functions and properties that this brand offers to customers.

Incredibly Soft Inner Lining:

These headcovers not only offer you durability but also give you such stuff and features inside that will blow out your mind with the performance. Also, the leathery material contains an inner soft lining that provides a good cushion against harsh shocks.

Solid Embroidered Pattern:

Besides, the headcovers are laced with such a self-print pattern that gives your club a very iconic look and feels. Therefore, it not only boosts your confidence but also helps you in maintaining your putter in very well condition.

Affordable Product:

You might be thinking that they are offering so much than the price with being such that. But you are thinking wrong as PINMEI golf putter headcovers are available at the cheapest rate on the market thus giving you more perks and luxuries with quality. So, it will not disturb your budget as it is available at a low price.

  • Affordable brand
  • Soft texture
  • Solid looks
  • High quality
  • Out of stock


If you are a headcover lover and obsessed with their design, pattern, and quality then you must have these PINMEI golf headcovers as these are the best-looking putter headcover on market.


As you know that there is no doubt in this fact that high-quality products require well research data. Therefore, keeping this point in mind I have provided here the list of incredibly brilliant brands of best mallet putter covers with detailed specifications and features.

Hence, it is well-known to us all that before going to market you need to keep in mind the summary of desired features. That should be present in that specific product that you are going to buy and this analysis is very important in terms of needs as well as preferences.

Hence, to overcome this problem and to provide you with convincing and comfort, I have prepared this guide with some major key points that you should keep in mind while buying a putter headcover.

So, if you want to know these key points about the best putter covers then keep going through this buying guide.


A best grip patchwork putter cover should be made up of good quality material that will last long. Moreover, the good head cover should have synthetic leather high-quality material or knitted wool. These materials are long-lasting with a warranty and would not wear and tears easily.


Moreover, a good head cover should be waterproof so that the putter may not get rust over time. However, a good quality waterproof headcover prevents the putter from rusting and ensures durability as well as maintains quality.

Easy to Use:

Also, a good quality headcover should be such that it should be easy to put ON and OFF. Moreover, a good head cover never slips off thus keep your putter in place. Therefore, you should always select a headcover that comforts you while taking it towards journey or play.

Magnetic or Velcro closure:

Besides, the headcover for the putter should have a magnetic or Velcro clasp so that your putter may not drop off while traveling, etc. The magnetic closure makes sure that the headcover maintains the position as well as the condition of your putter.

Micro-Fleece Inner Lining:

The main quality of the headcover is its micro-fleece inner lining that keeps the headcover in good condition as well as prevents bagging. Thus, it provides your putter good cushion or shock absorbents so that it may not get caught by friction or dings.

Leathery or Knitted Head Covers:

These both are different and have the specific properties that they offer. The leathery headcovers are made up of PU synthetic leathery material. While the knitted are not of leather but are of wool that is easy to put on and remove.

Good Design:

If you neglect its pattern and design then it would be so the loss of you. Because a good pattern or design have much importance not only in looks but also play role in the function as well. Also, the design and display will make you feel good as well as can make the putter breathable and nicely suited.


Headcovers are an additional thing to protect the putter from damage and ding so a good quality headcover should be light in weight. It should be light in weight so that it would become easy for you to carry it out. The lightweight covers don’t bother you at all and the material that they are made is also soft in terms of texture.


Headcovers should be too neither expensive nor cheap but should have an affordable price. A good brand offers many of the quality features at a reasonable price. They don’t ditch you and they provide you more comfortability in terms of quality as well as price. Hence, you must have the sense to choose the best with optimal price.


A good brand always provides you a maximum warranty of their product, at least one year warranty they should offer. So, that if you find any wrong thing or bad quality then you can exchange or return that product with the refund money offer. Thus, always choose the one that gives you off good after-sales services.

Easy To Fit:

As you know that a lot of putter brands are available in the market so that of the headcovers too. But the good head cover should be easy to fit as well as should have size adjustability or fitting options. So that you can easily use the head covers for different putter types and blades.

Both for LH and RH:

Your head cover brand should offer you a dual function facility like it can be used for both left and right orientation. Therefore, it would become easy for you to use it for multi-purpose and then both handed players can enjoy the good quality, etc.

Good Packaging:

If you are a golfer and use putters as your tools then you must know the importance of the putter head cover’s packaging. Many brands provide dual while some provide triple packaging that is very wonderful if you want to have your putter in good condition. Thus always take the one with dual or triple packaging material.

Well, guys, these were some major key points and features that you should always keep in mind while buying a headcover for a putter. These points will help you a lot in selecting a good headcover for your putter.

Moreover, you will now have more detailed knowledge about the things that you should consider and that should not. So, if you want your headcover to be excellent then you first should take a step and give some effort to reading this buying guide. You will get a lot of help.

Therefore, without wasting time in the shop for wrong selection maximize your time here and then you will become all set to just go and select the best one to shop. Well, what are you waiting for? If you want to be perfect then give this a read now.


In this article, I have listed some top branded best putter covers that you must check out. All of them are flawless but I would like to recommend you the USA Flag and Eagle Golf Driver-Golf Putter Head Covers. The reason behind recommending this brand is that they are more comfortable and durable.

As well as they provide you good warranty time and outstanding quality at a reasonable price that is rare now a day. Therefore, I came up with huge research for your ease to figure out the best one.

So, if you liked this article, then kindly don’t forget to give us your valuable feedback it means a lot to us. Thank you!


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