10 Best Putter Grips in 2023 – Top Golf Reviews


Do you want to feel like professional golfers while playing golf? Then you are in dire need to scroll down and read what must be in your golfing gear. For your game improvement, I am here to make you realize the best golf accessories and apparel.

Give the grip a second thought and prompt yourself, when did you buy your last putter. The putter is the most important thing between you and your game so. It is cardinal to pick the right one.

Furthermore, the worldwide market makes you available with the Best Putter Grips in divergent style or different stuff. Pin down, from pencil-thin design to tidy straight, and heavy-knit models.

Additionally, a thick putter can help for more aligned and better stroke with perfect accuracy over thin putters. Therefore, it also encourages you to dominate the battel by reducing the impact of restless wrists.

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For super stroke and straight grip, slight heavy putters are more beneficial than lightweight putters. And oversized grips can reduce the grip pressure over full swing and result in non-consistent ball flights.

For enhancing your skills you need a strong putter grip for the best putter for high handicappers. To get your job done without getting frustrated with intense research, I am here to guide you with the best putters. To maintain your budget you will always recommend one that also offers good playability.

Also, I am here with the top 10 products, a buying guide, and frequently asked questions for your convivence. Now, let us move forward toward product reviews and find the best-suited putters for your golfing gear.

10 Best Putter Grips  in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1Winn Putter Golf Grip9.9
2SuperStrokeTraxion Tour Golf Putter Grip9.8
3SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip9.6
4Karma Dual Touch Midsize Putter Grip9.5
5Zenesty Golf Putter Grip for Mens9.4
6SAPLIZE Golf Putter Grip9.3
7Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Putter Grip9.1
8FLAT CAT Solution Putter Grips9.0
9Scotty Cameron Putter Grip8.9
10Team Golf Putter Grip8.8

10 Best Putter Grips in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Winn Putter Golf Grip – Best putter grip for claw:

 First up is the Winn putter grip, one of the best putters for claws and high handicappers. It is an appreciable product inside out, from quality material to higher strokes and budget also. Deep down, Winn putter is great for artists because it is demanded in most of its customer reviews.

To control hooks, what features does it carry is another hassle for new buyers.

That’s why you should be aware of its features so, let’s have a look over them.


Popular excel polymer material
Popular pistol shape
Staggering tread patterns
Winn lite technology
Less pointed profile
21 inches long pistol putter grip

Winn Putter Golf Grip – Best putter grip for claw Review:Best Putter Grips

Furthermore, the end performance is incredibly outstanding and allows its holder a dancing grip. Winn putter offers excellent resistance against club twitching mid-stroke. Having this beautiful putter grip, you can enjoy your golf game the most. Do not miss the chance, and track me below so you can find your favorite putter at low prices.

A Comfortable Design with Refined Polymer Material:

Furthermore, you do not need to struggle more with your shots as it acquires elegant design to build your confidence in the battlefield. With its lightweight, it is offering improved forgiveness to polish your golfing skills.

Additionally, these putters never come up with any gender description, as these are equally feasible for men and women. Its comfortable design with polymer material provides an excellent experience that cannot be overwhelmed.

Winn Lite Technology:

Also, its Winn lite technology causes an even distribution of weight and provides a standard grip. This technology also improves the clubhead feel and allows the putter for longer-distance ball flight.

Moreover, its grip and performance remain persistent in all weather conditions. Therefore, this technology is usually for those handicappers looking around for more forgiving and accurate distant shots.

Ultimate Feel:

Winn putter grips provide ultimate stability because of their staggering tread patterns. These tread patterns provide a versatile balance and traction to its holder. Other than that, this also makes its grip so comfortable that wrist drifting has been eliminated while putting strokes. Thus, these putters with the ultimate feel allow you a remarkable end performance with an ideal stroke flight.

Enough Length:

Also, it attains 21 inches long pistol grip for consistent and distant shots. Various color combinations are also available as blue/black, blue/grey, red/grey, etc.

  • Great feel
  • Classic look
  • Perfect pistol size
  • Excellent performance
  • Somehow poor shipping experience


Consequently, this is the best putter grip for claws due to its distinct playability and iconic designs. That’s I will suggest you this putter grip for better shots.

2. SuperStrokeTraxion – Best putter grip for left-hand low:

Second up is Super stroke golf putter grip, a well-known brand for its less tapered profiling and tacky feel. It is the best putter grip to eliminate wrist-twisting, and its comfortable design overcomes the traditional pattern. Also, super stroke provides a counterbalance to golfers.

Before suggesting this product, I have set down its features to satisfy all your queries.


Tech port
Parallel design
Counter core technology
Advanced repeat hand positioning
Enhanced feedback zones

Super Stroke Traxion Tour Golf Putter Grip Review:Best Putter Grips

Before coming towards the product description, stay connected with professional golfer golf accessories. About 35% of white-collar players in the world hold super-stroke Traxion putter grip to optimize their putting.

Even Grip Pressure:

Furthermore, for an even grip pressure in both upper and lower hands, the super stroke comes up with new advancements that create consistent strokes. No taper technology installation maintains the putter grip and putter head path for long consistent shots.

Above all, this tour golf putter grip had specially engineered to aid repeatable hand orientation for more forgiving shots.

Advanced Putting Performance:

For more stable and testable putting shots, the super stroke had installed a tech port system to capture larger muscles. These tech ports reduce wrist manipulation by optimizing the putter face angle rotation.

Better Forgiveness:

This way, you can improve your putting stroke path for more forgiveness and accurate shot angles. Thus, super stroke allows you for smoother and consistent wrist movement and optimum precision.

Traxion Control:

Short of, enhanced feedback zones improve putter grip and playability of the super stroke golf. Aside from Traction control, its parallel design minimizes the grip pressure and gets rid of exploitative movements.

The parallel design is covered with a polyurethane outer layer to avoid club sliding off and wrist soreness. Other than that, for a comfortable ball flight, it gives overall confidence to the holder.


Super stroke grip carries a very versatile installation process. The putter grip has usually enameled with double tape and a thinner to Distell the glue before putting it in the shaft. After that, you have to hold back for an hour so that the adhesive becomes hard and secures the grip.

  • Easy to install
  • Great golf grip
  • Perfect size
  • Durable grip
  • Significant putting up-gradation
  • Pilling issues by some end-users


Apart from their quality features, these putter grips are unexpectedly intact putter grip for cross-handed putting. It will get your job done. From design to execution, customers love it due to its high-tech up-gradation.

3. SuperStroke Slim – Best putter grip for me:

In case the best putter grip for an outclass battel performance, super stroke comes with a gadget that will provide a comfortable swing for an accurate shot. There is extreme exclusiveness in its design and also offers better playability.

Super stroke slim putter grip is a well-known product in the worldwide market sphere because of modern technology. Let us catch its features first before proceeding towards the product description.


Polyurethane material
Parallel technology
Cross traction technology
Traditional installation process
USGA approved putter grip

SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip – Best putter grip for left-hand low Review:Best Putter Grips

As the brand name depicts, these putters had built for an eye-catching grip. Also, it is easy to install and you can adjust it according to your ease on the ground. Besides all other factors, this brand offers a 1-year warranty on this product. Also, the putter is used as a top putter for beginners.

Quality Construction:

The polyurethane material designed with a low profile offers tackiness and a comfortable feel. It put forward a premium layout for its customers at a reasonable price. This choice material makes this putter grip much more durable and flexible. Furthermore, this design with hi-tech cross traction technology improves stability and handgrip. 

Parallel Technology:

Nevertheless, of the quality construction, Super stroke also offers its technology to its recent productions. Parallel technology allows even pressure grip in both-handed orientations. Besides, this allows releasing extra tension from wrists and forearms.

Improved Playability:

This technology enables the player to improve the playability for more accurate and free swings. And it helps the holder to get rid of parasitic wrists movements and enhance optimum precision throughout the stroke.

Comfortable Grip:

The unique design offers a super comfy grip for big hands while having a full swing. Its 3 inches slime design enables its holders for a perfect grip without inserting many efforts. Using super stroke putter grip, you can enjoy longer putts and improved ball flights.

Also, it is portable due to its lightweight structure composition. All and all-in-all these putter grips are the best putter grip for big hands without getting slide off your hand while playing.

USGA Approval:

The United States Golf Association is taking the quality of golf apparel very seriously. That is why every new and already existing product should meet the USGA quality standards. And products have to seek permission from the association, and they have to confirm the rule of the golf association before launching. Short of, the best part of this super stroke tour putter grip had approved by USDA so, this is the most reliable grip.

  • Great grip
  • Good price
  • Very comfy
  • Upgraded technology holder
  • Average durability


In my recommendation, super stroke offers you a comfortable feel and a more relaxed wrist movement. I guess it would be an amazing piece for enhanced playability.

4. Karma Dual Touch – Best putter grip for yips:

Next up is the multi-texture Karma midsize putter grip that provides resistance against sliding off from hands. Also, this blue paddle-style grip offers a great soft feel and free club swing.

Above all, the quality and traction control Karma provides is unparalleled, and hopefully, you will get your choice in Karma dual touch products. Therefore, I enlisted some of its significant features to provide you with more knowledge about this astonishing putter grip.


Multi texture surface pattern
Soft rubber compound
Midsize grip
Modern color and styling

Karma Dual Touch Midsize Putter Grip Review:Best Putter Grips

Aside from quality trademarks, the Karma putter grip had used to catch attention due to its cheap pricing and pronounced grip. Other than that, it is a positively reviewed product on online shopping centers and gains an overall 4.5-star rating. It is not built-in with modern technologies, but beyond this, these putter grips provide a perfect feel to your hands.

Premium Grip:

Overall this putter grip comes up with an ultra-fine grip without creating any discomfort to the holders. But its heavy usage cannot let this grip stay longer than many of the more expensive grips.

On the downside, the karma putter grips never allow their users to dominate among the professional golf players. But if you are a starter player, then consider purchasing these. That is because they provide you with perfect playability in the early days of your game.

Rubber Composition:

Karma’ Soft-touch feel is due to its rubber compound designing. Also, it maintains a great comfortable feel and an excellent midsize grip to the hands while using. Multi-texture designing also offers resistance from sliding off your hands and a full swing.

Perfect Grip:

The dual-touch Karma putter also provides an improved repeatable grip with every stroke. Above all, the rubber compound promotes traction control also so that the holder can feel the original playability.

Midsize Putter:

One of the best features Karma provides is its sizing from jumbo articles to standard ones. This thickness also provides ultimate tackiness in the golf game and provides a solid feel. Having these putter grips in your golf kit can take your game performance to a whole new level.

Perfect Fitting Message:

Before procuring any type of putter, you must be aware of the exact counseling that which putter grip suits your style or not. Also, you should consult a professional for your putter grip for the perfect fitting message.

  • Very comfy
  • Super value
  • Easy to install
  • Satisfying grip for a low price
  • Not long-lasting rubber compounds


Therefore, this is a supreme putter grip for polishing your golfing and enhancing your confidence. And Karma dual touch putter grips are the best putter grips for hand low as they provide better control over swing and a comfortable feel.

5. Zenesty Golf – Best putter grip for small hands:

While talking about the best putter grip, Zenesty golf putter grip comes to mind for almost all golfers. Above all, this putter grip is suitable for all shaft sizes with an easy installation process.

Have you got frustrated with having the same faded putter grip for years, then consider purchasing Zenesty with all new features and techniques.


Hexagonal concave surface design
Unique line pattern design
Shock absorption technology

Zenesty Golf Putter Grip for Mens Review:Best Putter Grips

Compare with traditional putter grips, Zenesty products are famous for their lightweight, anti-slip design. Its eagle elements are a symbol of quality strength and pursuits for every single professional golfer.

Such a beautiful product of Zenesty must be in your golf kit. So, be mindful of Zenesty putter grip while looking for a new one.

A Vivid and Exquisite Design:

Here, you don’t need to wait and stop looking for a putter grip with perfection in its design and performance as well. Because. This Zenesty putter grip is bolting with elite design, a comfortable feel, and sturdy construction.

The Zenesty putter grip has enameled with polyurethane material providing a high-quality pressure grip by reducing overall weight around the whole structure. This quality construction also approaches the latest technologies for having a tight grain structure.

Concave Convex Surface:

For expecting good pressure grip and off-centered performance, Zenesty comes up with an advanced hexagonal structure. Apart from graphic designing, the micro-texture surfacing also helps to avoid the troubles sliding off from hands.

Comfortable Feel:

Beyond that, it also offers good water resistance or damp-proof performance outside the material and light foam inside the tube. So, it provides you with a very comfy feel and pleasant experience.

Some Curious Specifications:

Additionally, the Zenesty golf putter grip comes with a length of about 10.5 inches, a diameter of about 1.23” at one end, and 1.29” at other ends. This diameter can effortlessly go for any brand of a golf club with a convenient installation process.

Furthermore, it is bolting in different colors that you can pick anyone according to your choice. And the mixture of this wide range of colors of putter grip helps its holder to show grace on the court.

Budget Pricing:

Despite its qualities and up-gradation, it is quite the best super-stroke putter grip. And one thing more to specify that it is not a gadget that busts on your budget. It is convenient to buy for anyone who wants to excel in his game. Overall, I can say this putter grip a game-changer grip in cheap pricing.

  • Quite thick for grip
  • Light in weight
  • Excellent feel
  • Value for money
  • None


Coming towards its product conclusion, I would like to recommend this putter grip to those who want to play like professionals and dominate the golf ground.

6. SAPLIZE Golf – Best putter grip for cross-handed putting:

Are you feel not confident with your old traditional putter grip around your professional golf fellows. Then your hassle is going to end here. Because of what this golf gadget turns famous is its reverse grip, by SAPLIZE.

To control even grip pressure, what features SAPLIZE introduces with a golf putter grip is a query for many beginners. Before going deep into this product’s description, let’s have a look over its quality features once.


Ultra-light EVA
Advanced texture
Complimentary tapes (scim backed grip tapes)
Flat surface design
Tacky boomerang patterns
V-tapper shape

SAPLIZE Golf Putter Grip– Best putter for reverse grip Review:Best Putter Grips

Do you want to know how this putter grip still kicks ass! Why is it has in demand these days? Why are other brands trying to complete it? What up-gradation awards its bestseller product in the grip category?

Now I am proceeding towards its description, here I will answer all your confusions that why you should attain this product. Thus, let’s dive into its explanation to get knowledge about this remarkable putter grip.

Upgraded Tapes:

When golfers want to know about the thickness of their putter grip, the only brand that comes to mind is SAPLIZE. Also, SAPLIZE launches its products with up-gradation in scim back grip tapes, with about 0.02mm thickness.

Also, it is highly flexible so that you do not find any troubles while installing it. Although it carries an easy installation process, it should be activated using solvent before installation. And it is easy to be removed out of the shaft for regripping for your next golf game.

Ultra-Light Weight:

To improve your game to a super high level, this SAPLIZE golf brand comes up with a lightweight putter grip. Though these putter grips burden your hands slightly while golfing, they give the ultimate comfortable feel to your hands.

This lowering in weight is useful in integrating your hands and the shaft of the golf club. This way, it can result in a forgiving and more accurate fluid stoke.

Advanced Texture:

The only feature all professionals and beginners are looking for is a comfortable feel and easy gripping while going to strike a shot. Other than that, its unique designing patterns also allow the holders to increase the traction control and provide anti-skid resistance.

Ergonomic Design:

Moreover, its reshaping and ergonomically designed pistol-shaped grip provide an excellent even pressure grip on the hand. And one more gracious feature it provides is the choice in sizes from standard jumbo size to midsized putter grip.

Quality Policy:

Are you worried about the quality or had a mishap before about the quality of the putter grip? Then it is time to cut down your hassles because SAPLIZE is confident about its quality. After all, customer service is top-notch.

And one more point to ponder is the solid warranty. Here, it offers exchangeability if after having the experience you are not easy. Also, you can get your money back if you don’t feel easy with this putter grip.

  • Color availability
  • Super light
  • Solid warranty
  • Precise feedback
  • A bit pricey


Nevertheless, of its upgraded technologies, SAPLIZE putter grip and its ergonomic design and perfect hand fitting is the best putter for a reverse grip. I would suggest you consider it once before purchasing one for your next golf game.

7. Golf Pride Tour – Best putter hand grip:

Likewise, Tour SNSR contour also introduces its products in the form of classic tapered pistol profiling. SNSR offers its users an arm lock grip for consistent ball flights and a long carry distance.

In other words, you can say that these putter grips give you brilliant stroke confidence with a better feel and assessment. And the golf pride putter grip can be referred to as the best arm lock putter grip due to advancements in material formulation. Let us look at its features so; that you will be aware of what should be on your wish list.


Wide and flat paddle front
Soft-tuned rubber formulation
Oval back for easy hand adjustments
Lie and loft settings
Tour-proven shapes

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Putter Grip Review:Best Putter Grips

The traditional profiling with a sculpted grip shape causes a decrease in size from top to bottom for having an unbelievable feel throughout the golf game. And its tour-level feedback aids the golfers to have maximum control on traction technology for a limitless shot flight. So, it is time to crack it off into its hallmarks and have it in your hands.

Wide Paddle Front:

Do you want to feel like a pro while putting a golf ball for extraordinarily high carry distance.? Then golf pride by SNSR is a red star product having an arched wide paddle front and an oval back for a trouble-free hand accommodation.

Furthermore, its design covers your hand placement in a quality approach. And it contains a wide arched paddle front for thumb emplacement and an oval back zone for hand support and finger positioning. Although, it imparts a great comfy feel to your hand.

Lie and Loft Settings:

The foremost reason for this putter grip to become famous is its flexibility that aids us in adjustments. Golf pride grip carries an easy installation process on different golf club sticks with few adjustments for an even grip pressure and a great swing speed.

Moreover, you can adjust this remarkable putter grip according to your style as it contains elasticity. This astonishing putter grip can assist you to change your style and improve your golfing skills.

Build Quality:

Again golf pride tour by SNSR proves that its products have the breathtaking build quality, as its track record has shown. Other than that, it is well-engineered, and its soft rubber formulation promotes the feel of the lighter grip and an even grip pressure along with the whole putter grip.

Additionally, for better feedback on your putts and consistent strokes, the soft rubber pattern offers an incredible feel on your hand.

  • Different sizing options
  • Attractive features
  • Well made
  • Adjustable
  • Frictional troubles


A recommendation from my side to all golfers, whether they are professionals or starters, is always try to change your putter grip at least once a year. And golf pride would be a favorable choice for you with many contour options.

8. FLAT CAT – Best jumbo putter grips:

Now I want to introduce my readers to the most fabricated and optimally designed FLAT CAT putter grip by Lampkin golfs. Its cone-shaped stainless steel construction allows its users more consistent strokes with sacrificing feel. Let’s catch its features first so that you can find what makes this putter grip much more demanding these days.


Weighted grip technology
Pendulum-like stroke
FLATI design squares
Easy Glide cone
Wider side panel

FLAT CAT Solution Putter Grips Review:Best Putter Grips

The Lampkin mission is to create a deep understanding of the use of professional grip. Also, they want their customers should carry the grip that fits their hands for an ultimate feel. Deep down, you can say that the FLAT CAT is a next-level putting grip.

Lightweight Surface Texture:

Also, the FLAT CAT putter grip has comprised of stainless steel material that makes it ultra-light in weight. Lightweight material means its size doesn’t counterweight the grip pressure, and it cannot change the feel. Its lightweight helps avoid the wrist-twisting and allows its users a full swing speed for long distant flights.

Balanced Pressure Distribution:

Next coming towards its advanced features, the parallel technology plays a breathtaking role in the grip pressure. This solution putter grip provides its holder with a complete hand placement so that an even pressure has applied all around the golf club for a perfect shot. This advancement and even pressure distribution make this putter grip one of the favorite grips of most professionals.

High Stability:

Nevertheless of the features, this grip is more stable because of its flat finish at the top for more stable hand positioning. No matter how you put it, the FLAT CAT grip provides your hands with a more convincing momentum.

Good Performance:

Furthermore, every component had designed so proficiently to give the best performance in all conditions without being slipped from hand. It is outstanding in humid and wet weather situations.

Rubber Coating:

Moreover, using a putter grip, the question is all about easy handling and a very comfy feel. Together with its rubber coating, it promotes tackiness and comfortability to a whole new level. This feature is a huge plus, which adds more to its durability and worth.

  • Right grip size
  • Amazing
  • Highly stable
  • Smooth strikes
  • Variety of sizes
  • A bit costly


The FLAT CAT putter grip has gained a reputation in all putter grips available and is one of the most enjoyable grips to fit on your flat stick. Thus, I can say that it is the best putter grip for me as they provide a stable base for my hands to rest.

9. Scotty Cameron – Best jumbo putter grips:

Want the best putter grip but don’t want to go for the intense research? Then your quest will go to an end here. You should choose the standard grey matador putter grip, Scotty Cameron, as these are good in protecting your golf shots and provides you with exceptional quality.

Here, I have shortlisted some of its significant attributes below for your ease;


Flat-top design
Standard size
Flat hand placement
Pistol shape
Thick grip

Scotty Cameron Putter Grip– Authentic Matador Putter Grip Review:Best Putter Grips

Even as a beginner, this product is of great help, as it has a bunch of quality features. Furthermore, it has packed exciting features and advanced technologies for a more tacky feel and trouble-free handy grip. To know more about the Scotty Cameron putter grip, keep reading the article, and find out why it should be on your wish list.

Standard Thickness Coating:

The fundamental point that you must consider while thinking buys a new putter grip is the standard thickness. The thick putter grip provides you with a perfect handy feel and an easy grip because of its standard sizing. And it is necessary to give a second thought to the thickness of the putter grip while purchasing the best for you.

Suitable in All Weather Conditions:

For maximum grip pressure in all weather conditions, it has made up of EVA foam inside of the tube and waterproof material in the middle. This layering system provides a powerful driving force that helps in the rainy season. Furthermore, its water-resistant property helps in a classy feel without sliding off your hand.

Best Accessory:

Above all, Scotty Cameron putter grip holds some built-in quality features as its flat-top design enhances comfort. And this golf putter grip is also considered a perfect gadget for beginners so; that they can take their golf game to a whole new level. Other than that, its non-slip design promotes a pronounced grip and a comfortable feeling. It acts as a detox absorber as well.

Functional Support and Right Training:

One of the best features this brand provides is the training center about the right placement of hands. They also help you by providing practical support and proper training about the perfect positioning of hands for an accurate shot.

Additionally, they also offer to test their product so that you can be aware of a suitable grip. Hence, this brand allows its customer’s certificate authenticity because customer service is their top-notch.

  • Durable
  • Shock absorber
  • Lightweight
  • Precise hand positioning
  • Pricey


If you want to be a professional, you cannot go wrong with the Scotty Cameron putter grip if these are well in your range. You will feel comfy as they are the best putter grip for Scotty Cameron.

10. Team Golf – Best new putter grips:

Professionals are well-known for team golf that they are the world’s best suppliers of colligated licensed golf accessories. There are many users of this particular brand who are having a great time with this putter grip.

Before moving towards its brief explanation, I have mentioned some of its vital features below;


Sleek signature divot tool with 3-double-sided magnetic marker
Contour sock headcovers
Scrubber design
Integrated top handles
Double canopy design

Team Golf Putter Grip with Removable Gel Top Ball Marker Review:Best Putter Grips

The team golf putter grip is the best-oversized putter grip with a removable gel top ball marker. This putter grip is beneficial not only for beginners but also for high handicappers as it is bolting with improved performance. It also aids you in a handy grip for long distant flights.

Integrated Top Handles:

Furthermore, the top handle is the only point you have to consider while purchasing a new one. The handle must be top integrated so that the swing direction is directly against the shot providing a consistent flight. Handle gives you a tacky feel while holding.

Contour Sock Head Covers:

Fortunately, it comes with a protective case so that you can make sure its safety when not in use. A protective case is of high-quality leather so; it can withstand any uttermost condition even, falling from a height.

Magnetic Putter Grip:

Now, there is no need to strike your head with useless products to attain the best putter grip size for pro golfers. Because Team Golf Putter Grip is coming up with a magnetic grip to offers the best alignment for straight shots. Other than that, the epic design offers reduce resistance to allow better play. Also, it is the best pick regarding budget pricing.

Super Striking Performance:

The most significant role of any putter is how it performs on the tees and the greens? Here, this incredible putter grip is bolting with a perfect magnetic grip that is assisting in taking super strokes with a comfortable feel and sound. On the whole, it offers great striking techniques for dominating the battlefield.

  • Fantastic looks
  • Very comfy
  • Easy handling
  • Adjustable
  • Some customer find its shipping improper


Resultantly, this putter grip is budget-friendly and offers exclusive performance. Thus, in many other putter grips, this is a noteworthy putter grip for continual shots that’s why I am suggesting you this piece for high performance.


Do you belong to the category of golfers who got confused while purchasing your golf gadgets? The golf putter grip is the one part of the golf kit which got the most intensive research history worldwide.

Furthermore, the standard of your selection regarding a specific article is dependent upon the requirements you want. So, thinking about a new putter grip, you do not have to get confused between too many choices. Just track me down and give it a deep understanding.

Picking out the right putter grip for having a full swing speed without any hook is a difficult task. Because the grip is the point, you have to touch during the swing for a long consistent flight. And your putter grip must promote a tacky feel to your hands.

Above, I have explained the top-class brands of classic putter grips. Before attaining any putter grip you must have a look over its customer’s reviews to soothe your mind against all confusions. Moreover, to facilitate you with all the knowledgeable information, I have mentioned all the specifications of the best putter grip above.

So, without any further ado, let us move on to the first one.

Golf Grips:

Before moving towards specifications, you should have a deep understanding of the different golf grips available in the market. Like corded, rubber grips, ribbed and rounded grips, heavy and lightweight grips, and counterbalance grips are increased in demand these days.

Above all, you may find grips made in different materials like plastic, silicon, etc. So, first, make sure which type of putter grip comfy your hand the most before choosing one for yourself. That is because a perfect hand placement is salient for the holder for a free swing.

Additionally, a golf grip must be of the material that would not cause any slip from hand when grip is slick due to rainy weather. And the grip should carry an easy installation process into the golf club and best-suited to any type of golf club.

Grip Size:

Here, talking about pro golfers, they always pick a grip that is fit for your hands. Using the wrong grip size will cause it to slide off your hands and result in inconsistent strokes. The selection of golf putter grip is golfers’ personal choice and preference.

Furthermore, the well-matched grip size to your hands allows you the full swing of a golf club without struggling more with its fitness. So, there are different grip sizes available to make your strokes more clean and accurate.

Nowadays, there is a variety of grip sizes for the best putter grip. It includes Junior- this comes in a variety of sizes for shorter hands than standard. Also, Undersized- 1/64 inches, a size smaller than the standard size, Standard- a perfect size for the standard hands’ size. And, Midsized- this grip size is 1/16 inches larger than the standard size, Oversized- 1/8 inches, a size well suited to big hands.

Grip Pressure:

Here comes the most salient feature of the golf putter grip, the overall pressure it provides to your hands. The most-suited putter grip must promote an even grip pressure for more consistent shots.

Furthermore, even grip pressure will promote a full swing speed without drifting your hands. And a perfect fit grip also avoids any wrist movement that can cause any discomfort while playing.


The softness and firmness of the putter grip is also a point to ponder for high handicappers. A combination of softness and firmness in material formulation offers more stability and tension to the golf putter grip.

For a slightly rough shot on the field, you have to look for the easy handling of putter grip after grip size selection. But professional golfers preferred a more firm grip so that they can better control the torsion and enjoy a full swing speed.

Hi-Tech Upgradation:

It is a fact that every golfer wants to snap out a putter grip that is easy for striking thoroughly. To optimize your strikes, you have to consider the technologies that the latest versions of grips provide. The advanced technologies provide the golfers to have a full-hand placement for a tight fit.

Moreover, the design, outlook, and other specs also generate a significant role if you are using the best putter grip.


Meanwhile, the best putter grip on tour is not an easy task to select when it comes to the durability of the object. With the increment in pricing, manufacturers are also bolting with new sturdy objects for perfect golfing.

Subsequently, you may acquire an expensive putter grip but you should be assured about its durability as you have used it for a long time.


Although choosing the best golf putter grip is a difficult task. But its maintenance is also a task that needs heavy struggle. Your putter grip needs a proper check and balance regularly. Because of long-term usage, there can be some cracks and spotting in the grip material.

Additionally, you can use the usual mild dishwashing detergent for cleaning your putter grips. You can also go for the soft abrasive pad or brush to scrub your grip with warm water. The rubber material is heat sensitive so, do not leave your putter grip in uttermost weather conditions.


Adjustability is the key feature that manufacturers offer to their consumers to value their money. What great about the best thick putter grip to fit your golf club for a full swing speed. Your putter grip must be highly adjustable to any of the golf club heads.

Furthermore, your golf putter grip must have an alignment with your golf kit for customizing your golf experience.


The one and foremost factor about high handicappers are mostly concerned is the budget of the best fat putter grip. Before considering any putter grip best for yourself, you should make sure all the quality features are well according to your needs.

As well the putter grips you do have in the cart must have longevity and an easy installation process. Above all, to value your money, every company comes with a warranty card. Thus, you should buy a product that is convenient to replace when it is disrupted.


As you know, putting is an individual type of game. So, when it comes to buying the best putter grip, there should be no chance of any wrong gadget in your golf kit.

In my opinion, whenever buying a new putter grip, do some research so that you can find the best for yourself because finding the best will elevate your playability. But in my recommendation, one should go for the golf pride tour SNSR contour putter grip because of its dynamic features.

I hope this guide turns informative for you before purchasing a new one. For more queries, drop your hassle in the comment box below. That, I want to know your experience, to feel the pleasure of it.


1. Which putter grip is best?

Best putter grips for a more comfortable stroke are Golf Pride Pro Putter Grip, Super Stroke Traxion Tour Putter grip, FLAT CAT Solution Putter Grip, and SAPLIZE Golf Putter Grip.

2. What is the best grip for an Odyssey 2-ball putter?

The company best Odyssey is synonymous with manufacturing the best 2-ball putter for perfect alignment throughout your golf game. And Super Stroke Slim Putter Grip is best for an Odyssey 2 ball putter.


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