10 Best Putters Under $200 in 2023 – Top Golf Reviews

Best putters under $200Putters are a part of a golfer’s equipment for making short and low-speed strokes for less distant shots. And, for a beginner, putters are the best piece of equipment, one should have. Subsequently, a beginner wouldn’t want to spend much on a putter, and not compromise on the quality, either.

So, for your aid, here I’ve compiled a list including ten Best Putters Under $200 for not breaking the bank. These include some of the top choices from renowned brands for golf kits. When spending on a putter, one should keep in mind the features and specs it provides.

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The merits and demerits, along with the customer reviews, are also productive when searching for or buying a product. They help you determine whether your desired putter fits your criteria or not.

Indeed, a putter can make or break your game with its quality and prime characteristics. For this reason, the characteristics of a putter, such as its length and weight, impact your gaming performance. Similarly, the design of the club and the suitability affects the golfing experience too.

To find out the one, appropriate for your use, move on to the product descriptions below.

Best Putters Under $200 in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter9.9
2Odyssey EXO Putter – Best Putter Under $1009.8
3PGX TS Putter – Best Putter Under 509.6
4Cleveland Golf Counter Balanced9.5
5Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter Sporting goods9.4
6Odyssey Red O-Works Putter9.3
7CĀG Golf | Putter, 34FIVE MD | Right Handed9.1
8Golf Club Putter Men’s Right Hand9.0
9Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter8.9
10Founders Club FP Model Men’s Golf Putters8.8

Best Putters Under $200 in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Odyssey White Hot Pro – Best putter under 150:

As the first pick, I have one of the Odyssey putters named White Hot Pro 2.0 in the color black. It is one of the iconic putters Callaway has ever manufactured as it delivers class and excellence in its every shot. Let’s get to know the features of this club.

  • Left-hand orientation
  • Stainless steel shaft material
  • Jumbo grip type and size
  • White-hot insert
  • Laser milling for high tolerance

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter Review:Best Putters Under $200

The outstanding features and affordable pricing makes it gain high demands from its customers in markets. Here, this club offers many upcoming features to enhance your confidence in the field. With an iconic design and improved feel, it is distinctive from all other putters.

Perfect Balance:

The Odyssey White Pro being well-balanced is its most admirable feature. So, this balancing feature is enhanced by its lightweight composition for offering a user-friendly interface. Also, it provides perfect alignment along with an easy, stable, and comfortable grip.

However, many golfers find the appearance good and stable shots, when they rush in the ground. With toe and heel balanced weight, it gives improved forgiveness too.

White Hot Insert:

Moreover, the Odyssey putter uses re-engineered methods using the Iconic White Hot Insert to improve its sound the feel. This technique incorporates laser milling for increasing the tolerance level of the putter. As a result, high tolerance enhances the putter’s performance and consistency.

Besides, this gadget is easy to use and requires proper handling and care for achieving consistent goals. It is an emerging feature of this supreme putter to compete with others.

Eye Fit System:

Also, this system makes the gadget simple to fit to set up according to your suitability. With a perfect alignment, it offers straight, controlled, and distant strokes to roll down the ball. Whether you need to be closer to the ball or far, it helps you to select amongst the various features it provides for usage.

  • Good forgiveness
  • White Hot insert for feel
  • Available in different lengths
  • Great sound
  • Black finish for reduced glare
  • Not as easy to line up


Overall, it is an affordable yet classic choice for the best putters you’ll ever find in this price range. No one would reject this type of club to attain a consistent score on the battlefield.

2. Odyssey EXO Putter – Best Putter Under $100:

Next, I have another Odyssey putter, and this time it’s the EXO with the style name 2-ball. To answer all your queries I have mentioned some significant features. Let’s have a look at the specs of this model.

  • Multi-material construction
  • Legendary White Hot Feel
  • Stroke Lab Shaft Weighting for enhanced performance
  • Balanced and toe-hang options
  • Uniflex left-hand orientation

Odyssey EXO Putter – Best Putter Under $100 Review:

Here, this club is bolting with quality features to give you an amazing opportunity to take distant and stable strokes. Somewhat, it can be expensive but it would be durable and long-lasting due to its quality construction.

Increased Forgiveness:

The EXO putter offers a tremendously high moment of inertia for providing maximum forgiveness. With its premium multi-material built, it increases the MOI for getting a consistent speed and direction for the ball.

Furthermore, this technique uses the lightweight milled aluminum ext-cage, and the method proceeds further by removing the weight from the center and reallocating it accurately.

Legendary Feel:

Also, the Odyssey EXO putter incorporates the White Hot feel for the sound and incredible performance. It is one of the most successful additions of all time, indeed. Additionally, the White Hot feel in this putter combines with another technology named Microhinge which further enhances the feel. So, this technology initiates forward roll for providing consistent and accurate distance control.

Lab Shaft & Mallet Face:

Another technique used in this putter is the Stroke Lab Shaft technology which distributes the weight equally amongst the putter’s surface. The shaft made of steel and graphite alters the dynamics, resulting in a swift and better stroke performance.

Also, the Odyssey putters offer face balance options as well as toe hang options for versatility. The face balance minimizes the rotation in the stroke while the toe hang allows for increased rotation. Whereas the stroke, whether increased or decreased, won’t affect the game as the high MOI allows for more putts.

  • Great feel
  • Extremely accurate
  • Appealing layout
  • Oversized grip for better handling
  • Not as firm as it should be


Being comparatively expensive and packed along with incredible features, the EXO is the best putter under $200.

3. PGX TS Putter – Best Putter Under 50:

Moving on, here I have a putter by the brand Pinemeadow. It provides excellence through its gaming performance so, let’s read out its features stated below.

  • Pinemeadow spider grip
  • Double bending shaft
  • Right-hand oriented
  • Golf club loft; 3 degrees
  • Tri site line for increased putts

PGX TS Putter – Best Putter Under 50 Review:Best Putters Under $200

The right-handed putter at the tagged price is one of the best picks you will ever find in this cheap range. Also, it provides inline shots to be confident in the game.

Putter Layout:

The PGX putter has an impressive finish on the outside to make it look appealing to the human eye. The tri site lines designed on the upper part allows easy alignment of the putter with the ball for a well-sought shot. To prevent the paint from chipping, this putter comes along with a headcover for added protection.

Balanced in Weight:

The dark-hued look contrasted with green and white lines gives a sense of calmness and does not blend with the greens. Weighing 380 grams, it’s relatively heavier for providing balance and support.

Sound & Feel:

Talking about the sound, it produces an average sound, unlike a clicky one as it’s comparatively cheap. Besides, the grip is appropriate for providing a soft feel and for swinging too. That’s why it would be a supreme addition to your golf gear.

  • Ease of concentration on the alignment
  • Perfect length for professional golfers
  • Includes a ball picker
  • Excellent balance for easy swing
  • Custom headcover included
  • Ideal additional weight for a long line
  • Gets stained easily
  • Peel off white paint


So, it is an ideal choice for the best putter under $50, which neither compromises on quality nor breaks the bank.

4. Cleveland Golf – Best putter under £50:

Up next, here’s a Cleveland putter which goes by the name Golf Satin 8.0. As the name suggests, its counterbalance and an oversized grip make it different from others. So, let’s have a look at its features listed beneath.

  • Elevated 21.35 mm sightline
  • Variable depth milled grooves
  • Polymer TPU insert
  • Alloy steel material built
  • Includes a headcover

Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 8.0 Counter Balanced Review:Best Putters Under $200

The Golf Satin putter by Cleveland is a suitable choice for men, as stated by the Amazon stores, providing an enhanced sightline for better aligning with the ball.

Putter Design:

In this satin putter, many improvements occurred for enhancing the layout to improvise the performance. The sightline alignment requires to be at a level, where it strikes the ball accurately.

For this purpose, the Golf Satin incorporates an elevated sightline for achieving proper alignment every time. Other than that, the milled grooves on the surface increase friction to roll the ball faster.

Perfect Grip:

Besides, the grip choices are midsize pistol, oversize, or counterbalance available for both left and right-handed players. The 8.0 satin putter has a length of 35 inches while the head weighs around 400 grams.

Other Specs:

Moreover, this putter comes along with five different head designs which are all mallet-style. It has varieties for putter lengths and lofts while the lie angle remains constant at 70 degrees. The design features a higher number of grooves on the head while they’re lesser on the heel. This positioning creates the perfect feel at impact.

  • Improved sightline for easy alignment
  • Increased friction at impact
  • Multiple head designs
  • Oversized grip for better handling
  • The design is overdone
  • Lacks choices for lie angle


With a unique grooved design, this Cleveland’s Golf Satin putter is amongst the best putters under $200. So, don’t miss the chance to attain this putter with such attributes.

5. Wilson Staff Infinite – Best used putter under 50:

Moving forward, this one’s a Wilson Infinite putter with the style name Bucktown. Wilson has been one of the top manufacturers of premium golf products. So, this putter is no less with distinctive features and specs.

Let’s have a look at it.

  • Double milled face
  • Right-hand configuration
  • Incorporates counterbalanced technology
  • PVD finish for reduced glare
  • Stable & oversized grip

Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter Sporting goods Review:Best Putters Under $200

Providing a responsive feel and a perfect grip, this putter has all the reasons to gain customer satisfaction.

Putter Appearance:

Other than this Bucktown model, the Wilson Infinite series has six other options that share at least one similar feature. This one has a double milled face to provide a consistent impact.

Alongside, it offers role and distance control and its dark matte finish minimizes glare and focuses on proper alignment with the ball.


Moreover, the look and feel along with the pricing, make it a definite splurge. The vinyl headcover comes along as the cherry on top with a cool feel.

Counterbalancing Technique:

Moreover, the incorporated counterbalanced mechanism shifts the balance and places it close to the hands for a swifter and controlled putting stroke. Besides, the oversized layout and construction of the grip provides a stable feel and restricts rotation count during the stroke.

  • Consistent impact with double milled facing
  • Roll and distance control
  • Dark anti-glare finish
  • Counterbalanced technology for more control
  • User-friendly interface for alignment
  • The sound is not too clicky
  • Size measurements may different


Accompanied by salient specs and performance, it is on the list for the best putters under $100, indeed.

6. Odyssey 2018 Red – Best putter under 50 dollars:

Up next is a Callaway putter from one of its renowned series; the Odyssey O-works putters. Also, it is a popular putter amongst many golfers that’s why let’s check out the features it has in stores for us.

  • Premium stroke counter technology
  • Microhinge face insert
  • Super stroke slim 2.0 shaft style
  • Midsized grip
  • Left-hand orientation

Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works Putters Review:Best Putters Under $200

Being a bold and hefty putter, this one has the style name #7 and uses super stroke slim shaft style type, having a left-hand configuration.

Microhinge Face Insert:

Here, the upgraded technique utilized by this putter changes the people’s aspect of looking at roll-off. This Microhinge Insert Technology offers impressive gains for topspin and roll at the impact irrespective of your stroke.

Great Feel:

Besides, the steel plate used is co-molded into the Thermoplastic Layer to provide a great feel. Similarly, the improvised hinges and urethane combine to help get the ball into a better roll at the impact.

Innovative Shaping:

Callaway, for years, developed shapes that lacked one or another aspect. For this purpose, this O-works putter uses innovative and tweak shapes for providing the desired performance. Style #7 has an updated short and slant version of the neck which offers increased toe hang.

Besides, the sleek design has a red finish which is a signature hue among O-works putters. The manufacturers love adding versatility to the putters, and so do the players.

  • Excellent shape
  • Improvised grip
  • User-friendly interface for easy use
  • Smooth at impact
  • Usable for various lie angles
  • Headcover not included
  • Short shaft


For all the convenient reasons, this product from the Odyssey series has to be amongst the best putters for the money.

7. CĀG Golf – Best golf putter for alignment:

Onto the next pick, this putter is from CAG Golf, a startup golf equipment brand that provides its customers with high-end products while keeping the pricing affordable. The engineers at CAG have worked with professionals to manufacture quality equipment for their consumers.

Let’s read out the features this putter provides us.

  • SVA Sightline Technology
  • PU wrapped oversized grip
  • Geometrically face-balanced
  • CNC Milled Face impact area
  • Selective PVD finish

CĀG Golf Review:Best Putters Under $200

Packed along with excellent specs and new technological advancements, this putter is an example of a well-engineered and technical club. Moreover, you can enhance your skills and build confidence while taking the practice of golf.

Alignment Technology:

The CAG putter incorporates the patented SVA SIGHTLINE technology which offers accurate aligning with the sweet spot. Also, it reduces the off-center impact to bring a new initiative to premium golf clubs.

Increased Forgiveness:

Accordingly, the putter is face-balanced and manufactured for providing as much high MOI as possible. This technique allows for increased forgiveness and stability amongst the putting stroke suitable for more putts.

Performance & Feel:

The CAG Golf is amongst the best blade putters you’ll ever find. It has a classic Anser blade design which is wider than other similar products. The putter head is slightly heavier in weight feels, but the counter-balanced and oversized gripping compensates it out nicely.

Moreover, the milled face impact area provides a precisely engineered face with lateral grooves to encourage forward roll when putting. Furthermore, the stainless steel built is pivotal in the putter’s durability, accuracy, and feel.

  • Impressive steel built
  • The putter head has a quality coating
  • Excellent packaging
  • Suits different cuts
  • The grip might be thin
  • The faceplate isn’t too wide


On the whole, CAG Golf is a brand that impresses us with its quality and budget pricing. It has to be one of the best putters under 100 bucks.

8. Golf Club Putter Men’s Right Hand with Black Red Head Covers:

Up next, this Golf putter for right-handed men is from the Wosofe stores. This stainless steel putter is one of the best mallet putters you’ll ever find for playing golf. Do check out the features this putter provides us.

  • Carbon steel CNC putter face
  • Peak-nest groove
  • 72-degree putter lie angle
  • Honey-comb concave design
  • 33-inch shaft size

Golf Club Putter Men’s Right Hand with Black Red HeadCovers Review:Best Putters Under $200

The Wosofe golf putter is as famous as others on the list also, it has a vibrant and colorful appearance. Moreover, its honey-comb surface and specific features are supporting it to be dominant in the market.

Intricate Detailing:

The golf putter by Wosofe is an incredible piece of equipment that nearly looks like art. It has four prominent red decorative points along with the rod part.

Besides, it has decorative lines on either side of the putter head that look alluring. Then, we have its silver pole head which is again very bright and attractive.

Unique Surface:

Another visually appealing feature is the honey-comb surface which offers increased friction with the ball. Also, it speeds up rolling the ball to minimize the impact of green areas on the ball.

Floor Feature:

Besides, the floor feature is captivating, which incorporates a concave and a convex surface. Along with that, it has two counterweight screws used for lowering the CoG of the putter to make it more stable.

Beneath the rainbow is traces of wire drawing, which offers a textural look. Here, the rainbow-colored putter head matches a similar stainless steel shaft combined with a black & red PU grip.

  • The color doesn’t fade
  • A suitable weight for most players
  • Smooth putter line
  • Highly accurate and attractive
  • Limited variety for grips
  • Takes time to get used to it


Overall, this reasonable putter is very much similar to an expensive one. It is on the cards for best putters under 200 dollars.

9. Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter – Best Putter Under 50:

This list also includes a product from the renowned golf equipment brand, Pinemeadow. Let’s see the features that come along.

  • Consistent Face Tech
  • Shock-absorbant Spider Grip
  • Lower COG
  • Offset hosel for alignment
  • Oversized site plate

Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter – Best Putter Under 50 Review:Best Putters Under $200

Being an affordable and classic choice, it is the Golf Site, 4 putters, with right-handed configuration. Also, it performs excellent and provides you with your desired results.

Stainless Steel Layout:

The layout of this putter includes an oversized site plate for you to be confident about accurate putting. The user-friendly design directs your eye movement for lining up correctly for putting the shot.

Similarly, the offset hosel works for you aid too. It acts as additional alignment support which makes the accuracy higher for easy alignment. Hence, it’s the easiest to align and accurate suitable for beginner golfers.

Consistent Face:

Moreover, the Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 has compatible face inserts on the putter face. It backs to provide the ball with a smooth roll across the grassy surface while assuring minimized skipping.

Impressive Grip:

Besides, the manufacturers make this putter with spider gripping to offer golfers an impressive grip. They help them achieve a firm and comfortable grip which also absorbs shock. This grip comes along in a vibrant black and green-hued pattern that improvises the putter’s appearance.

  • Perfect balance
  • Increased putting accuracy
  • Smooth-rolling and with minimal skip
  • Aesthetically appealing design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free headcover included
  • Paint and finish aren’t very refined
  • Grip might be short for some golfers


The Pinemeadow Golf Site putter, along with its spectacular features, is an appropriate choice for the best putter under 50.

10. Founders Club – Best type of putter for me:

To conclude this list, I am coming on a right-handed golf putter from the Founder Club Stores. This model is a men’s putter that comes along with a headcover for protection means. I’ve listed the features of this putter below.

  • White ball alignment aide
  • Glare-proof black finish
  • Face Balanced Putter
  • Soft coin milled face insert
  • Mid-sized putter grip

Founders Club FP Model Men’s Golf Putters Review:Best Putters Under $200

Providing excellence in terms of premium quality, appearance, and pricing, it is a remarkable club for stable striking over the grass.

Alignment Feature:

The Golf putter by Founder provides a white ball alignment aide. So, it acts against the anti-glare matte black finish to perfectly align for sinking the putts. Also, this alignment of the putter with the ball results in providing you with the desired shot.

Midsized Grip:

Besides, the mid-sized grip provides additional control for better handling of the putter. Due to this minimized grip, golfers can take hits with a relaxed swing to make a consistent score on the board.

Milled Face Insert:

Furthermore, it also features a face-balanced putter combined along with a soft coin milled face insert. It provides you with the right balance of all aspects such as the feel, weight, and control, and striking your putts.

  • Affordable tagged price
  • Excellent quality putter
  • Impressive grip and weight
  • Smooth balancing
  • Great alignment
  • Requires time to get used to it


Overall, the Founder’s putter is a great club at this price offered. Being an affordable one, it is the best putter under 200, indeed.


And we’re on to the most salient part of purchasing a product; the customers’ buying guide. Getting yourself a putter can be a difficult task as there are too many options available. And each one of them has different features to offer. Whether these features and specs are suitable for us or not, we can’t get the knack of it.

For this purpose, a buyer’s guide eases the process, of knowing every aspect of the product in detail. The best putters under $200 listed above had the most features while some lacked one or the other. In this guide, I’ve gathered all the information about what a putter should have to derive the desired result.

Without any further delay, let’s proceed.


The putter length is the foremost thing to remember when getting yourself the best putter for the money. There are three different types of putter length. The first one is long, the second is the belly, and the traditional is the third one.

The long putter minimizes wristiness and is appropriate for those who have back pain. Still, if you find long putters uncomfortable, you can opt for the belly putter, which functions to decrease wristiness.

Choose wisely, and according to your comfort level, as opting for the wrong length might waste your money.


If you know that you require a shorter putter, just trimming your putter shaft will do you no aid. Ultimately, the putters were built to be at a particular swing weight at a certain length. Trimming it down will also make the swing weight go down the hill, and will feel lighter in your hands.

So, get a putter that has the proper weightage and suits your need. Usually, a 35-inch putter head weighs 330 grams. Whereas, for a 34-inch putter, you need to focus on having a 350-360-gram head weight. On the other hand, if you need a putter even shorter of 32 or 33-inch, you must go for a head that weighs 370-380-gram.

Putter Head:

Besides, getting a suitable putter head depends on the playing surface area as they do have an impact on your game. For suppose, blade putter heads weigh lighter than mallet heads resulting in ideal use for faster green surfaces.

On the contrary, mallet heads are heavier and are larger in comparison to the blades. The mallets are suitable for slower greens to prevent hard strokes and providing better control, accuracy, and precision.

Most golfers prefer the latter as the additional weight lessens wristiness allowing for swinging of their arms in a pendulum motion which aids with improved accuracy.

Putter Face:

When choosing the face, consider the ball that you’ll use and the speed of your greens. The sound made upon impact from the ball will inform, about the hitting intensity and how far the ball will go. Usually, these putter faces are of metal as its ideal for producing the accurate sound at the impact time with the ball.

Balance Point:

There are two kinds of putter heads. One of them is face-balanced while the other one is called toe balanced. If the shaft lays on your hand while being parallel to the ground and the face is facing upwards, you’re holding a face-balanced putter. And if the toe is hanging towards the greens, you’ve held a toe-balanced putter.

If you require a square-to-square stroke, a face-balanced putter will benefit you, indeed. Or if you need to have an arc stroke, you will enjoy the assistance from a toe-balanced putter.

Furthermore, consulting a professional before getting your first club may help you in picking the right one. Nonetheless, this guide had all the aspects of a putter that are necessary for purchasing one. I hope it helped you to choose the right putter and you enjoyed reading it too.


And we’ve reached the end of this read those were my choices for the best putters under $200. On a productive note, I hope you were able to find your desired product. I’d pick the Odyssey White Hot Pro putter with whose review the list starts. It is an impressive putter that incorporates technological advancements to cater to the needs of this modern era.

Besides, I enjoyed writing this article for you, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it too. It’s time to sign off so if it makes you convenient while shopping the best putter then drop your valuable feedback must.

Till then, enjoy the game!


1. Who makes the best center shafted putters?

Taylormade makes the best center shafted putters delivering excellence in terms of quality and other aspects. Subsequently, its price range is higher than other brands as they don’t comprise on quality.

2. What are some of the best putters?

The best putter overall is Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3 by Titleist. The one having the perfect mallet-style is Odyssey’s O-Works Red 2-Ball, and the Pinemeadow Golf PGX putters are the best on a budget.


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