10 Best Putter for Beginner in 2023 – Top Golf Reviews

Best Putters for Beginners

To emphasize, did you know that the Best Putters for Beginners can help you lead a stress-free golfing life? The facts speak for themselves. When one begins to play golf, choosing a putter with the desired features is not an easy job with a bunch of brands out there.

Picking up the best putter for beginners is such an important thing as it might make you hit amazing strokes and is a quicker way to get better at putting. With hundreds or even thousands of varieties out there, selecting the best putter for the money will impact your game.

Firstly, start with a putter with the perfect length for you, average weight, forgiveness, balance point, and, great head design. You must keep into consideration the alignment, sound, face shaft, and hosels, also choose the one that will give you a better stroke within your budget.

Ranked Post’s:

  1. Best putter’s for average golfer
  2. Best putter’s under $200

Don’t let the brand on your putter influence you, instead, look for the putter with technically sound design. This may help you assist better stroke if you’ve just begun the game of golf and are confused about what kind of putter suits you than top odyssey putters.

In the first place, there is no doubt that putting is seen as the most nerve-wracking job for almost of golfers. Although to help you, I’ve compiled a list of the best ones along with a detailed description of their features.

Fortunately, I am here to help you, and the following are my reviews of best putters for beginners which will guide you to the best and wise decision. So, let’s dig in and find out together about the best putters for beginners 2022.

Best Putters for Beginners in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter9.9
2Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter9.8
3Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter9.6
4S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women9.5
5Taylor-Made Golf Spider X Putter9.4
6Taylor-Made Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putter9.3
7Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter9.1
8Odyssey Red Ball Putter9.0
9Taylor Made Golf 2018 Spider Putter8.9
10Taylor Made Golf TP Patina Del Monte Putter8.8

Best Putters for Beginners in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Odyssey Hot Pro – Best golf putter for beginners:

Undoubtedly, the Odyssey Pro 2.0 putter insert is the best putter for average golfer, the true king of putter’s face inserts. Is there a more rapid way to get better at putting? Well, then don’t worry because Odyssey will help you aim at the target perfectly and control the distance of the putt.

Indisputably, Odyssey has a prominent name for providing quality and variation for its customers as they’re immensely splendid at all means.


Full shaft offset
Laser milled
Crank-neck hosel
Proven head shape
Blade putter included
Has alignment aids
White Hot Insert

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter Review:Best Putters for Beginners

Moreover, the admirable looks equal the overall performance, easiness, and durability of the White-Hot Pro putter.  Altogether, with the price and performance, the Odyssey Pro 2.0 range is simply the best golf putters for beginners.

So, let’s look forward to those exceptional features, shall we?

Idiosyncratic Design:

Without a doubt, Odyssey Pro 2.0 is one of the best-selling putters in the market. It’s popular amongst many users, looking at the impressive forgiveness it offers and other quality features too, it’s easy to see why.

Not to mention, the putter comes along with three distinct and dazzling alignment lines which is an attractive feature for many golfers out there.

Laser Milling Insert:

Additionally, its laser milled insert encourages high tolerance, Also, the heel and toe placement provide increasing forgiveness. Alignment aids at the top of the clubhead will help you take all important shots and ensures one with consistent lag distance control.

Versatile performance:

Furthermore, the putter features heel/toe placement that increases forgiveness, accuracy, responsiveness, and stroke consistency. The multi-layer insert is created by the latest golf ball technology which offers stability across the whole striking surface.

Maximum Forgiveness:

Odyssey with its softest and greatest feel ever in golf history gives the beginners more confidence and long-lasting performance. Besides, it’s made to the highest possible standards of quality, which makes it the best putter on the market for beginners.

  • High-level performance
  • High forgiveness
  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly easy to align
  • Great sound
  • Tour-proven design
  • Limited color options
  • Old models


When you talk about best putters for beginners, then Odyssey’s White Pro should be the topic to discuss. As it gives all the desired features and specifications, so, what are you thinking of?

2. Cleveland Golf – Best type of putter for beginners:

If you’re new and started playing golf, looking for a blade or mallet putter within the budget, Cleveland offers the perfect putter for you. Cleveland putters have each time been of great value. I’m impressed by how Cleveland did an excellent job of coalescing a high-performance putter along with glamorous physical properties.

Aren’t you eager to know more about this tremendous Huntington Beach putter? Let’s get the ball rolling!


Speed optimized face technology
Diamond CNC Milling Pattern
6 Tour-Proven shape
Precision Milled Face

Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter Review:Best Putters for Beginners

With the excellent alignment system, improving sound, feel and a distinctive click at impact, this putter is the best disc golf putters for beginners. So, let dive into the details of this amazing brand.

Sleek Design:

The Cleveland Hunting Beach offers excellent distance control, a smooth feel, and extra confidence that would let golfers play more putts. Comparatively, The Huntington Beach SOFT is unique and distinctive from many other putters, due to the difference in shape,best putter grip, etc.

Similarly, it also helps normalize ball speed and provides consistent speed and distance for splendid golfing.

Enhanced Forgiveness:

Furthermore, its Optimized center of gravity location delivers a firm feel and stability for the crucial putts. The diamond-shaped impact provides a softer feel and great sound at impact, including improved friction for a great roll of the ball.

Aesthetics and specs:

The Speed Optimized Face Technology provides consistent distance and great speed control on not just the putt but even the mishits. Its 6 tours proven shape will suit any golfer’s stroke and style and would be the best putter for beginners.

Great speed:

As well as that, with its excellent alignment aid, it not only boosts up ample confidence when placed behind the ball. In the same way, it also gets the ball to perfect roll at the impact as well as a distant control.

Miraculous performance:

With its unique yet common features, the Cleveland putter offers high quality, well-weighted including a milled steel face. Moreover, the Huntington Beach SOFT putter delivers a remarkable softest feel ever for more confidence.

The Hunting Beach Putter plays a vital role to promote consistent feel and sound for initiating a better game.

Affordable Club:

Every product seems doubtful when you’re a beginner. Well, if you’re on a budget and don’t want to compromise on quality either, then this putter is the best for you.

  • Outstanding standard fit grip quality
  • Great sound
  • Milled steel face with consistent roll
  • Heavy mallet and larger head style
  • Great forgiveness and smoothness
  • Zero offset version would be better
  • The traditional style


The Cleveland Hunting Beach Soft Putter, featuring a fine speed optimized face along with, premium finish that takes it to another level. Thus, this one is the best suited for beginners, so go through this article as this offers the best putter for beginners.

3. Odyssey Stroke – Best putter style for beginners:

Now, proceeding with the next pick. Notably, with the firmer feel and brighter sound, Odyssey Stroke putter has been made perfectly, with its entirely new approach, and the only Odyssey has it. With its extremely high MOI construction, the primary objective of this model is to provide maximum forgiveness and stability.

Just like me, aren’t you curious to know more about this best putter for beginners 2022? Without further ado, let’s find more about the stroke lab putter.


Multi-material construction
New Micro hinge Star Insert
Stroke Lab Weight
Hi-Def. Alignment
Rich Black Finish

Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter Review:Best Putters for Beginners

The Odyssey putter has enhanced the design with a sleek black finish and coating that adds stars to its rich, premium look. Furthermore, Odyssey promises to bring out your best performance, with its engineered advanced technologies in the head.

Multi-material composition:

Odyssey is a ruler at re-engineered tour-proven head shapes with a new insert, excellent alignment, and new shaft technology. The Stroke Lab shaft technology, made by a ground-breaking multi-material construction and extra-high MOI. Besides, the higher the MOI, the steadier the roll across the face.

In the same manner, uniquely, the prime multi-material construction quality augments the MOI for accurate and suitable weight distribution. Not to forget, this Odyssey stroke lab putter provides maximum consistency in the stroke by using its advanced technological solutions.

Glamorous design:

Also, if you’re after spectacular looks of the putter to grasp everyone’s attention and heart while playing, then this one is well-suited for you. The white hi-def. alignment lines look outstanding against the matte black finish, as it adds a dazzling varnish on the white color.

Best adjustability:

The thicker stroke lab grip of the putter makes it enormously popular among most golfers. Besides, if you consider standing tall during the stroke, the putter may suit you well. The Stroke Lab putter help enhance the golfer’s stroke, including backswing length while encouraging the faster roll of the ball.

Astounding style and shaft:

In particular, to the stunning black finish, the Odyssey’s Stroke Lab Putter also features the new Micro hinge Star insert. That delivers a firmer feel and enhanced sound with maintaining a smoother roll while making it the choice of some best golfers out there.

Moreover, its innovative new shaft and heel-toe-weighted blade grabs everyone’s attention and help each golfer make more putts.

  • Excellent, premium feel
  • Great feeling grips
  • Average Distance control
  • Impressive Stroke Lab technology on longer putts
  • Easy to align and firm feels
  • Enhanced forgiveness
  • Straightaway size put a few golfers off



For all those looking for the best putters on the market for beginners, with a premium look and performance, this one is ideal for them. So, go through the details above and shop now.

4. S7K Standing Putter – Best putter disc for beginners:

Here, the S7K Standing putter for men and women speaks of innovation through its advanced technological features. Surely, this S7Kcan be exceptional training equipment for providing consistent positioning. Undoubtedly, the S7K Standing Putter is one of the best golf putters for beginners 2022 out there on the market, it’s entirely worth it.

So, is this putter well-suited for you? Let’s find out together while moving onto its detailed description below.


Stand-alone address
Triple line path guide
Stroke-balance construction
Deep fly-cut mill pattern
Extreme MOI
Mid-size, EVA foam grip
Legal for tournament play

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women Review:Best Putters for Beginners

Uniquely, This S7K Standing Putter provides the best performance for getting the desired result. It is a far-fetched putter not just in the specs but also in the design. To highlight, how many putters out there in the market help you become better at putting? However, many intend to but aren’t successful, but this S7K putter is quite successful in improving one’s putts.

Exotic design:

Additionally, the S7K putter offers high durability over the build. It has a head constructed of stainless steel and an outstanding shaft made up of graphite. Besides, the S7K standing putter provides an incredible feel to almost everyone as it doesn’t burden your hand while putting greens.

Notable grip:

The first thing that every user notice at first while purchasing a putter is the feel of the grip.  To be blunt, this ‘standalone putter’ feels like a kid’s toy when it comes to feeling. Furthermore, the ultra-light and foam grip provides an impressive feel to your hands while putting.

The one putter that stands everywhere

Overall, it is easy to use a putter and hits the ball faultlessly, not only but also, the S7K putter stands flawlessly on slopes as well. Moreover, the Mid-size, EVA foam grip offers incredible benefits along with stability and comfort in your swings. I’d say, seeing as it is under 14k, is worth the purchase.

Impressive playability:

Everything is generally perfect when you’re ready to putt, but playing under intense pressure or playing crucial putts, one goes wrong with the swing. The trick for a better swing is to keep your eye downwards and not lifting your head upwards while hitting, but the pressure ruins it.

Well, to help you with this, the standalone putter has an astounding option, with a prominent dot on it. That may help you fix the problem and make a better swing. The S7K putter not only delivers a swifter and better stroke performance but also includes a headcover for ensuring your putter safety when not in use.

  • Stays stable excellently on slopes
  • No need for adjustments
  • Quite massive head
  • Comfortable feel
  • Great strike dot for a better swing
  • Good alignment
  • Mediocre handle


So, most of what I have to say about this best putter one the market for beginners is worthy things.  Similarly, the lightweight technology of this putter makes it the best putter for women most of us.

5. Taylor-Made – Best inexpensive putter for beginners:

The Taylor-made spider putter is what we all have been waiting for, its premium features make one immediately fall for it. The Taylor-made have gained massive popularity in the market as they launched its spider putter as the best mallet putters for beginners.

In case, you’ve been in quest of mixed choices, this putter has everything a beginner can ever demand. In the light of, Taylor-made putter’s distinctive features, pros, and cons I’ve elaborated below, let’s continue reading.


Matching Headcover included
Multi-material construction
The true path alignment system
30% heavier head
Pure roll insert
Enhanced stability

Taylor-Made Golf Spider X Putter Review:Best Putters for Beginners

To all my golfer friends out there looking for high forgiveness, enhanced stability, this Taylor-made spider putter has much more to offer. Built with maximum stability that is visible makes the players go crazy for it.

Improved shaft Stability:

The Taylor-made golf spider putter is re-engineered to providing more stability and a stiffer shaft to reduce excessive twisting during the putt. Moreover, to help golfers get better during the mishits. Above all, with its impressive golfing technology it ensures its users with high-performance levels in themselves.

Best loft:

Firstly, the True Path alignment in this putter is going to be of huge help to many golfers and beginners out there. Everyone wishes for a perfect stroke, however, it’s not that easy to get one but this putter offers more forgiveness. Not only but also, combining the true path alignment makes putting much easier and more accurate.

Pure Roll Insert:

Moreover, its admirable and thicker pure roll insert promotes fast spin for smoother rolls, excellent sound, accuracy, and better distance control. Besides, its pure roll insert is comparatively thicker than its previous models helps make the sound impact much richer and tremendous.

Sturdy construction:

For golfers looking for a firm grip, this putter includes a larger grip that promises to provide increased stability to all its users. Also, from extremely high MOI performance to the best alignment system combine to give you the feel of being the perfect one for you.

Visual Acuity:

With the new face, new shape, and new alignment system. The Taylor-Made Spider putter is built-up with a far-fetched feel, and a pure roll insert, its dazzling looks are enough to appeal to the new audience. Lastly, with all the fantastic benefits I’ve discussed this staggering putter above, it’s the ideal choice of all you’ve been looking for.

  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Easily adjusted Personalized weight ports
  • Improved roll
  • Easy to use
  • Reduced twisting
  • Highly effective for putting on the line
  • Larger and heavy head for some players
  • Not attractive copper color


Thus, its multi-design option for off-set hosel, exceptional feel, and great roll helps one gain more confidence while making putts. In my opinion, it is one of the best putters for beginners, as it has everything you’re looking for.

6. Taylor-Made Golf – Best mallet putter for beginners:

The Taylor-made grabbed the attention of the golfers by creating its spider putter, which I feel is their best until now. Moreover, the ultra-high MOI shape and pure roll insert add stars to its performance. Let’s see its detailed characteristics below.


Alignment line
Pure roll insert included
High MOI construction
Vibration dampening foam throughout the head
Heavy stainless-steel frame
Short slant neck hosel

Taylor-Made Golf Prior Putter Review:Best Putters for Beginners

The spider putter is a splendid combination of all desired features with enhanced sound, better alignment, increased forward roll, and distance control. Well, this is not the end, the Taylor-made spider putter has more to offer that makes it an ideal putter for all types of players.

Extraordinary design:

First of all, to ensure its quality, the Taylor-Made putter is built with highly durable platinum material. Being the best mallet putter for beginners, it has a standard mallet-shaped head. Moreover, the putter offers an excellent fat grip, a lightweight aluminum core combined with a heavy stainless-steel frame.

First-rate roll insert:

While looking at mallet putters, one looks for the first-rate roll quality. Astoundingly, this Taylor-made spider has a tremendous pure roll insert, being the best feature of this club. Making the ball roll smoothly towards the target line, also the club provides high levels of forgiveness at distance.

Astonishing appearance:

Not only the performance makes you perform great but the appearance also has a greater impact on one’s game. The better the appearance, the more confident it makes one feel not just while sinking putts but for crucial putts as well.

Also, the putter is designed to help the golfers to improve their swing, alignment and help focus on improving their mishits.

Great grip:

Finding the best golf putter grips is mostly about finding the well-suited grip for yourself, besides the one that fits your hand. Furthermore, if you’re after a thick super-stroke grip that helps reduce twisting throughout the stroke.

Luckily, you’re at the right place as this spider putter offers an excellent fat grip for stability and an excellent feel.

  • Consistent weight
  • Outstanding forgiveness
  • Tour-proven performance
  • No sightline
  • No fluidity
  • It may be too light for some users


What makes this Taylor Made Spider putter worth the purchase is its premium features, Pure Roll insert, short slant neck hosel, and stunning design. Besides, The Taylor Made Spider putter is the best mallet putter for beginners, this is all you’ve been waiting for. So, go get the details and shop now.

7. Odyssey Stroke – Best odyssey putter for beginner:

If you’re a golfer you’d be familiar with the position that odyssey has in the market when it comes to putters. They are leaders when it comes to creating exceptional putters for all golfers regardless of their level and skill.

Specifically, the stroke lab impressively builds with an unmatchable design and amazes us with its exceptional traits and quality features. So, let’s get into its details right away.


Stroke lab technology
White Hot Micro-Hinge Insert
Matching headcover included
Classic blade shape
Tip-heavy shaft
Slightly stiffer and lower torque

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter Review:Best Putters for Beginners

For an extremely smooth and accurate stroke, I’d like to present you with Odyssey’s stroke lab putter, which is highly innovative and classy. Also, it provides satisfying performance and helps one have excellent smooth strokes.

Innovative technology:

Furthermore, the stroke lab putter offers tremendous consistency and incredible weight distribution. You’ll hardly find any other putter with such innovative technological features, perfect shaft, firm grip, and accurate stroke. Also, it promises to improve one’s performance on mishits, strokes and provide continuous consistency, the stroke.

Graphite shaft technology:

Its lightweight stroke lab shaft and excellent multi-material design change the putter’s dynamics and help one with better shots. The re-engineered stroke lab shaft is a lot stiffer and more remarkable than previous Odyssey models. Moreover, it has a unique and amazing weight distribution method, which is quite effective.

Astonishing performance:

Besides, the white-hot micro-hinge insert provides smoother roll and great distance control, so what else you could ask for? Not only but also, the tip- heavy shaft ensures smoother performances. The odyssey stroke lab is set in hands quite easily and it is extremely comfortable to play shots with this outstanding putter.

  • Expert weight distribution
  • Remarkable face inserts
  • Real innovation
  • Great consistency on swings and shots
  • Smooth and accurate stroke
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • A little bit pricey


In my opinion, with its astounding features and looks, this putter has won my heart, also it is cost-effective. Considerably, it’s an immaculately eminent-performing putter for fine putting; I highly recommend you to check this out. Then this is the best putter for beginners, worth the purchase.

8. Odyssey Red Ball – Best Scotty Cameron putter for beginners:

Don’t you want all your golfing problems to be taken care of? To manage and maintain all problems that occur in your game while you are out playing golf, Odyssey is there. Additionally, to provide incomparable accuracy and extra-consistent roll off the face.

So, now without getting late just dive into the details of this Odyssey Red Ball Putter.


Red Ball for Easy Alignment
Improved Alignment from Versa
White Hot RX Insert
Super-high MOI
White Hot Sound and Feel
Additional Forgiveness from a Mallet Shape

Odyssey Red Ball Putter Review:Best Putters for Beginners

Whether you’re a beginner or an amateur struggling with alignment, I’ve found you a savior to help you out. To enhance your game while playing and grab everyone’s attention towards you, top Odyssey’s Putter has entered the market.

Red ball Putter stands-out from others due to its ace -game improvement technology that has now gone into its design.

Miraculous style and shaft:

Having an accurate posture and alignment is critical for any golfer, and this is where the new innovative design helps you. Starting with the Odyssey Red Ball putter that is smooth-edged, a little-triangular, and neo-mallet. Also, there’s a reedy, white top line enclosed by a white horseshoe.

Innovative design:

Finally, coming at the most popular feature, the novel Red Ball is placed on the flange below the black ring, inside the horseshoe. The distinct Red Ball makes it incredibly easy to align the face to the envisioned start line on each putt. This new design is all about getting you appropriately positioned over the ball.

Technological accuracy:

The White-Hot RX Insert feel is the one that most golfers would be aware of. It does not only provide failed sound and feel but also an excellent role to allow golfers to make more putts. Undeniably, it’s an extremely forgiving putter, to help one make a perfect putt while playing.

High performance:

Furthermore, having the standard alignment is a trick to great putting, and golfers are surely aware of it. Besides, the accurate alignment relies on good posture and eye-focus, and this is where the Red Eye comes to play its role.

The innovative Red Ball is one that will help you out being in a proper address position and improve your aim. Collectively, this Odyssey Red Ball Putter indeed rises the confidence of one.

  • Consistent flex
  • Flawless feel
  • Micro laminate technology
  • Advanced power integration
  • Eliminated Dead spots
  • Unwavering profile
  • Heavyweight
  • Slow swing speed


Odyssey Red Ball putter has always come up with the expectations of its customers with its premium features and performance. Thus, being the best blade putter for beginners, why would one need anything else?

9. Taylor Made Golf – Best putter type for beginners:

Let’s proceed to the next pick. Firstly, when it comes to purchasing a putter, it’s not easy to choose with multiple brands offering the putter. Yet, Taylor-made has made purchasing putter a lot easier because the putter they offer has everything a golfer needs to rise-up their performance.

All in all, together with the distinctive features, it proves to be a quality putting equipment; what all you have been waiting for.


Blast charging pad
Micro-USB cable
Blast Sensor Install Key
Super Stroke Grip
Premium headcover
Storage pouch
Pure Roll Insert

Taylor Made Spider Putters Review:Best Putters for Beginners

Who doesn’t love to have the most consistent and accurate shots? Or do you wish for having the best swings and shots while putting?  Well, you’ll be delighted to listen that the Taylor-made Spider Putter promises the golfers with stable, smooth, and more consistent shots.

Magnificent Roll quality:

When one’s in search of a new putter, you need to consider the speed of the rolling ball. The Taylor-made spider putter includes Pure-Roll Technology that ensures a fast roll of the ball for enriched speed and distance control.

You should always prefer smoother-rolling to reduce the issues of impurities while purchasing a putter.

Striking design:

Furthermore, the Taylor-made spider putter has a lightweight aluminum body combined with stainless steel promoting high-MOI and extreme forgiveness. Also, the putter adds stability and alignment to your putts with its premium features along with high MOI.

Not only but also, the Taylor-made spider putter marks itself among the most forgiving putter in the market.

Versatile performance:

If you want to reduce skidding, hopping and add a little action to your swing game, along with smooth-rolling. This putter offers a high MOI that helps each golfer increased forgiveness on mishits. Moreover, it also helps reduce other impact issues with more MOI, during putting.

High forgiveness:

Lastly, the feature that makes this putter worthy enough to purchase is its remarkable distance control and the head size placing. Comparatively to other models, I’ve found this putter extremely comfortable and much more forgiving, along with much consistency.

  • Easier play in the air
  • Easy to control
  • Smooth play
  • Significant load and release factors
  • User-friendly
  • Accurate shots
  • Low-spin features
  • Average feel
  • It’s a bit pricey


This Spider putter has not only managed to fulfill its promise of high-performance besides, but it has also wined the heart of players. For something that looks this good and marks itself as the best putter on the market for beginners. I’m willing to break the bank, are you?

10. Taylor Made – Best blade putter for beginners:

The one that ticks all your desired features, I am in seek of because that would impact you in some way or other. The same goes for putters, the premium the features, the greater the performance.

On the other hand, Taylor-made being the leader of golf equipment manufacturing never disappoints the golfers with its quality. So, for further details have a look at my article below, you will get help.


New Aluminum Pure Roll Insert
Superior Patina Finish
Signature TP Screws
Super stroke Grip
Graphite shaft
TP Adjustable Weight System

Taylor Made Golf TP Patina Del Monte Putter Review:Best Putters for Beginners

Undoubtedly, the TP Patina Del Monte Putter is surely the one and only, when it comes to purchasing a putter. Along with, its eminent sound, and incredibly smooth feels it is designed to upgrade roll characteristics.

Premium Patina Finish:

Firstly, the popular Taylor-made putter combines black nickel and copper to generate an ironic and distinctive look that provides confidence while putting. Moreover, with the newfangled aluminum Pure Roll Insert, the putter offers an exceptional sound and firm feel.

Enhanced TP weight system:

Importantly, the single sightline delivers a pure look at the address while enhancing the alignment. The putter is a splendid wide model offering an exquisite aged finish, while the TP screws firmly fasten the insert to the face.

Along with, creating an enhanced feel on impact, the unique TP adjustable weight system helps golfers to hit certain swing weight.

Accurate Alignment:

Moreover, being a novel addition to the range it also provides an outsized-headed blade option for the golfers seeking accurate alignment. Also, the single sightline benefits the alignment, while the single band shaft helps for the clear outlook of putter head-over putts.


Taylor-made has come up with introducing the hefty blade option to their range, which I guess is a shrewd move. The TP Patina Del Monte features all in one technology, combing all the previous range features together, with boosted performance.

  • Advanced weight adjustability
  • Multiple Flex options
  • Enhanced ball speed
  • Adjustable launch condition
  • Adjustable weight
  • Higher forgiveness
  • A little costly


If you’re seeking a traditional putter look or one with an extra arcing stroke then this Taylor-made putter is well-suited for you. Furthermore, being the best putter for high handicappers has a great, presentable blade design along with a single bend shaft and sightline.


Above all, if you’ve started to play golf lately, you must be in quest of the best putter for beginners. Putter comes in all shapes, dimensions, weights, and lengths and all of these aspects would influence your putting stroke.

Before you’re going to purchase a putter, an amateur golfer must comprehend the attributes of a quality putter. These considerations below need to be in the checklist of acquiring a putter. So, that you can procure the desirable product that will aid you in your journey of becoming a Pro.

So, let’s begin it!


Most importantly, purchase a putter that’s appropriate and confident for you to carry, and do a perfect swing shot. If you’re struggling to give your ball a smoother roll then consider choosing a bit heavy putter than what you’re presently using.

Moreover, validate whether the putter offers you extreme comfortableness while using it? If you’re a beginner, grab the opportunity to examine the putter at the shop while purchasing rather than ordering online.

Great Alignment:

Indeed, alignment is one of the most important features needed to be considered while buying a putter. It is of no surprise that most golfers struggle with the alignment of not just the putter, but on all clubs.

Besides, you may never get a perfect stroke if the alignment feature in the putter isn’t balanced. Moreover, it’s up to your preference whether you choose huge lines or minimal aids for the alignment. If you’re not going to purchase from the above-mentioned putters, never overlook the alignment process of the putter you’re choosing.

Choose a putter model that not only offers comfortableness but makes the ball sinks straight to the hole, throughout the distance. This can be possible with the best alignment, furthermore, alignment assists to give one the high forgiveness, good feel, and sound while hitting the ball.

Presumably, putters with elegant finishing are verified to deliver the finest alignment to acquire accurate strokes. Combining other astounding features, your putter should also allow the best alignment to keep the focus while taking shots.

On the flip side, an improper and uncomfortable alignment would result in missed targets and inappropriate strokes. As can been seen, some club designs focus more on alignment than others. Under these circumstances, you should prefer the one that inspires the most confidence, when looking down at the greens or tees.

Shaft length:

Also, the length of the shaft is significant to make persistent strokes considering the height of the player. Moreover, the length of the shaft matters greatly for the relaxation of your arm muscles as well as shoulders while playing.

All in all, 33 to 35 inches is lengthy enough for tall heightened golfers. If you’re out for procuring a suitable putter, it’s indispensable for you to wear golf shoes for accurate height measurement. This may assist you while making your final decision about the accurate putter length you should choose.

Above all, before acquiring any club you must consider your height, which length of the shaft would aid you while striking. An accurate length would help you make awesome swings and end up in a successful win of yours.

Quality Material:

Before you purchase any putter, must consider the construction material if it’s worth the purchase or you’re just buying it for its looks? The quality of the putter matters if you’re up for playing long-time with your putter.

Furthermore, the superior the quality the higher the durability, for the best durable construction steel, rubber, and synthetic material are counted as first-class. Feel and sound both might be the hardest features to assay yet the quality material aids used in putter may help you inspect.

Not only but also, this quality material assists in great forgiveness enhanced playability, and great sound and feel.


Nowadays, the face is as much important as the putter’s length is. If the length isn’t suited for you, you may end up quitting the game while making zero putts. The face of the putter is where the ball and the contact come in contact.

Regardless of its design, its face constitutes appreciable stable results which are considerable. But it will also determine the role of the golf ball at each stroke. The face of the putter is engineered with notable technologies to provide enhanced feeling and consistency so one could play enjoyably.

Well, indeed, the face design offers great options including smooth and textured face design and exceptional insert technology. Thus, if you’re a professional or an amateur purchasing a putter make sure that the face is engineered with great technologies.

Supreme Forgiveness:

Moreover, a perfect putter will provide you with high levels of forgiveness, which plays a fundamental role inconsistent hitting, and one can make more putts. This feature is highly noteworthy before purchasing any club, as the higher the forgiveness the greater impact it has over your game.

Besides, if you’re a beginner going out for practice or while playing, the putter you carry should offer maximum forgiveness. Whereas, if you’re after a putter that delivers excellent results even in high-pressure circumstances, then only a putter with remarkable forgiveness can fulfill your desires.

Perfect Grip:

Usually, unlike other clubs, putters are designed with multiple grip options with a lot of different choices available in the market. This facilitates the golfers, as it would impact their game performance.

Moreover, a thick grip aids one by making the right strokes, help progress putting. If you desire flawless consistency and feeling while putting, then putter grip is an important feature to regard before buying a putter.


Above all the features a putter offers, the only thing that makes it unique from others is its looks. Based on the overall appearance of the putter, it helps boost your confidence while using it, and determine the target line.

You may judge the overall craftsmanship of the putter and whether it complies with your preference, based on the first impression.

Playability and Loft of the Putter:

Without a doubt, if your putter is built with durable material then it will offer you enhanced stability, playability, and feel. If you’re a beginner the loft is also countable while procuring the best putter. Every golf club offers a certain degree of loft, the standard loft ranges between 3 to 4 degrees.

However, if the loft has an inaccurate degree, it could cause distance control issues and would impact the roll making it bouncy and imprecise. Additionally, the accurate degree of loft provides a higher level of playability and consistency on the green.


Quality versus price, sometimes golfers go after cheap putters leaving the quality behind, but both price and quality count. Sometimes running too much behind the price, the probability is, you may end up compromising on the quality.

Firstly, don’t let the brands influence you, instead, you should purchase a club that is neither too expensive nor too cheap to play a fun game. Purchase the one that has a technical sound design that can help you get a better stroke. Moreover, it is not at all necessary for the club’s price to be associated with its performance.

Also, throughout this entire article, I’ve congregated the best putters for beginners 2022 that are budget-friendly. If you choose wisely, you may get the best club for your game within the budget.


Every shot is determined by the putter, how? Because the material, weight, and build of the putter are designed to provide optimum perfection. This article today is the absolute guide to finding the Best Putter for Beginners for your golfing journey.

As I’ve discussed a lot of brands above, everyone has my heart yet I’d like to recommend the Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0. As Odyssey amazes me with its excellent performance always, that’s the reason I’m proposing this one.

I hope you’ll purchase the putters I’ve recommended above, also do share this article and leave your valuable comments below. I’ll appreciate it.


1. Who makes the best putters?

Odyssey is the best putter manufacturer, ruling over the putter market. With its premium features and incredible performance, Odyssey continues to win the hearts of its users.

2. What are the best putters?

The best putter is the one that has high MOI construction, perfect length, balance point, and great head design. Thus, Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 is the putter that offers this all to you.

3. What makes Scotty Cameron putters the best?

The Scotty Cameron is made from first-class materials, with a notable feel, also they’re extremely customizable putters on the market.


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