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Best Putters for Average Golfer

It seems easy but not so easy to play confidently. Yes, you hit the right point, and I am talking about the popular game, golf. So, on the first, you should be well aware of the components like putters which are important while playing golf. Different outstanding or average players use to play in different styles.

Here, in this brief guide, I will try to give you complete information about the Best Putter for Average Golfer. Someone good at playing golf will exactly knows the importance of the putter when you are taking continuous strokes.

Moreover, you should buy a putter that is easy to carry while hitting the ball to take perfect hits. Also, the movement of your arms and shoulders play a vital role when you are in a golf playground to play. So, a putter on which you have complete grip will give you more chances to take shots with grace.

On the other hand, it is counted at first which material is used while constructing the putter. No doubt, durability is an important factor when you are buying any product. While playing consistently, you are always in need of a gear that has a long life.

For beginners and average golfers, it is prime to know which type of gear is needed in golf. Here, I have figure out some best putters with their significant features, pros, and cons to assist you while buying.

So, let’s step forward to increase your knowledge about this gear.

Best Putters for Average Golfer in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1Pine-meadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter9.9
2Odyssey Works Putter9.8
3Odyssey White Putter9.6
4Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR400 Putter9.5
5TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation Putter9.4
6Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter9.3
7Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter9.1
8Spider Tour Black Putter9.0
9Cleveland Golf Putter8.9

10Cleveland Golf SOFT Putter8.8

Best Putters for Average Golfer in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Pine-meadow – Best Putter on a Budget:

First, I will talk about Pine-meadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter, which is trending in the market due to its graceful design and superb featuresThis putter has been proved to be the best putter for average golfers while playing.

Here, I am going to mention some of its features to assist you with ease!

  • Right-handed orientation
  • Headcover available
  • White painted with good finishing
  • Available for both gents and ladies

Pine-meadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter Review:Best Putter for Average Golfer

Due to all of its stunning features, this putter is on-demand in the market by the customers. Also, its lightweight and white color attract the consumers as it is the best putter for the money.

Cool Sound and Feel:

With its white finishing, this putter helps you to keep perfect alignment on the greens. Also, it produces a cool sound than any other putter like other average putters when you take continuous shots. While playing, you would feel exceptional due to its lightweight to play conveniently.

Suitable Length:

Here, I will suggest always procure a putter which is acquiring a suitable length to your arms and shoulders axis. Therefore, I came up with Pine-meadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter, which has a 34inches long shaft that would be enough for perfect strokes.

After having this product, you would feel much pleasing while playing golf. Moreover, it is beneficial for beginners and the average golfers to play on greens.

Best Forgiveness:

Besides, forgiveness matters a lot while taking perfect shots as it is the primary demand to win. Here, this product is appealing due to perfect forgiveness as its white finishing and headcover assist this putter for the best compassion.

  • Lightweight
  • Perfect white finishing
  • Best forgiveness
  • Long shaft
  • Cool feel and sound
  • After several strokes, the faceplate falls off


On the whole, I would suggest you order this putter for playing several games with amusement. For your knowledge, I have mentioned all its merits and demerits above.

2. Odyssey Works – Best Putter for Tall Golfers:

If you are searching for the best putter for average golfers, you arrived at the right place to fulfill your need. Here, this putter presented to you with various useful features, which would be useful for beginners as well as average golfers while taking part in golf.

So, let’s have a look at its features and specifications

  • Left-hand orientation
  • 33 inches long shaft
  • Elegant black finishing
  • Stable weight to balance during the match

Odyssey Works Putter Review:Best Putter for Average Golfer

Furthermore, to give you more information about this golf putter, I have made complete research on it. Therefore, I have enlisted some of its key features to overcome your fear while procuring the best putter to use.

Quality Composition:

While buying any item for golfing, you must check the material of its construction either it is corrosion-free or not. So, I recommend these odyssey putters because they are composed of alloy steel which is not only durable but also stainless.

Besides, it gives you a marvellous look due to its superb black finishing.

Superb Loft:

On the flip side, it has 3 degrees club loft to hit the ball with exact distance. I assure you that, with this superb putter you will feel playing like a pro player due to its loft. Also, it’s graceful black finishing helps you out while hitting strokes at greens having a view from the distance.

Enough Length:

Meanwhile, choosing the best gear for golfing, the length of the putter plays a vital role in making your game entertaining. Here, this putter has enough length of 33 inches to aid average golfers in taking perfect shots during the game.

  • Steel alloy composition
  • Feel sounds good
  • Enough length of the shaft
  • The perfect degree of loft
  • Balanced weight
  • Graceful black finishing
  • Lengthy delivery sometimes


After providing you with all the knowledgeable figures about this fantastic putter, I guess you will have fun while playing with it. But in the end, exactly the choice is yours.

3. Odyssey White Hot – Best putter for straight back and through:

Do you want to play golf with an extraordinary putter for consistent shots? Yes, it is possible as you reached the exact place regarding your choice. Here, this product is from the set of best putters 2021. 

So, without wasting a second, let me tell you about its features.

  • Left-handed orientation
  • 33 inches length of the shaft
  • 1.12 pounds weight only
  • Steel material construction
  • Comfortable for consistent shots

Odyssey White Hot Putter Review:

Before Odyssey White Hot Pro, this putter was known as White-Hot putters. Here, I would let you know the remarkable features of this putter.

Fantastic Feel & Sound:

After its advancement, now remarkable feel and sound is a topnotch feature of this putter due to the well-engineered hot insert in it. That’s why you can strike several times with it to enjoy golf without getting irritated because of its laser milling insert.

Adjustable Length:

Here, it is presented with an adjustable length of 33 inches that is enough for an average golf player. Also, you can take continuous strokes with a high level of tolerance and your shoulders remain flexible while playing golf.

Resistant and Durable:

Mean playing golf, you can hit the ball with fixed eye-point due to its superb finishing on greens assists. As it is made up of high-quality steel so there is no doubt regarding its durability and resistance at different areas to strike.

  • Weather-resistant and strong
  • Milling insert cutting is induced
  • Consistent strokes can be shot
  • 33 inches adjustable length
  • High tolerance
  • Expensive
  • Players take time to have a grip on it


Here, I have made you known all about this amazing product with all its plus and minus points. Hope that you would find this putter as one of the best putters for average golfers.

4. Ray Cook Golf- Best Putter for an intermediate Golfer:

Right, it’s not easy to find out a putter with all-in-all features now as everything is so challenging with the advancement. Here, I have tried to give you useful information regarding the best putter for beginners to lessen your worries.

So, come to its significant features;

  • Right-handed orientation
  • 34 inches length
  • 3-degree loft
  • Charcoal grey finish

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR400 Putter Review:Best Putter for Average Golfer

This putter is emerging with notable attributes that would be ultimately helpful to the beginners and average players while playing golf. Moreover, these features make it to be counted as one of the challenging putters of the decade.

Design and Composition:

Besides all attributes, the design and composition of the putter catch its customers at first sight. Here, this putter is dignified with durable steel material to handle all types of strokes while setting towards golf.

Perfect Grip:

Primarily, you should have a perfect grip over your tool which you are using while playing golf. This wonderful putter is easy to handle and that’s why average players can have a perfect grip over it. Its head is somewhat heavy to keep it balanced while playing for improved strokes over and over.

Super Loft and Length:

Also, it comprised enough length of 34 to 35 inches through which an average golfer can take compatible strokes. Also, the 3-degree loft will aid you to hit the ball with exact distance throughout the game.

  • Compatible length of 34 inches
  • Great sound and feel
  • Affordable regarding price
  • 3-degree super loft
  • Easy to handle
  • Not coat painted


So, after all my research over this challenging product, I found it helpful for the average players. For your assistance, I would like to recommend this putter for enjoyable golf playing.

5. TaylorMade Golf – Best putter length for my height:

To have perfect shots by a putter through distance and excellent forgiveness is tough to figure out at a reasonable price. Here, TaylorMade Golf Spider Putters are coming up with the above package, astonishingly.

Moreover, these putters are included in the best putters 2021 due to their unique characteristics.

Let’s have a view over its features;

  • Right-handed orientation
  • Quality steel material
  • Adjustable length of 34 inches
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced sound and feel

TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation (2017) Spider Putters Review:Best Putter for Average Golfer

So, don’t wait and grab this excellent golf putter for consistent putts while playing golf. You would feel at the best level of ease and comfort with these vulnerable TaylorMade Golf Spider Putters.

Adequate Length:

Undoubtedly, 34 inches long shaft is more than enough for inline strokes throughout playing this game. Also, you can take distant shots by fixing your eye-view at a certain point while striking.

Needless to worry about its durable construction and unique square style as it is introduced now for perfect and continual striking.

Enhanced Sound and Feel:

Besides, TaylorMade Golf Spider Putters provide enhanced sound and feel due to the embedding of PU foam in its framework. This damping and vibrating sound gives you phenomenal sound when you are enjoying the steady strokes.

Moveable Head:

Uniqueness is overloaded here in this adorable golf putter as you can move its head to balance the headcover while playing. This weight technology feature is astonishing that will help you for proper alignment with equalized weight.

  • Unique square shape and embedded PU foam
  • Adjustable head weight technology
  • Adequate length of the shaft
  • Durable and stainless construction
  • Enhanced feel and sound
  • Headcover loosens sometimes


Resultantly, this putter proved to be best for average golfers with all its superb features. So now, it’s up to you that you grab this product at a reasonable price or not.

6. Wilson Staff – Best putter to stop pulling putts:

Here comes Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter that is a mallet putter used by beginners and average players. Moreover, these putters are the best mallet putters of all time due to their improved diameter and micro face insert with several density areas.

So, let me tell you the key features of this best-ever putter;

  • Right-handed orientation
  • Improved large diameter
  • Superb sound and feel
  • Convenient to handle due to its lightweight
  • Mallet putter pattern followed
  • 1-degree loft
  • Stainless steel structure

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter Review:Best Putter for Average Golfer

Stop longing for a club with perfect forgiveness and outstanding performance if you are a beginner or average golf player. Here, to sort out your issue I am revealing such features of Wilson Staff Harmonized Putters below.

Elegant Appearance:

Therefore, I suggest this gear as it has an adorable appearance with stainless steel manufacturing and twinkling shaft length. In addition to it, this mallet-style club will give you positioned strokes because its two red stripes are assisting for better alignment.

Micro-injection Face:

Also, a teeming feature of this golf putter is that it has an improved feel with a micro-injection face and phenomenal sound. Not only for feel, but it is also played a vital role in alignment for taking accurate shots throughout the game.

Perfect Grip:

Besides, to hold the shaft, it provides a thick grip at the back while making continual strokes through the clubhead. You can enjoy accurate shots with its strong grip and mallet-style clubhead which is proved to be significant during golf.

  • Phenomenal sound
  • Perfect grip
  • Multi-injection foam face
  • Durable make up
  • Elegant appearance
  • Lefties can’t play with it
  • Damage can occur due to sharp edges


Thus, I will summarize this description here with good remarks because I find it beneficial for average golfers. That’s why I explained to you here about this putter to enhance your knowledge to buy this one.


7. Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa – Best golf putter for seniors:

Let’s proceed with the next recommendation, the Stroke Lab Versa putter in style Double Wide, paired with a pistol grip. The salient features of this putter, speak of innovation and present-day technological advancements.

To know more, let’s read out its complete description stated below.


Multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft
Innovative Weight Distribution
Stiffer and Lower Torque for Increased Control
Sole and Grip Weights
White Hot Microhinge Face Insert

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter Review: best putter for average golfer

It is a unique putter, and so the pricing is relatively high. However, the pricing doesn’t affect consumer sales and is a beloved putter for Odyssey buyers.

Classic Look:

Similar to many other Odyssey putters, this also includes a silver putter face and toplining, along with a black flange and white detailing. These intricate attributes make the mallet size appear smaller than its actual size.

Moreover, the steel portion at the base lengthens far enough to let go of anything unfavorable when you stand over to strike the shot.

Sound & Feel:

The Versa putter uses a White Hot insert which provides a soft and resistant feel. The sound at impact is quiet and dull. Besides, the rigid feel isn’t mushy or dead like many others that state to offer a soft feel.

Though the impact sound may feel the same, the extreme toe or heel shots might result in twisting.

Shaft Performance:

The putter’s shaft uses a combination of graphite and steel material to lessen the weight. It’s far lighter than the typical steel shaft as Odyssey proffers to distribute 10 grams in the back, and 30 grams on the grip, using counterweight technique.

Overall, the shaft feels incredible to almost everyone as it doesn’t burden your hand.

  • Maximum control over the putts
  • Smoother and more accurate stroke
  • Stiffer torque for better handling
  • Promotes topspin and accuracy
  • Paint comes off easily


The light-weight built and technology of this product makes it the best putter for the money.

8. TaylorMade Golf – Best putter for senior golfers:

Next up, this one’s a TaylorMade product from its line of Spider Interactive putters. This range includes different styles combined with either a super stroke grip or a standard one.

This putter has the style name L-neck as it has an interactive L-shaped shaft paired along with a Superstroke grip. To know further, let’s get onto the features and their description.


Interactive L-neck style
Superstroke shaft grip
Multi-material construction
Maximized stability and MOI
Pure roll insert

TaylorMade Golf Spider Putters Review:

The interactive spider putter is excellent for alignment purposes. Therefore, beginners and average golfers love having this in their kit.

Interactive Style:

Taylormade incorporated modernized technicalities in their new Spider Interactive series. They combined many aspects of putting to measure their metrics.

They provided the consumers with real-time stroke analytics for a power-packed performance. These include valuable insights, training levels, tips, and tricks, practice drills and monitoring, as well as identifying trends to improve your putting skills. While the metrics it provides, include, timing, tempo, stroke length, speed, and rotation.

Smart Putting by BLAST:

The range of Spider Interactive putters powered by BLAST provides real-time analysis of your putting performance. Using the BLAST motion sensor housed within the grip, it automatically syncs worthy putting data to your mobile app. It allows you so to analyze, strengthen, and modify your putting skills accordingly.

Other than that, it connects through a mobile application for providing the game metrics to keep a track record.

  • Sightline for guidance
  • Improved stroke and roll
  • Appearance is classy and cool
  • Paint easily chips off


I have to say this is one of the best putters for alignment as it provides a sightline for its players to hit the perfect shot.

9. Cleveland Golf – Best putter for amatuer golfer:

Coming to our next pick for the latter is the Huntington Beach men’s putter by Cleveland Golf. It is an exceptional putter that works to improve your performance to make it the best. This putter features a classic look using a silver hue with black and white accents.

For details about the specs, let’s read out the ones mentioned below.


Nine different head designs
Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT)
Soft feel, precision, and consistency
Low center of gravity
Weighs less than a kg

Cleveland Golf Putter Review:

As a whole, this Cleveland putter works impressively and never fails to excite us with its extraordinary features along with a relatively low-price.

Classic Design:

The range of beach putters by Cleveland offers a salient design. They incorporated modern technologies to provide the players with the best. However, they keep the pricing low along with a variety of options.

The most significant feature of this putter is the variety of head designs it has to offer. Including classic blade designs and mallet styles, it has everything to offer for everyone.

Head Surface:

The putter has high-quality stainless steel built similar to many other Cleveland putters. The surface of this putter provides a softer feel and relatively lower sound at the impact.

Besides, the rough and edgy surface has a diamond shape along with milled grooves in depth. These grooves minimize the CG which results in increased friction at the impact.

  • Variety of head designs for customization
  • Options for length, loft, and lie
  • Is more consistent with distance control
  • Is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Lines and edges may appear aggressive


This putter is stunning and is comparatively cheaper, thus an ideal choice. Besides, most putters from Cleveland’s beach collection are the best putters of all time.

10. Cleveland Golf – Best putter to improve game:

The last product recommendation is Cleveland’s Huntington Beach SOFT putter. It is a splendid putter that comes along with benefits features and modern advancements.

At a reasonable tagged price, it offers a rich and premium look which diverts customers’ attention. It has many other impressive specs, so without any delay, let’s check them out.


Speed optimized face technology
Diamond CNC milling pattern
Optimized CG location
Strategic weight redistribution
6 Tour-proven shapes

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach SOFT Putter Review:Best Putter for Average Golfer

The Huntington Beach SOFT putter provides an exceptional feel along with superb distance control. Its performance is similar to a premium putter.

Speed Technology:

The number 11 putter has a Speed Optimized Face Technology to adjust the ball speed across the putter face. Not only that, it produces a consistent distance on every putt, be it a perfect shot or a mishit.

Other than the technology, the milled grooves also add in to provide compatible speed and distance.

Range Variety:

As stated earlier, advancements help in speed control, and so does the range of putts which include 10, 30, and 50 feet. After conducting many tests, it proved that this putter hits 90% of the shots right on point.

Overall, the putter’s performance is better than expected and is highly forgiving too. It’s worth it only if you’re a fan of mallet putters and ain’t willing to spend a fortune on the purchase.

  • Fantastic distance control
  • Consistent and smooth roll
  • Simple but effective alignment aid
  • Highly forgiving
  • Great value for money
  • Weight setting might be irritating


Overall, buying this product is an appreciable splurge as it’s low-priced and is one of the best mallet putters available in the market today.


Golf is a game in which perfect club is the dire need to hit positioned strokes with the best forgiveness. Here, I will guide you about features that you have to check before buying the best putters for average golfers.

Moreover, your club should be composed of durable synthetic material that is contented during all weathers and all types of surfaces. Many of its countable characteristics are present below with a complete explanation.

Design and Material:

Whenever you visit the market to purchase durable gear for playing golf what you check first? Exactly, it is the quality composition of the putters with strong and shining material that is appealing in the market.

Mostly, steel alloy material or synthetic material is used in the construction of the putters for long-lasting age. Also, it gives shining look to the shaft of the club that looks adorable.

Besides, the good finishing of the putter also matters a lot as when it is put on the greens for distant shots. Most of the time, stripes are present on the head of the club for a precise striking and good feel.

Adjustable Shaft:

Moreover, while playing golf the movement of your shoulders and grip of arms is noteworthy to hit the ball. Due to the increased or adjustable length of the putter, your shoulders remain stretchable and relaxed while striking throughout the game.

Maximum 30 inches to 34 inches is the significant length of the shaft to take distant strokes from the ground straight to the hole. Besides, a non-slip grip over the club’s shaft is vital to hold it confidently while putting the strokes. Before buying, just check out the length of the shaft that also provides you with the perfect grip.

PU Foam Insertion:

Sometimes, due to sweating your hands get wet, that’s why your shaft slips and restricts you to put continual shots. Therefore, with the emergence of technology, several technologies are introduced in the putters for improved feel and sound.

Like, Spyne technology, tech-port accessories and cross traction technology are introduced through which soft PU foams are inserted in the shaft for grip and the head of the club. That’s why it produces a consonant sound and feel for consistent strokes to enjoy this amusing game.

Best Loft:

Moreover, this game is more fun with the best degree of the loft while keeping fix eye-point to hit precise strokes. Mostly, 3-degree is more than enough to move your club consistently through taking accurate shots for consistent performance.

The perfect degree of the loft is counted best while moving your shoulder axis with reliable forgiveness during the game. Furthermore, it gives you enhanced playability then needless to say no to this type of putter.

Balanced Head:

Heavy gears are not suitable for proper gaming with positioned strokes through the greens to the hole. Here, a moveable balanced head with a removable headcover is convenient to play a consistent game with an equally pressurized grip.

You should always procure a club with a balanced weight of the head that would be beneficial for the perfect putts. After noting it down, you will find it useful with reliable strokes.

Suitable Forgiveness:

If you want to play like a professional player, then forgiveness of the club is noteworthy for continual striking. When you are on the board to win then suitable forgiveness and perfect grip are the dire need to fulfill the requirements.

While buying the best putter, you should acquire a club that is giving perfect forgiveness. Also, it is important to assist you while hitting the ball with minimizing grip to give accurate shots to the hole.

After having this type of club at a reasonable price than what else you want to buy in this expensive era.


In this article, I have tried my level best to give you proper information about the best putters for average golfers. After going through this writing, you would feel a sense of ease to procure a club with improved features.

Moreover, these enlisted putters have acquiring top-notch features for taking consistent strokes for elite performance, while golfing. Thus, I would like to recommend you Pine-meadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter due to its durability, elegant finishing, consistent forgiveness, and long shaft.

So, if you have found this article beneficial for buying the best putter then must acknowledge my efforts with your valuable feedback. Thank you!


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