10 Best Putters Under $100 in 2023 – Top Golf Reviews

Best Putters Under $100

I must say that physical activities are the key tool towards our good health as this modern technology is making us lazy and rusty. Therefore, productivity must take place in terms of physical activity and you might be thinking about how it could be done with having fun as well.

So, guys, I am here to give you options about the Best Putters Under $100 and answer all your questions. I would like to suggest you golf as a physical exercise as, it is merely not a game but also a source of exercise, entertainment and fun as well. And, to play golf you must know the tool that is a key factor to play this.

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Yes, you are assuming it right I am talking about putters to strike consistently at the greens. In this article, I would tell you about the best putters as these have been introduced as a comfortable tool to play golf. Here, the main aim behind suggesting these putters is their reasonable prices and exotic performance.

Moreover, before buying any club must check that is comfortable for you or not. Due to elegant designs, you buy a putter, sometimes but while playing you do not have a proper grip over its shaft.

Hence, in this whole article, I will mention some top putters manufacturing brands and their features so, you don’t need to be confused about brands, features, and prices. All the stuff I have written it down here just for you people. All the brands are precisely explained in this article so, without any delay let’s just dig into this.

Best Putters Under $100 in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter9.9
2QUOLF GOLF Two-Way Putter9.8
3Crestgolf Two-Way Rubber Golf Putter9.6
4Two Way Junior Golf Putter9.5
5Acstar Two Way Junior Golf Putter9.4
6Wilson Men’s Augusta Golf Putter9.3
7PGX TS Putter9.1
8Ray Cook Golf- LH Silver Ray Select SR550 Black Putter9.0
9Pinemeadow Golf Site 3 Putter8.9
10Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style 103 Putter8.8

Best Putters Under $100 in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Wilson Staff Harmonized – Best putter for missing right:

Are you a golfer and constantly searching for the best putter under 50? Buddy, you are exactly at the right place where you can find something more reliable and satisfying. Wilson allows you to experience their latest and best collection putters. To lessen your queries, some features are mentioned below.


Polymers insert on the face
Large diameter grip
Toe weight placement
Best alignment
Left-right hand orientation

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter Review:Best Putters Under $100

Wilson offers you the harmonized toe model and is an excellent choice that will work for all types of golfers. This 35-inches putter is also obtainable in the left and right-hand points of reference.

Microinjection polymer face insert:

If you are a beginner and want to have a good hit and fee, then Wilson putter provides you microinjection polymer face club. So, this combination of polymer on the face makes it more forgiving and so helps you to get a good hit though.

Excellent Grip:

The most common problem golfers have to face while playing is the rough grip. Therefore, a golfer needs a tough and good texture grip with a large diameter so that they can get good control over the tool. That’s why it’s easy for them to get a nice hit.

Superb Design:

Wilson putters are made such that the design not only gives these putters a good look but also helps the golfers in making good goals as well. Hence, the grey and black horizontal lines on the head give it the straight alignment to get an excellent shot.

  • Large diameter gives extra grip and comfort
  • Reasonable price
  • Best swing
  • Easy and best alignment
  • Heel/toe weight maximize inertia
  • No headcover


So, Wilson makes the features of a putter just like a golfer demands and they never disappoint you in terms of all parameters.

2. QUOLF GOLF – Best putter weight for fast greens:

When it comes to golf then the minimum point you get the more chances you can have to win the game. Therefore, it is important to know which type of club you should use. That is why; I am here to make you understand some of the important physical properties that a good putter should have.


Easy hit
Responsive swing
Affordable price
Easily portable
Symmetrical design

QUOLF GOLF Two-Way Putter – Left and Right Hand Review:Best Putters Under $100

This Quolf putter is best for design, performance as well as price. Therefore, it is a highly recommended brand because of its reliability and suitability for all golfers as well.

Good quality:

It has specifically made this tool with durable material and thus makes you sure about its quality. Moreover, the long handle and stylish design are made just because to provide you with a good grip, feel and swing so that you can make a good hit with the ball even on the first strike.

Stress-free swing:

Also, this golf club will give you a better and easy swing for the golfers with short height. As it has a long handle that makes it easy for players to get better swing than wood and other golf clubs. So, this two-way putter never disappoints you when it comes to adjustability over the handle and easy swing.

Symmetrical design:

Besides, this putter is designed such that it’s easily portable and has a rubber grip that makes it more comfortable as well as controlling for you. Hence, if you have fed-up with your previous one let’s get this one.

  • Easily portable
  • Suitable for all golfers
  • Rubber grip
  • Iconic symmetrical design
  • Comfortable and reasonable
  • Not good for tall people
  • Rubber smells bad


So, this putter is cost-effective, durable, with a symmetrical exotic design, and thus is considered as the best putter under $50. Therefore, you can buy it without any confusion and it would prove to you as the most comfortable and precise one.

3. Crestgolf Two-Way – Best putter type for beginners:

Are you a beginner and worried about the putter’s shaft and angle of your shot? Then you must have a look at crest golf two-way rubber golf putter. This putter is available in different sizes and colors so, you can have a sleek outlook during your golf course.


Variety of colors
Different shaft sizes
Durable stainless steel material
Mini version for juniors
Restrain to corrosion

Crestgolf Two-Way Rubber Golf Putter Reviews:Best Putters Under $100

These putters are among the best class putters so now you don’t need to go anywhere as the best in the market is available right here in front of you.

Non-toxic material:

Also, these putters are available in rubber as well as stainless steel material and so make these more comfortable and durable for all types of golfers. Whether they are senior or junior golfers, they always prefer to have something durable, reasonable, and comfortable. Therefore, their first choice remains crest golf as these putters are corrosion-free and environment friendly.

Optimize Long Shafts:

It has an adjustable length of shafts for kids as well as for adults. The long shafts are so precise to make a shot for all age golfers. The best this about its optimized length is that these putters provide a much better grip than other irons and woods. So, whenever choosing golf clubs, then you must consider crest golf as it provides you with all requirements in one place.

Perfect Feel:

Moreover, these versatile putters provide perfect that would be helpful for distant and consistent strokes. With ambidextrous style, players can hit on both right and left hand conveniently this will increase feel and produce good sound.

  • Left-right hand orientation
  • Different shaft sizes
  • Stainless steel material
  • Regular shaft flex
  • No corrosion
  • A bit expensive


So, for those who are looking for the best putters under $100 to hit the perfect shots in the ground then, this brand is the most suitable choice to consider.

4. Two Way Junior – Best putter of all time equipment:

Choosing a two-way junior golf putter is the right choice without compromising on the quality and price. So, it is specifically designed for kids and thus the size, shape, material, etc all are used considering the suitability of junior golfers.


One-five packs available
Best quality material
Higher grip control
Best swing
Best iconic design

Two Way Junior Golf Putter Stainless Steel Kids Putter Review:Best Putters Under $100

If you have been looking for a pair of the putter which seems worth buying since long then this brand has the best putters of all time.

Best Performance:

If you are a junior golf freak and don’t want to compromise on the quality of putter and so want to improve your performance as well. Then you must take these putters as your choice as these provide you much more than you expect.

Friendly material:

These putters are made of rubber or stainless steel material that never corrodes and hence makes your putter more long-lasting. The other fact is these materials are specially made for junior golfers so that they don’t get hurt even unintentionally.

Balanced Weight:

As it is obvious with its name that it covers both left and right hand thus is more suitable, easy and comfortable. The weight of the putter is such that it gives the golfer much better grip and control over the shaft to help you to make a good hit.

  • Symmetrical design
  • Highly portable
  • Better control
  • Classic material
  • No headcover


Like the swing, the hit, the weight, and the price everything is optimal so what else you could wish for this go and shop now.

5. Acstar Two Way – Best putter club of all time:

Whether you are a right-handed, left-handed, senior golfer, or beginner, Austar two-way junior golf putter performs at a very high level. Now we will see the major amazing characteristics this putter has.


Parallel lines on edges
Spot good at targeted lines
Prevent corrosion
Sturdy manufacturing
Suitable for indoor and outdoor game

Acstar Two Way Junior Golf Putter Review:Best Putters Under $100

This golf best putter 2022 is made up of outstanding material and has much power to restrain everyday stress. This is a good option to consider as it can withstand every type of indoor and outdoor game on regular basis.

Parallel Lines on Edges:

These parallel lines are the keys to any junior golfer’s success. Here, the two parallel lines are present on the leading edges and the trailing edges. Therefore, these are specially designed to chase the targeted lines precisely.

Suitable For All Golf Type:

Moreover, this Acstar junior putter is very comfortable, durable, and sturdy thus is suitable for all types of golf. Whether indoor or outdoor golf this putter never let you disappoint as it can withstand even everyday training or practices. This makes you able to perform well on any type of platform.

Zinc Alloy Head:

Besides, the Acstar consists of a zinc alloy putter head plus a 100% graphite shaft with the imported rubber grip. The brand specially made this model for a junior golfer that’s why they made the shaft with the graphite material. This graphite makes this putter more lightweight and thus helps the children to handle and control it easily.

  • Lighter and flexible shaft
  • Suitable for all types
  • Parallel lines help chase the target
  • 1-year warranty
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Remain out of stock


Overall, Acstar is a brand that takes care of your ease, comfort, and choice. And, with all these flawless features they are offering a 1-year warranty and this will probably hit you hard.

6. Wilson Men’s – Best putter to help with alignment:

If you are looking for a good quality putter then the Wilson brand is a good option to consider. It never lets you compromise on quality, durability, and performance thus provides you with more good shots even in a few strikes.


Mallet style
Large diameter grip
Micro-injection face
Soft grip

Wilson Men’s Augusta Golf Putter Review:Best Putters Under $100

Wilson Men’s putter is the best golf utter under 100 and its design is specially made for all the right-hand putters. It consists of a steel shaft that restrains corrosion and thus maintains durability.

Best Forgiveness:

Here, forgiveness is one of the chief features of the putter for reliable putts while playing golf. This club is designed in a unique style so that you can strike throughout the game with adorable forgiveness.

High Control and Grip:

Wilson provides you large diameter over the putter and thus offers more grip. This soft-feel grip enables the player to get much control over the shaft and give away a nice shot.

Dense Face:

Wilson’s best mallet putters 2019 provides you with more density areas on the face having micro-injections. These sensitive areas on the face and micro-injection inserts give more facility to play well and score high.

  • Balanced shaft flex
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • One-degree loft angle
  • High precision
  • Improved performance
  • Nice feel
  • Only for right-handed players


As every player has different needs and these needs should be countered with great care by choosing the right type of putter. So, Wilson gives you exactly what you wish for hence don’t get late and shop now.

7. PGX TS Putter – Best scotty cameron putter for beginner:

Are you thinking of the best golf putter under 100 and the desire for a new brand driver bother you? Now no need to worry about this, as Pinemeadow has come to offer you much more. Let’s have a look at what this brand has launched for us.


Mallet putter
White finish
34-inch length
Increased forgiveness
3degree loft

PGX TS Putter Review:Best Putters Under $100

You will never find the best putters in 2022 like the PGX one as these provide you with more options if you are a left-handed player.

Better Alignment:

When it comes to the selection of the best putter then you must take the one that gives you the straight alignment. As many golfers put more effort towards the alignment and hence PGX has come up with their revolutionized brand with straight alignment. Therefore, they ultimately offer you more forgiveness.

Shaft Length and Weight:

These putters come in the range of 34-35 inches in length and these lengths and sizes are fixed. These are specially made for left-handed players so there is no need for customization at all. This putter has about 40g of weight that makes it easier and grip full to use.

Design and Feel:

The pine meadows have a very fine and accurate white finish on the face that helps to stand on green. Therefore, it gives a stylish and decent look as well as the clicking sound is also soft and nice to hear. Thus, this boosts up the confidence and helps to play well.

  • Low cost
  • Good sound and feel
  • White finish face
  • 34-inches length
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Not available


On the whole, these PGX has brought you all the features in one pack so you can rely upon its reliability and precision.

8. Ray Cook Golf- Best mallet putter for beginners:

Ray Cook has developed their new model for putters that are better in terms of quality and reasonable price. They have established their brand in the niche market where they sell their putters without any grand tag.


Reasonable price
Good quality
Large stable cub head
Right-left hand orientation
Excellent grip

Ray Cook Golf – Black Putter Review:Best Putters Under $100

The best golf putter under 100 with this reasonable price and feel is rarely available nowadays. So, this Ray Cook Golf putter is a wise option to consider as this putter’s demand is too high in the market.

Mallet Putter:

Ray Cook allows you to smooth out the stroke so that it can offer you constant smooth strokes. Also, it bears a midsize grip that is very famous as a large grip that removes the hands from a stroke. Hence, it improves the consistency as well as forgiveness to make you able for a nice shot in and around the green.

Improved Design:

This brand is available in a variety of color schemes and designs that make it more exotic in looks as well as boost up the level of confidence in a player. Moreover, its tri-site lines gracefully enhance the playability of the golfers to achieve successful strokes.

Silver Headcover:

This brand not only satisfies your thirst to win the game but also helps you in catching viewer attention. Therefore, it takes a silver headcover that makes it unique and fascinating among all and so makes you stylish as well as the expert player.

  • Great color scheme
  • Silver headcover
  • Large mallet face
  • Large grip
  • Amazing reasonable price
  • Good consistency
  • Too large size for some players


Consequently, Ray Cook putters are the best putters made in the century as they have a classic design and modern technology and have been pulverized for a perfectly smooth surface.

9. Pinemeadow Golf Site – Best blade putter for the money:

These pine meadow putters make you able to sink more putts and thus make your alignment straight so that you can get a clear hit. Therefore, if you are a golfer and want to give a good hit in a few strikes then Pinemeadow has brought their new range for you.


Helps in getting a good grip
Adaptable lengthy shaft
Reasonable price
3degree loft
Well balanced
Iconic look

Pinemeadow Golf Site 3 Putter Review:Best Putters Under $100

I have added this brand to my list as it helps the golfers to see clearly on green and gives them a better grip for better play.

Balanced Weight:

The weight of this putter is balanced in such a way that it strikes pendulum swing and thus elevates the ball straight to putts. Therefore, its optimized weight helps the ball to give maximum swing and therefore sink the balls in the hole within a few seconds.

Long Shaft:

Are you not good at targeting your ball and always embarrassed about this? Let’s solve this issue with Pinemeadow golf putters as the long and comfortable shafts give you maximum swing to elevate the ball straight with the first hit.

Perfect Performance:

Furthermore, this putter is very much suitable for golfers who are tall and have both hands orientation. However, this is the best putter for seniors not only because it provides you with an easy handle shaft to offer you good grip and control but also for the perfect performance.

  • Long size
  • Well balanced
  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect grip
  • Soft and light base
  • Great hand and eye position right scope
  • White color get stained


Thus, this putter is perfect for practice as well as matches as it is worth trying as it dramatically changes your play.

10. Pinemeadow Golf – Best putter for pendulum stroke:

Here, this regular zinc style putter is fully hollow and is based upon ultramodern technology with premium quality. Its awesome appearance, feel and performance can beat the greatest brands. It is based on multi-modern technology that suits every golfer style.


Left-hand design putter
Hybrid appearance
Maximum forgiveness
Best performance
Durable material
Hollow structure

Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style 103 Putter Review:Best Putters Under $100

This is the best golf putter under 100 and helps you to tame off-center hits with a balanced direction of balls as well as elevate the ride.

Tame off-center Hits:

In golf height, speed, distance, and swing, etc matter a lot so this golf putter is designed such that it helps you tame the direction of the ball. Thus you can elevate the ride in which direction you want to thus make it easy for you to chase the hole.

Better Playability:

Are you sick of the wrong choice and performance of the putter you used to play with? Let’s see this regular black putter that gives you some convenient and reasonable options with more forgiveness. So that you can have better and accurate results thus you can easily trust on this one.

Sound and Feel:

The Pinemeadow golf putter not only gives you the best performance but also gives you the best feel. This brand gives customizable choices as well thus they know very well that, what the need of their customers is.

  • Easily Portable

  • High playability
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Stylish look
  • Maximum distance
  • White finishing scrapped off


So, its elegant black matte color, controlled grip, convenient design, and best performance make it the best putter that you will feel worth buying.


With the advent of time, physical activities are vanishing; it seems much complexity in terms of machine work and all. I mean that we are depending on technology and machinery thus we are rusting ourselves in this race.

Hence, a physical game must be included in life to get our body parts in good shape. And when it comes to a physical game with less exhaustion golf abruptly comes to mind. It is a quite peaceful and refreshing plus relaxing game.

A lot of young and old people play this game as their passion, hobby as well as profession. And many of them know much about the putter’s role in this whole game. So, I am here to give you details about the best putters under 100 after mentioning their core features below.

Adaptable Length:

Here, the length of the putter has much importance in golf as the whole game is of length and then length gives support to swing. So, the good swing ultimately gives the good hit with a few numbers of strikes.

Face Size and Design:

Also, the size and design of the face are very crucial to consider as well as the material. The design on the face or the lines that give them a unique look also gives them more forgiveness as well as the distance to give you a good hit. Hence, no features are made for one use only as it has been built as a multi-tasker in-game.


Besides, the material is very important to consider as a bad choice can take you in trouble, and in this case, you must have stainless steel or rubber material. As they both are good options otherwise iron can lead to corrosion and rusting thus you can regret your decision. If you using a rubber or stainless steel putter then you must know about your suitability. But overall, both materials are considered good materials.

Perfect Grip:

In golf grip over the shaft is a very important element towards the success of the game. So, if you are a senior golfer then you know well how important it is to have control and a tight grip on the shaft to get a goal. However, without a smooth, soft, and easy handle you cannot take it for a straight hit.


Your putter’s design should be made such that it could offer you more forgiveness. As more forgiveness and distance helps you to aim at your target. Therefore, if you have a good brand putter then it can help you to elevate the ride straight in the sky.

Parallel lines on edges:

Very few golfers know this point that if your putter has parallel lines on both the leading and terminating edges then it can help you to aim at your target. Thus have a brand in your mind and list which provides you with this feature. And I am pretty sure that after buying this you will feel more than relaxed.


Your putter should be such that neither be too costly and nor cheap. It should e worth buying according to the features that they offer to you. Otherwise, there are a lot of options to consider hence you must stick to the one that suits you well.


Most of the brands don’t offer you a headcover rather than the fact that it is most important for the club’s face safety. Thus you should buy the brand that offers you a headcover as this headcover save your putter from harsh conditions.


Warranty or exchange option should be an offer by each brand if they don’t have any doubts about their quality. So you should stick to the one that gives you more features like durability, performance, good material at a reasonable price. Rather than choosing a high-budget brand have a look at the reasonable one as they have more options to offer you.


Are you an average golfer and still thinking about which type of club you should buy to hit accurate shots? So, in this article, I have summarized all the top brands in the market and I have tried to explain each one comprehensively.

So, choose the one which suits you more but I would like to suggest you Wilson Staff Harmonized putter as this provides you more comfort, durability, as well as a warranty that rarely do companies offer.

So, it is the list of the best putter under 100 then what are you waiting for? If this article proved to be helpful to you then must give your worthy remarks, please. Thank you!


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