10 Best Putters for Women in 2023 – Top Golf Reviews

Best Putters for Women

One area of the game that allows golfers to enjoy playing, or even the greatest amount of tension, is undeniably putting. It’s always the player who gives the best that wins so that one always looks for the best putter.

The Best Putters for Women are a combination of appearance, comfortableness, size, and performance characteristics. The female golfers search for the same needs as male golfers when it comes to purchasing their putters.

No matter how good and improve your skills are, great putters would make the game more interesting and enjoyable. In particular, so this has the design, features, and distance as golf technology has been improved.

Additionally, a putter is such as one’s piece of equipment. Depending on your partialities, you must keep into consideration both, the size of the grip and its accurate length. In addition to this, a putter must be constructed in such a way to give the golfer every technical benefit, including smooth stroke, fine glide, and positive impact.

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Thus, a putter must look good when you focus on the golf ball and help align with the target without distractions. While allowing you to have the best golf game, there are many considerations while seeking the best women putters for you.

I’ve searched for the best putters that may help female golfers to find the best one to help their game. Furthermore, for more information and features, it would be best to read out this article thoroughly for your ease.

Best Putters for Women in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1Pinemeadow Golf Women’s PGX Putter9.9
2Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.09.8
3Ray Cook Golf-Ladies Billy Baroo 300 Putter9.6
4Ray Cook Golf-Ladies Silver Putter9.5
5Ray Cook Golf-Ladies RC PT 02 Putter9.4
6PGX TS Putter9.3
7Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter (white)9.1
8Pinemeadow Golf PGX MB Putter Right Hand9.0
9Inazone Arm-bar Arm-lock Design Putter8.9
10Odyssey EXO Putter8.8

Best Putters for Women in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Pinemeadow Golf – Best putter for me:

The Pinemeadow PGX Putteris specially made not just for the professionals but for the beginners who are eyeing a perfect shot. It is a wonderful combination of all the desired features that makes it perfect for all types of players.

Let’s see its characteristics in-depth;

  • Alignment tool
  • Headcover included
  • Pine-meadow spider grip
  • Mallet putter build
  • Plumber’s neck hosel included

Pinemeadow Women’s PGX Putter Review:Best Putters for Women

You know what, Pinemeadow golf brings the perfect eye-catching, superb putter for price, and collection of features with undeniable advantages. So, you can carry this outstanding instrument with you before you go to play golf.

Idiosyncratic Design:

This innovative club looks adorable due to its smooth white finishing; this finishing makes it eye-catching for the customers. Also, for accurate strokes and through the delivery of the ball to the hole, this club plays amazing on the greens.

With its mallet putter build for all players, at the additional 40g, the mallet putter is tour-weighted. Whereas, the white/black color scheme provides an admirable contrast and truly helps one maintain focus on the alignment lines.

Easily Affordable:

One wouldn’t find any other putter priced lower than Pine-meadow PGX being the best women putter with such remarkable quality. Hence, it is unquestionably a value-priced option, if you’re on a budget but want a mallet-style putter, this could be an excellent choice.

Multi-Tasking Performance:

Also, the Pinemeadow PGX putter is the best for the women putters who need extra grip, great balance for swing easily, and want something versatile. The putter offers an accurate head shape and provides enough forgiveness to help out one during mishits.

In my opinion, it is the best women’s golf putter with distinguishing features and versatile performance.

  • Excellent balance
  • Very affordable
  • Custom head-cover included
  • Best alignment
  • High performance
  • Easy to stain on the whitehead
  • Collects scratches


So, all the features and specifications you’re looking for is here. Adding to this, they have a very affordable price, so what are you waiting for? After having a look over its description, you would find it better for inline striking being the best putters for women.

2. Odyssey White Hot Pro – Best Putter for Straight Back and Through Stroke:

All my golfer friends out there would love the adorable darker look that grabs everyone’s attention. Moreover, the pleasing looks equal the overall performance and the durability of this Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0.

So let’s move forward to its tremendous premium features;

  • Hi-Def. Alignment Aids
  • White-hot inserts
  • Perimeter weight balance
  • Full shaft offset

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Review:Best Putters for Women

This White Hot putter is having differentiated characteristics which aid to add it to the best women putter. Furthermore, this club will assist you with compatible shots with enhanced feel in comparison with several putters.

After seeing all the prime features of the best putter in this one, how would you miss it to buy?

Sleek Design:

Moving towards its design, I must mention its strength to cope with all weathers as it is corrosion–free. Adding to it, this blade putter aids you in forwarding strokes under gravity so that’s why it’s the shaft is magnificently design to achieve several goals.

The interesting thing is while playing on greens its PVD finishing not only prevents rusting but also urges the player to play with confidence. In comparison with others, its sleek design is bringing it on the top as one of the superb clubs.

Versatile Performance:

Also, the Odyssey 2.0 features white-hot inserts that provide the entire golfer a consistent performance, comfortableness, and sleek ball roll. Not only- but also the putter includes the contrasting alignment aids promoting stroke consistency while increasing the accuracy.

Meanwhile striking, this club aids in high performance by improving your skills to put better hits confidently.

Great Grip:

Besides, Odyssey 2.0 offers an oversized Winn grip that not just makes it extremely comfortable but helps to create a stroke. One of the best features is that its 3-line alignment system makes it easy while aiming without a struggle.

  • Oversize grip
  • Exceptional mallet head design
  • Sleek design
  • Forgiving head included
  • Best alignment
  • A large grip would be better


So, to give remarks about this club, I would suggest you this putter due to its consistent putting and comfortable design. Thus, this putter is remarkable in all aspects. Also, they have a very affordable price so what else you could ask for?

3. Ray Cook Golf-Ladies – Best putter for distance control:

Proceeding towards the next, Ray Cook is an adorable putter when you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality. For taking advantage of some technology and tremendous performance, you can check out Ray Cook putter’s key features below.

  • Vibration Dampening Aluminum Insert
  • Oversized paddle grip
  • Women’s right-handed orientation
  • Headcover included
  • 3° loft and 70° lie

Ray Cook Golf-Ladies Billy Baroo 300 Putter Review:Best Putters for Women

Here, the 33 inches Billy Baroo, the best women putter is another treat for all the golfers out there. The perfect addition to your golf bag, this is just what all you need for your golf game. To figure more about these astounding putters, track me below;

Exotic Design:

The ladies edition comes with a silver finish, black and purple color scheme, and a matching headcover. Moreover, the lines on the face produce immediate topspin. The putter comes in a suitable length for most female players, with 33 inches of total shaft length.

Perfect Grip:

The Ray Cook putter, not just have a great appearance but has little to no vibration thanks to an Aluminum AL 6000 face insert. Moreover, the putter also includes an oversized paddle grip that will prove a great fit.

Budget Pricing:

This putter not just delivers a striking appearance but offers one of the types of equipment you demand at an affordable price. Moreover, the company focuses on offering high-quality clubs at a very affordable price.

They have truly found a niche in the market, with putters designed to perform remarkably well without a giant price tag.

  • Great grip
  • Low vibration
  • Iconic look
  • Basic faceplate


For all female golfers, this is the best putter for women, with exceptional features and outstanding design. So, you can enhance your performance with the assistance of this club.

4. Ray Cook Golf-Ladies – Best putter for the price:

Next, the Ray Cook SR600 can make one feel empowered and confident enough for every putt that one makes. Here, this would be an amazing gear of golf for high handicappers as well as beginners for continuous shots.

Ray Cook SR600 putter is a challenging one in the market with its unique features, so, there is no other choice to reject it.

  • Micro-Etched face
  • Limited edition
  • Included Headcover
  • Right-handed
  • 33” Shaft length

Ray Cook Golf-Ladies Silver Ray SR600 Limited Edition Teal Putter Review:Best Putters for Women

Well, it indeed has a soft, firm feel and accurate performance that can surely help you win more games. Other than a beautiful look, it also consists of many new styles, colors, and models with today’s technology.

Wait, as this putter has more to offer you.

Impressive Design:

The overall design is striking with the blend of the finest features, eye-catching teal, and incredible sound and feel. Pro players mark it as one of the best ladies putters with perfect shots and response.

Amazing Style and Shaft:

Furthermore, the head of the SR600 putter is a smaller blade style, including a head weight of 360 grams. Therefore, it’s easy for all kinds of players to handle it due to its innovative design and lightweight.

Moreover, Ray Cook offers superb playability with its amazing style to enjoy good shots. The micro-etched face included attempts to make putts roll more constantly; it’s about 33 inches long and comes with right-handed orientation.

Affordable Club:

As we know that golf equipment is usually pricey, but this putter cost half the price of its competitors in the market. Thus, it’s a great investment for the quality and all types of golfers out there. Along with the headcover, inspiring and extraordinary features, this putter is challenging on the board.

  • Great control and feel
  • Excellent stability
  • Great performance
  • Balanced headcover
  • Sturdy construction
  • Marks easily


On the whole, being the best women putter also includes a kind of finish which will give you a better and more accurate aim. This Ray Cook SR600 provides a notable appearance and feel at a price you won’t believe.

5. Ray Cook Golf-Ladies – Best putter to improve game:

This Ray Cook 02 putter is a modern blade design that I think makes a brilliant option for the female golfer. Here, Ray Cook is presenting a club to give you a differentiated style to hit in golf contentedly.

After diving into its stunning features, for sure you would get many reasons to buy this club.

  • Right-handed
  • 70 degree Lie, 3 degrees Loft
  • Ray Cook stock rubber grip
  • 33 inches shaft length
  • Headcover included

Ray Cook Golf-Ladies RC PT 02 Putter Review:Best Putters for Women

It is the wonderful blend of all the desired features that makes it the best women putter for all types of golfers. Let’s dig deeper.

Dazzling Design:

The Ray Cook 02 putter has a vibrant pink, white, and gray color scheme, with a matching headcover. This putter has everything going for it, as it provides striking looks and feels, all at a very affordable price.

With an exclusive design and balanced weight, this elegant putter is serving to give the best performance on the ground. Moreover, its 33 inches shining shaft is enhancing its grace, remarkably.

Average Weight:

Additionally, the weighting of this ladies’ putter is perfect for mid to high handicap golfer providing consistency from a classic blade putter. Whereas, for low handicap female players, it’s isn’t suitable for them, so one may look for something with a better feel.

The Ray Cook RC PT 02 putter comes with a standard 33-inch length which offers the players great alignment.

Versatile Playability:

Besides, this mallet design putter is offering enhanced alignment and you can smoothly put the ball in the distant whole. Also, you would be provided with an improved feel and versatile playability that every player demands.

It can be difficult to search for a putter that delivers all features, but this putter combines forgiveness, responsiveness, and affordability.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Great color scheme
  • Eye-catching design
  • Soft-feel for smooth rolling
  • Responsive playability
  • Too wispy for some golfers
  • Not for the low handicappers


Undeniably, for strong feel and performance, this is the best ladies putter and will be the ideal one to play. This putter is the response to mishits and inaccurate alignments, thus, after going over this article you’ll want to strike through it in your next games.

6. PGX TS Putter – Best putter for the yips:

Coming to the next, PGX putters is bolting with large diameter and fine finishing in the field of golf. While, it allows one to have a strong, fine, and consistent shot. Every player wants to take accurate strokes with a comfortable swing.

  • Unique Double bend shaft
  • Tri line site
  • Heavyweight ports
  • Perimeter weighted and stable
  • Heavy oversize mallet base

PGX TS Putter Review:Best Putters for Women

To kill your worries regarding golf clubs, I come up with a remarkable putter that is counted as the best women golf putter. So, to enhance your skills and to enjoy a cool feel and sound PGX TS putter will be the best one.

Aesthetics and Specs:

The PGX TS putter is perfectly weighted to help keep the putter stable during one’s stroke. Moreover, the heavyweight ports at the back avoid twisting at impact, also it includes tri site lines for alignment.

Furthermore, the unique and striking double-bend shaft helps one for a well and improved alignment at address.

Sturdy Construction:

Besides, 2 heavyweight ports have been inserted to enhance the playability of this mallet base putter. This PGX putter provides tremendous stability and its tri line technology makes it the best putter for women. Along with its unique double-bend shaft that provides one with better alignment.

Thus, it would be helpful to improve your putting skills. Also, the PGX TX putter is durable to play several games.

Improved Sound and Feel:

If you’re a professional golf player, you know how much these traits matter, for others it may seem like a small issue. But it’s much like trying to play volley with a ball that’s deflated, you’ll feel something wrong with the ball.

Therefore, the same goes for golf clubs, but you don’t need to worry as PGX TX provides a quality feel and impressive sound for every shot.

  • High forgiveness
  • Very affordable
  • 34 inches putter
  • Includes headcover
  • Improved feel
  • Only available for a right-handed player


So, gear up to impress your friends on how professionally it works, in both its physical properties and performance. Thus, the PGX putter is quite affordable, I highly recommend you this club for the finest bang for your buck.

7. Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 – Best golf putter for seniors:

Odysseys putting technology is one of the best women golf putters, each model delivers trusted consistency and quite a friendlier price. Who wouldn’t want to have such an exceptional putter?

  • White-hot face insert
  • Crank-neck hosel
  • Full-shaft offset included
  • Heel/toe weighted blade
  • Alignment aids included

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter (White) Review:Best Putters for Women

Here, Odyssey Hot Pro is a kind of a putter that impresses the golfers with its easiness and beautiful design. So, you would amaze after experiencing its remarkable playability and improved feel while taking strokes on the greens.

Great Performance:

With great performance, its clubhead offers distant shots continually to increase your score on the board. Moreover, it has better alignment that would be highly helpful to the beginners for acquiring several puts with exceptional feel and forgiveness.

With improved features and design, you may take a soft stroke and can sink the ball quickly in the whole through distance.

Best Adjustability:

A golf player needs to understand the importance of hosel adjustment in the game, this Odyssey putter provides you the maximum. Callaway provides the putter a sleek finish, enhances its design, durability, and reduces glare, which makes it more desirable.

High Performance:

Also, the putter includes face inserts and the heel/toe weight placement that increases forgiveness and performance levels but develops the club impact.

  • Great value for money
  • Long-distance control
  • Soft feel clubface
  • Outstanding performance
  • Large club head
  • Older models
  • Fewer color options


Firstly, I’m surprised to see how this putter is an answer to all mishits and inaccurate alignments and can perform so well. Furthermore, all the desired features you look for are here, so just go through the details and experience it once.

8. Pinemeadow Golf PGX – Best putter to stop pulling putts:

Here, I am describing you as a putter to change your game, grab your friends’ attention and make you win, Pinemeadow is for you. Moreover, its distinctive design helps one in alignment and hit the ball smoothly, giving you the confidence to make more putts while playing.

After going through the features of this club, you may find ways to enhance your skills.

  • Matte black finish
  • Headcover included
  • Pine-meadow spider grip
  • Right-hand orientation
  • Blade style putter
  • Alignment tool

Pine-meadow Golf PGX MB Putter Right-Hand review:Best Putters for Women

Its overall impressive and striking design and a variety of incredible features makes it the best ladies putter. Adding to this, the putter delivers an astonishing sound, feel alignment, and performance. To cope with your all worries, regarding the best performance I have mentioned this club here.

Amazing Design:

High MOI putters with the mallet-style design are usually more expensive, but, PGX MB is offered at a very low price comparatively. It has a black matte finish which good contrast, helping with greater accuracy and alignment. Also, the putter comes with a matching black headcover and pine-meadow spider grip.

High Forgiveness:

A high level of forgiveness means that you can make more putts, even in stressful situations and while playing crucial putts. This Pine-meadow PGX provides remarkable results regardless of where the putt is struck.

Best Loft:

Thus, this PGX MB putter offers high forgiveness and let’s one swing perfectly with the best degree of loft. If you need more spin and forgiveness, this putter is the best as it is easy to control and play with. Also, it offers great distance and versatility just as one desires.

  • High MOI
  • The stunning matte black putter head
  • Puts a great ball roll
  • Suitable for both mid to high handicappers
  • Perfect balance for easy swing
  • Average durability


To knock out your adversaries and win the golf game, this Pinemeadow PGX MB is the best choice for one. To maintain your budget, this putter is the best one with an elegant design and upgraded characteristics.

9. Inazone Arm-bar – Best putter length for my height:

For finding the best putters for women, you may be worried as it’s not as easy as it seems to be.  So now, don’t get worried as you’re at the right place. These original Inazone Arm-bar putters have wined the heart of golfers with their amazing features.

So, with further ado, let’s get into the details of this club.

  • Armlock putting style
  • Milled face with an Aluminum insert
  • 7 degrees Loft, 72 degrees Lie
  • Matching Shaft
  • 400 grams head weight

Inazone Arm-bar Arm-lock Design Putter 42” – Winn Black 15” Grip Review:Best Putters for Women

For both design and performance, the Inazone Arm-bar putter is extremely beautiful and stunning. With astonishing playability and durable construction, Inazone is offering you an amazing package for throughout striking.

Striking Design:

It is emerging with its upgraded design and thorough striking to change your gaming. The Inazone putter design includes high MOI and a milled metal insert provides a fast roll to the ball with incredible feedback and feel.

Furthermore, the putter comes with a matching shaft and an extended sonic putter grip. You can play with a relaxed swing after trying this one to put with accuracy.

Startling Performance:

Additionally, it’s the best for those golfers seeking more grip, great sound, and feel, and want something more versatile. Well for me, it’s finest for players who want distinctive features and remarkable performance.

Enhanced Forgiveness:

Besides, for extra forgiveness and spin, this is the right one for you as it is much easy to control. It is the best putter, as it’s highly forgiving and easy to launch for accurate and perfect shots.

  • Good Stainless steel
  • Heavy sonic grip
  • Includes heel/toe weight
  • 42” shaft length
  • Solid impact
  • No Headcover


Well, since it has been constructed with all one’s desired features, this Inazone putter is one of the most recommended products. After reading its description you may find no reason to deny its playability.

10. Odyssey EXO Putter – Best putter for fast greens:

While procuring the best club, you may get confused as there are several attractive putters. However, Odyssey by launching its stupendous putters has made it very easy for the players so, let’s all dig in and find out more about this Odyssey EXO putter.

  • Stroke lab shaft
  • Multi-material construction
  • Milled aluminum exo-cage
  • White-hot inserts

Odyssey EXO Putter Review:Best Putters for Women

So, this putter is all for my golfer friends, with a modern-looking putter with forgiveness and tons of alignment assistance.

Innovative Design:

The Odyssey EXO putter with stroke lab shaft included represents an exceptional meeting of 3 of the newest innovations. It consists of EXO construction, white-hot micro hinge insert, and stroke lab weighting to help you make more putts.

The EXO models are designed to be great MOI putters that help increase its stability and maintain ball roll speed. So, are you all set to putt and hit that game with a winning shot?

Multi-Material Construction:

Moreover, with its superior multi-material construction, the putter delivers an incredibly high MOI design, comprising the lightweight milled aluminum EXO-cage. Its white-hot inserts in combination with micro-hinge technology provide more consistent accuracy and distance control. Moreover, with inline striking, this putter gives a white-hot feel while hitting the ball which makes it adorable.

Maximum Forgiveness:

The Odyssey EXO has mallets with very high MOI to help golfers make more putts. Here, Odyssey is coming up with differentiated models to offer maximum forgiveness. So, it offers maximum forgiveness on the off-center hits, as it’s all about the balance of the design that makes it unique from others.

  • Revolutionary feel
  • Mind-blowing sound
  • Iconic performance
  • Consistent accuracy
  • Ultra-high MOI
  • The multi-colored design won’t be everyone’s choice


So, from the sleek design to excellent performance, there’s a lot to say about the EXO putter. It’s said to be, the best putter for women to play smoothly on the greens.


If, you are an expert in shopping gear for outdoor as well as indoor games. But for better equipment, you should read its buying guide thoroughly, always. Also, with persistent guidance, you can buy along with lasting and durable equipment for daily use.

Here, I will provide you with guidance about the best putter for women with its core features that a club should acquire. With the advancement in society, women are performing not a bit less than men in games and any other professions.

Here, if I talk about the putters then it comprised of various things like; what is the type of putter? Is it a face-balanced putter or a toe balanced putter which suits you the most while striking on the greens?

Also, the design of its head is counted that it is mallet or blade putter or peripheral weighted putter before buying. Moreover, the length of the shaft, degree of the loft, sound and feel while playing golf are some prime features of the best women’s golf putters.

All you want while playing golf is consistent and distant strokes that are possible only with the best quality of golf putters. There are various clubs in the market which are challenging each other with the best performances.

So, let’s enlighten these features one by one;

Quality Material:

Before you buy any club, must check the construction material that is durable or you are buying it just for its looks? The quality construction of the putters is significant if you want to play for a long time with your gear.

Moreover, steel, rubber, and synthetic material are counted best for the durable construction of the putters for through striking. Also, this quality material aids in high forgiveness improved playability and cool feel and sound.

Design of the Putter:

As I told you before that there are different types of putters with different designs for women. It depends on the golfer that which design of the club suits them the best like its face balanced putter or toe balanced putter while striking on the ground.

Moreover, if you can play through the center of gravity under the axis of the shaft then the face-balanced club proved to be the best putters for women. On the flip side, toe balanced putter is better for the out strokes through the greens for continuous striking.

All of us not use to play in the same style that’s why putters are available in different orientations. Like right-handed orientation, left-handed orientation or it can also be ambidextrous orientation according to your style.

Balanced Head:

Also, for consistent shots, a balanced and lightweight head is direly needed to carry out the easy hit of the ball. There are a lot of putters that are easy to handle that some of the best ladies putters are mentioned above with complete description.

Furthermore, if you want to know then its head can be blade, mallet, or peripheral weight design to cope with different conditions of the golfers. All these head designs are easy for the golfers according to their demand for making golf easy for them.

For a consistent shot below the shaft with a light touch on the greens, blade putters are good as these face-balanced putters. On the other hand, with some weight in the heel peripheral weight is serving well on the greens. Besides, mallet putters are adorable that you can enjoy consistency and improved forgiveness on tees as well as on the greens.

Shaft Length:

Also, the length of the shaft is noteworthy to take continual strokes according to the height of the player. 33 inches to 35 inches long is enough for a tall heightened player with the adaptable shaft to hit the ball straight to the sinkhole.

Moreover, the length of the shaft matters a lot for the relaxation of your muscles of arms as well as shoulder during golf. Its adaptable length helps for the superb swing which gives enhanced feel and sound to prevent any restriction during the journey of successful win.

Actually, before procuring any club you must be well aware of your height that which length of the shaft would assist you while striking. A long shaft is also adorable to its shiny finishing and corrosion-free construction which gives it more grace.

Perfect Grip:

Besides, grip over the shaft is also particular for achieving accurate strokes over the tee and the greens. Sometimes, it happens that putters slip from the hand of the player while striking due to sweating which causes stress to the player.

But nowadays, to lessen this problem, liquid absorbent material is used over the shaft to hold the shaft with equalizing grip. If you have a confident grip over the shaft then it would be convenient for you to hit the distant shots.

Also, its liquid absorbent material aids in the non-slip grip of the long shaft and avoid missing the strokes in the field. With minimal pressure on both hands, you can hit inline and distant shots without any stress.

Playability and Loft of the Putter:

It is obvious that if your putter is composed of durable material then it would allow you enhanced playability with a good feel. I will suggest you buy a putter which offers you excellent playability to oppose on the board. But to know this feature you must have some experience with putting.

On the next, the loft is also countable while acquiring the best putters if you are a beginner or an experienced player. The degree of loft ranges from 1 to 6 to give high playability and forgiveness on the greens.


Also, forgiveness plays a vital role in inconsistent hitting when your putter is composed of all the demanding attributes. A good putter provides high forgiveness on the ground to strike the ball through a distance with a high feel and sound.

If you are a beginner, then while playing on the board, or doing the practice of golf your putter should offer high forgiveness. This feature is highly notable before buying any club gear for playing

Best Alignment

With all other astonishing features, your putter should allow the best alignment to keep the fixed eye-point while taking shots. Most probably, putters with elegant finishing are proved to give the best alignment to acquire accurate strokes.

To sink the ball straight to the hole, through a distance best alignment is the core feature in golf. Furthermore, alignment also assists to give the best forgiveness and good feel and sound when you hit the ball.

High Performance:

Besides, the best putters also aid in high performance to meet consistent goals throughout the game. With increased forgiveness and durable construction best putters also enhance your skills to be confident while striking on the greens or long grass.

Also, alignment, adaptable shaft length, and balanced head of the putter assist you to improve your striking styles by minimizing pressure on the shaft while gripping it tightly. On the whole, your putter should have all the basic key features to win the game with high performance.


Most of the time, you buy a cheap club for less amount money but later you may be got to know that it is inferior in its construction. So, you should buy a club which not too cheap or not so expensive to play an enjoyable game.

According to your budget, these above-mentioned putters are available at an affordable price to make you stress-free. Mostly, customers considered this thing first, before procuring any product of any use to maintain their budget.


The only way of getting better at putting not only just includes practice but finding the suitable and best putter for yourself is also important. Well, it sounds easy but finding yourself the best putter is not an easy job.

Fortunately, above I’ve tried to help you find the perfect one for yourself, matching your playing way. To help you out, I’ve mentioned many brands and their putters along with the characteristics they offer. I hope this will be helpful while finding the best putters for women.

Also, I have found the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 to be my favorite amongst all. I’m looking forward to seeing your favorite ladies putter. Let me know with your valuable comments below if this article was helpful and do share it.

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