Best Fairway Woods for Beginners in 2023 – (Expert Reviews)

Best Fairway Woods for Beginners

Just developed an interest in playing golf and confused about where to start? Or want to make it more exciting and enjoyable for yourself? Well, whatever the case may be a good fairway wood is the best option for you to start with.

However, there are a lot of products available in the market that claim to be the best. But not all of those works great and this create confusion. Hence, newcomers often wonder what is the Best Fairway Woods for Beginners.

I clearly understand this feeling and that’s why I came up with this article. Here you will get the answer to all of your queries like what are important features to consider? What fairway wood will work great for you? I will provide the answer to all of your questions stepwise.

And I hope you will get clarity and useful insights from it. In this article, I am going to review the top 10 Fairway woods to help you in making a final choice. Also, I have provided a list of basic features that you should consider before purchasing.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

10 Best Fairway Woods for Beginners in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood9.9
2TaylorMade M2 Men’s Fairway Wood9.8
3MW8 Moon Wood Premium Golf Fairway Wood9.6
4Cobra King F9 Men’s Speedback Fairway9.5
5TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway9.4
6Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Fairway Wood9.3
7Cobra Women’s F-Max Fairway Wood9.1
8Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood9.0
9Cobra Men’s King F6 Fairway Wood8.9
10Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood8.8

10 Best Fairway Woods for Beginners in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood:

Want to have an epic product to lead in golf? Then here you go, with Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR fairway wood that will do a great job for you. Furthermore, it comes in a wide range of lofts, varying sizes, and lengths. So, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Want to know more about this amazing product? Scroll down!


Classic steelhead shape
Modern Hawkeye stole
Extreme Forgiveness
Fast head speed
Premium stock shaft

Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood Review:best fairway woods for beginners

It is one of the best golf fairway wood for beginners because of its high-performance epic line. With its steelhead XR line, now you can make the greatest hits without any difficulty.

Attractive Looks:

On the bright side, it is one of those rare products that look great from every angle. It comes with a steelhead along with the aid of chevron alignment on the speed steps. Although, it has an average head size its tall face compensates it hence, give it a powerful look.

Perfect Sound & Feel:

Speaking about its sound & feel, it ends up giving you an amazing sound. Also, its crisp strengthened with robust metallic quality and medium volume. This will make you fall in love with it in no time.

Wonderful Performance:

Furthermore, its steelhead XR FW helps you to produce more consistent and wide distance shots with perfect impact. Also, its ball speed stays high and it offers more options for those players who want forgiveness.

  • Compact head shape
  • Long and forgiving
  • Great stock shaft options
  • Wide range of lofts
  • Adjustment is tricky


With these astonishing features who can say no to Callaway Steelhead XR fairway wood? if you are looking for a versatile & reliable fairway wood then I highly recommend this one.

2. TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Fairway Wood:

If you are looking for the most forgiving fairway wood 2022 then this one is the best option for you. It comes with a light hosel, carbon crown, and extended speed pocket. Furthermore, it has a fairly simple design along with an easy to hit bomber that helps you to deliver forgiving shots.

Let’s explore more about the TaylorMade M2 men’s fairway wood!


Inverted cone technology
Stainless steel body and face
Inverted cone technology
Two-tiered sole design
Open channel speed pocket
Fluted hosel design

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Fairway Wood Review:best fairway woods for beginners

It can be described fully in three words that are reliability, forgiveness, and easy distance. Also, it will be a valuable asset in your golf course with its exceptional performance.

Unique Design:

It comes with a white top line along with having an elegant carbon crown. Other than that, its stole is fairly plain and it has a flexible speed pocket. Additionally, it looks super cool with its white/ carbon profile.

Amazing sound & feel:

Furthermore, its carbon composite crown & hosel gives you a solid and pleasant sound then M1. Because of its forgiving face, it gives an unbeatable “whap” sound that is similar to drivers. Also, it feels more active than all of the other fairway woods without sacrificing the response.

Unbeatable Performance:

What’s the use of having a fairway wood that is not good in performance? However, TaylorMade gives an exceptional performance because of its inverted cone technology and lots of fancy tech elements. With it, you will be able to throw the ball in the air with the fewest possible spin.

  • Affordable price
  • Unbeatable performance
  • Forgiving and workable
  • Driver-like ball speed
  • Lacks headcover on wood


We can say without any doubt that M2 from TaylorMade is the best fairway woods for beginners. From its looks to sound & feel, it is great in every aspect. Also, it gives you better performance along with having an affordable price.

3. MW8 Moon Wood Premium Golf Fairway Wood:

As the name indicates it’s a premium fairway wood which gives you fast cut strokes. Furthermore, it is not only for men but also one of the best fairway woods for women. Also, it is a trustworthy and reliable fairway woods along with many more impressive features.

Without wasting time, let’s know more about this wonderful fairway wood!


Shallow clubface
Extra-wide sole & shorter shaft
Ultra-low center of gravity
Much more comfortable
1-year warranty against defects

MW8 Moon Wood Premium Golf Fairway Wood Review:best fairway woods for beginners

Thus, it is high-quality fairway wood with plenty of advantages that will make it more enjoyable to play golf. It is an excellent buy with its clean, long shots and high-built in quality.

Choice of Hand:

Do you struggle for choosing a fairway wood that fits your choice of hand? Then have a look at MW8 moon wood premium golf fairway wood. It gives you the facility of choosing a hand that fits in your set. For instance, if you play left-hand irons then choose a left hand and vice versa.

High Launch & Ball Speed:

To give you an incredible ball speed, it has a shallow clubface with a low center of gravity. Furthermore, it offers you less trajectory so you can play golf with less effort. On the bright side, it has a wide sole to help you in providing minimum resistance on turf contact.

Manufacturer Warranty:

Also, it comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer despite its high-built quality. Hence, if you face any issue during the first year of use, you can claim for it.

  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Unisex Fairway Wood
  • High launch & long distance
  • Minimal resistance on turf contact
  • Shaft needs improvement


With its easy control and convenient holding, it is the best drive & fairway wood for beginners. Look for it in your nearby store or order online and thanks me later.

4. Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback Fairway:

This amazing fairway wood is packed with astonishing technology to give you the best golf wood for beginners. With its improved club speed, enhanced ball speed, and forgiveness, you won’t regret it after purchasing it.

To make a look at its other features, track me below!


Titanium sole
CNC Precision milled face
Ultralight carbon fiber crown
Lower CG for improved launch
8 adjustable loft settings

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback Fairway Review:best fairway woods for beginners

It is the first CNC precision-milled face fairway wood that delivers you more than 2.5mph ball speed. Furthermore, it is intelligently designed and has lightweight so you can easily carry it during playing golf.

Ultra-light Carbon Crown:

For high launch with maximum forgiveness, it contains ultra-lightweight carbon fiber that deeply moves the CG. Furthermore, the crown provides more energy to deliver the ball back with maximum speed.

Improved Ball Speed:

Also, sole trips are structured in such a way that they help in reducing the drag, hence, increase ball speed. The baffler rail heights are positioned deeply to lower the lofted fairways. Therefore, it increases the high lofted fairways on account of various attack angles.

Adjustable Hosel Dials:

On the bright side, it comes with an adjustable hosel as well as an impressive choice of shafts. Meanwhile, its 15g tungsten weight promotes high ball flights and increase forgiveness. Also, it contains 8 adjustable loft settings for your convenience so what else you could ask for?

  • Light & efficient club head
  • Maximum club speed
  • Better performance
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Average looks


Overall, it is a great product for the price and a fantastic all-rounder. It is a secret weapon that is easy to hit and very forgiving. Moreover, this solid fairway wood comes with adjustable lofts to help you in managing the trajectory with fine-tuning.

5. TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway:

The TaylorMade SIM MAX fairway is super long; provides you awesome feel and good forgiveness. Overall, it is great in terms of performance and looks but its price is high. Till now you might be curious about it that why their price is too high, right?

Let’s check out the details of TaylorMade SIM MAX and figure out together that it is worth buying or not!


Steel body and carbon crown
V Steel Sole design
Speed pocket for sole flexibility
C300 Ultra-strong steel face
Versatile and awesome performance

TaylorMade SIM MAX FairwayReview:best fairway woods for beginners

This fairway wood is specifically for those golfers who want a mix of distance and forgiveness. Therefore, it focuses on the large audience and is the best fairway wood for high handicappers 2022.

Better Quality:

Speaking about its design, it has a low center of gravity with a large clubface that delivers the ball with high speed. Moreover, it is constructed by using multi-materials therefore, has a steel body and carbon crown.

Maximum Forgiveness:

The distinguishing feature of this fairway wood is that it has a Thru-Slot speed pocket for improved forgiveness. Also, with its flexible sole and high-strength steel, you will have an explosive performance.

Increased Flexibility:

For improved turf interaction and greater flexibility, it has V steel sole design. Also, its twisted face helps you to make straight shots without missing the hits. Furthermore, the multi-material construction of SIM MAX provides a better launch with low CG.

  • Long
  • Easy to hit
  • Provide maximum forgiveness
  • Great set-up and a nice feel
  • The price is a bit high


So far you have got the answer to your query that why the TaylorMade SIM MAX has a high price than other brands. I highly recommend this fairway wood if you want to have an exceptional performance without compromising forgiveness. But of course, be careful about your budget.

6. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Fairway Wood:

Cleveland Golf is one of the well-known golf brands on which you can trust for getting high-end sticks. It is the best fairway wood ever with its HiBore crown, unique flex fins, and new launcher cup-face. Furthermore, it provides you straight and high-enough shots to stand out.

Hence, let’s have a look at its other features that will help you in making mind!


HiBore crown with unique flex fins
Long and stretched out head
Comes with a headcover
Slow to medium swing speed
Best-performing contemporary irons

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Fairway Wood Review:best fairway woods for beginners

Wants to have an elevation in your shots? Then go for Cleveland Men’s launcher HB fairway wood because it has an outstanding performance. Other than that, its design and construction are also amazing.

Classy Looks:

The first thing which attracts us towards a product is the appearance of that hence, looks are of utmost importance. That’s why this fairway wood has classy looks with a thick top-line and HiBore crown.

Hollow Construction:

Moreover, the manufacturer kept it hollow from the inside but its clubhead is fully enclosed. This ends up giving you better stability in comparison to a regular cavity-backed. Also, it has constant from heel to toe strikes that result in constant shots with greater accuracy.

High-Strength Face:

Adding to this, it has a thin but high-strength HT1170 faceplate. Hence, it increases the perimeter weight which enables you to flex better than ever before. This in return produces high-speed balls along with improving distances.

  • Reasonable Price
  • Extremely forgiving irons
  • Mind-blowing performance
  • Faster shots
  • Lightweight graphite shafts


Why waste money on expensive products when you can get the one best-performing at a reasonable price? Therefore, choose the Cleveland HB because they are suitable for all golfers including beginners as well as professionals.

7. Cobra Women’s 2020 F-Max Fairway Wood:

There are various products available in the market for men’s but only a few are for women. Hence, it becomes hard to choose a trustworthy product for females who love to play golf. However, cobra women’s F-max fairway wood is the best choice for females because it is specially made for them.

Getting curious about its features? Then track me below.


Offset hosel
PWR ridges
Black/raspberry color
Great product for the price
Lightweight design with a light shaft

Cobra Women’s F-Max Fairway Wood Review:best fairway woods for beginners

It is specifically designed for females, hence has extremely lightweight to help them in carrying it easily. Furthermore, it is structured by keeping in view the aesthetic sense of females so comes in eye-catching colors.

Easy to Handle:

Not all of the fairway wood can work great for women so they need specially designed products for playing better.  Undoubtedly, it is best for women as it has extremely lightweight so, they can easily handle it. Moreover, it helps them to produce consistent shots with less effort.

Appealing Design:

Who doesn’t know that women are more concerned with the looks of a product? Therefore, Cobra designed it with a mixture of black and raspberry color that looks amazing. Also, it has PWR ridges with visual alignments that helps you in setting the square towards your target.

Maximum Club Head Speed:

Adding to this, it has a light shaft that helps you in producing distance shots with maximum speed. Also, it produces fewer swings and its crown perfectly aligns with its clubhead. This in return gives you straight shots with high launch and more accuracy.

  • Very light
  • Moderate swing speed
  • Most forgiving fairway
  • Provide straight ball flights
  • Bit expensive


Thus, now you don’t have to struggle anymore while searching best fairway wood 2022 for women. As women’s F-max fairway wood is best in all aspects so, you can purchase it without any second thought.

8. Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood:

Do you struggle with making consistent shots? Or just want to invest in some best quality fairway wood? Well, whatever the reason is Callaway Mavrik is a great option to consider. Furthermore, it is not only good for beginners but also the best fairway wood for seniors.

Below I have briefly outlined the important details about it!


Longest fairway wood
Optimized flash face
Unique leading-edge geometry
Varying weight options for lunch angles
Comes with golf club & headcover

Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood Review:best fairway woods for beginners

This is an absolute stunner as it offers you high-quality design along with excellent performance. Furthermore, it is the longest fairway wood ever produced with some exceptional features. And once you get used to it then you will know that this claim is not an exaggeration.


Speaking about its construction, it is made up of exotic materials that have a unique design for each model. Hence, it makes it very versatile and it also has varying lofts to maximize ball speed. Other than that, graphite is used in its construction which makes it long-lasting.

Fast & Forgiving:

On the bright side, it has varying weight options for providing you different launch angles and spin rates. Also, it provides you maximum forgiveness with high launch, lower CG, and flat trajectory.

Premium Performance:

Industry-leading technologies are combined in the designing of this masterpiece which gives better performance. As for easy launching, it has unique leading-edge geometry in all of the models. Furthermore, it comes with other accessories including a headcover and golf club so you don’t need to buy these separately.

  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Driver-like distances
  • Excellent performance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Hosel adjustability is tricky


Need a dynamic solution to improve your carry along with distance? Then purchase Callaway Mavrik fairway wood as soon as possible. Moreover, it’s bright side is that it is equally useful for beginners, mid handicappers as well as high handicappers.

9. Cobra Men’s King F6 Fairway Wood:

This is one of the top-rated models and is known worldwide because of its unbeatable performance. From its looks to feel, everything is designed with great effort which makes it hitting fairway wood for beginners.

Say hello, to this versatile fairway wood, and let’s explore more about it!


Medium shaped fairway
Favors all swing types
8 Easy adjustable loft setting
CG Tuning F6 Drivers
Speed channels for incredible distance

Cobra Men’s King F6 Fairway Wood Review:best fairway woods for beginners

If you know a little bit about golf then you must have listened about Cobra and their golf accessories. Likewise, this fairway wood by the Cobra is also popular among golf players because of its high-tech sole and impressive performance.

Sound & Feel:

Adding to this, it has a firm impact along with having the best sound and feel. Furthermore, its looks are also good as it has a unique classy pear shape which is neither too large nor too short.

Adjustable Hosel:

Another great feature of Cobra men’s king fairway wood is its adjustable hosel which helps the player in adjusting the swings. Also, it provides them the facility of adjusting the shot shape according to their requirements and convenience.

Exclusive Feature:

The unique innovation of Cobra is that it incorporated speed channels into a fairway wood. These not only minimize the thickness of it but also increase the ball speed for incredible distance. Furthermore, it is powered with an adjustable front to back CG technology which delivers better performance.

  • Adjustable Hosel
  • Provide better accuracy
  • Maximizes the distance
  • Charismatic looks
  • Great sound and feel
  • Tricky to find the right loft combo


Overall, the Men’s King Fairway wood is perfect in terms of its look, rich feel, and exceptional performance. Also, it will be a healthy addition to your golf accessories and is used by a large number of players. So, why are you waiting for? Quickly grab out this world-class King fairway wood.

10. Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood:

High handicappers often find it difficult to get the right fairway wood for them but Orlimar has sorted out this. It introduces Orlimar golf escape which makes it easy to dig the ball off the ground and into the air.

To be a part of this fascinating discussion, track me below!


Low center of gravity
Shallow face
Full range of lofts
Head material: stainless steel
Orlimar custom velvet grip
Orlimar escape graphite superlite shaft

Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood Review:best fairway woods for beginners

Buy Now at Amazon

This uniquely designed fairway wood is not good for high handicappers but also the best fairway wood for mid handicappers 2022. Furthermore, it comes in varying kinds of woods to cover most of the distance hence; you have wide options to choose from.

Shallow Face:

One of its distinguishing features is its shallow face which provides you the facility of throwing a ball high in the air. Also, it has a unique design and budget-friendly price so what else do you want?

Graphite Shaft:

Furthermore, its shaft is structured with the graphite that is very light and provides greater flexibility. Hence, it gives you high clubhead speed, which helps in producing consistent and straight shots.

Brilliant Performance:

Needless to say, Orlimar escape wood is a great option for you if you face trouble in a fast swing. Also, it features less roll-out after the landing along with producing brilliant ball flight.

  • Available in super high lofts
  • Provide better forgiveness
  • Shallow profile
  • Extra loft for extra lift
  • Doesn’t work well for slow swingers


Hence it is one of the best fairway woods for beginners that offer you great value in return for your money. Moreover, it provides you consistent shots with fewer swings and maximum forgiveness that enhance their acceptability. Highly recommend for mid and high handicappers to boost up their performance.

Best Fairway Woods For Beginner’s – THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE:

No matter how skilled you are in playing golf if you don’t have the best fairway wood then you can’t have fun. Therefore, to enhance the experience of playing golf you should have a trustworthy fairway wood.

With the advancement in golf technology, the design, forgiveness, and distance of fairway wood are also improved. Now you have more options than before as all of the brands are racing to provide you best fairway wood 2022.

Hence, it’s not wise to randomly choose any product without knowing about its basic features and specifications. And such extensive research requires plenty of time and hence, you keep on procrastinating about it.

But now no more delay as I have provided you the list of some important factors which you should consider before buying. This will not only save your time and effort but will also help you in making the right choice.

Furthermore, these points become more important when you are looking for the best fairway woods for beginners. So, without any further delay let’s quickly jump into it!


The first and most important thing which you need to keep in mind is the forgiveness of fairway wood. Besides, it is very important for high handicappers as they often have difficulty in striking the ball straight. But do you know what is forgiveness? Ever listened to this term before?

Anyway, let me make it simple for you. Forgiveness is the reduced distance with some clubs which you need to balance before making your selection. Moreover, forgiveness allows you to make off-center strikes for making them travel to a reasonable distance.


The second most important factor is the launch and beginners often have trouble with it. However, the best drive & fairway wood for beginners are structured with a low center of gravity (COG). Therefore, keep into consideration that you have to look for an optimized fairway wood.

It will help you in making a smooth launch without any trouble and effortlessly. Here note that the weight of the head of fairway wood also affects its launch. However, to give you an idea those fairway woods are easy to launch which has weight positioned low and back in the head.


All the forgiveness and easy launching are useless without having a reasonable distance of fairway wood. Furthermore, it helps you to get close to the green while making long shots so we can’t neglect this factor.

Also, lower spin and decreased resistance will help you in maximizing the distance even during slow shots. Other than that, it improves the accuracy along with providing you better distance even during a mishit.


Another important point that is mandatory for a golfer to know is the thorough adjustment of a fairway wood. Furthermore, a good golfer should also know that when you have to make these adjustments. Also, you can control the shaft position by adjusting the lie.

However, to make this job easy for you some fairway woods come with adjustable loft and lie. Also, an adjustable hosel provides you the facility of adjusting fairway wood according to your distinctive swing style.

Club Head Size:

The size of the clubhead is also a game-changing feature that can’t be overlooked. Furthermore, a large clubhead size provides you greater forgiveness hence; enhance your confidence during playing. On the other hand, short clubhead size is difficult to manage during a golf course.


Other than that, when you are going to purchase the best fairway wood for beginners must check their desirability. As desirable clubs have some unique features which you can’t find in any other fairway wood.

Moreover, their quality won’t be deprived so, you can get good money in return, in case you want to sell them. Commonly, popular brands are more conscious of the desirability of their fairway wood. Therefore, look for the updated product with the best technology and notice their desirability.


Although looks have nothing to do with the performance of fairway wood but still they play an important role. As an appealing fairway wood will make you excited and you will confidently carry it in your bag. Also, classy looks are vital when you are searching for the best fairway woods ever

Now plenty of options are available which are amazing in looks and style. Also, in this article, you will find some good quality fairway wood with enhanced performance and classy looks. So, have a look at them before making a final decision.


We can’t ignore the price of a product when we are going to invest in clubs. Moreover, it is not wise to invest money in expensive products while some better-quality fairway wood is available at an affordable price. Therefore, carefully choose the best quality fairway wood which is also budget-friendly.


As you knew that the price of fairway wood is getting increased day by day so have to look for their durability. Therefore, don’t forget to check whether a fairway wood is durable or not? A durable fairway wood will save you money as it can be used for a long time.


The selection of the appropriate shaft is very much important as it greatly affects your performance while playing golf. Therefore, make sure that you are choosing the right shaft according to your height. In this regard, the length of the shaft, its stiffness, and the material used in its construction are vital.

Fairway woods vary greatly in terms of their length. However, lower clubs have a long shaft to provide you high launch. Other than that, prefer choosing that shaft that is made up of stainless steel. It is because steel is affordable and durable so, it stays longer.

However, graphite and titanium are also good as they are versatile so, make the best golf wood for beginners.


If you read this article carefully then I am sure that you’ve gotten enough information about the best fairway wood for beginners.

Although all of these products are great in terms of their function Callaway men’s steelhead XR fairway wood best among all. With its compact head shape, maximum forgiveness, and wide range of lofts it is an excellent purchase.

I hope you have got some useful insights from this article. Also, share this article and don’t forget to share your valuable opinion with us.


1. How to sweep fairway wood?

Place the ball forward, begin backswing then start downswing then cock at the backswing with full power.

2. How to hit fairway wood higher?

For this, keep your holder in a natural position and then hit it with your maximum energy.


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