10 Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers 2023 – Top Golf Reviews


Golf is becoming a popular game day by day as it keeps your body posture relaxed and makes you fresh. Many people are adopting it as their profession therefore they are learning skills. So, if you want to be a pro player of golf then you must have complete golf gear like putters and drivers.

Here, I am going to talk about the Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers with some specified features. Golf drivers are used to decreasing the spin of the ball with the consumption of less energy for tee shots.

On the flip side, these drivers are used to maximize the speed of the ball for launching smooth and straight strokes. The main factor for these strokes is the better quality of the clubhead and its weight for consistency in the game.

Besides, the straight alignment is a necessary thing for inline and stable shots on the tees with a comfortable swing. With a durable structure and exotic design, your driver will be able to produce a cool sound and smooth feel.

Also, the major component of consistent golfing is the best degree of loft and a large sweet spot for accurate tee shots. This large sweet spot of your golf driver will offer maximum forgiveness with suitable angles.

Below I have enlisted some top-class golf drivers for mid handicappers let’s have look at them.

Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver9.9
2TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver9.8
3TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc)9.6
4TaylorMade Golf M2 Driver9.5
5MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers9.4
6Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver9.3
7TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver9.1
8Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver9.0
9Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback Driver8.9
10TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver8.8

1. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver Hand Men’s Golf club:

Here comes the first golf driver that is a PGX driver as the best golf club driver for mid handicapper. With a perfect clubhead and headcover protection cover, it will be an admiring choice for playing with consistency on the ground.


Oversized 460cc clubhead for straight strokes
5-degree of the loft for maximum forgiveness
Smooth matte black finishing for smooth flights
Regular flex
Right-handed orientation
Durable graphite construction for long time performance

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver Hand Men’s Golf club Review:Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

This Pinemeadow golf driver is bolting with all prominent features that are needed for extreme performance. So for mid handicappers, it will be an outstanding pick to sign a victory on the smooth grounds and hills as well.

Below, I have set down some of its exclusive features so let’s have a look at them.

Oversized Head:

Its clubhead is constructed of graphite which’s why it is having a low weight and maximum durability. With its 460cc oversized head, you can enjoy the inline strokes with a comfortable swing and ultimate feel and sound on the ground.

Maximum Degree of Loft:

Besides the construction, it is attaining the best degree of loft for increased forgiveness. With its 10.5-degree loft, you can obtain a large sweet spot for increased strokes in a short time. Thus it would enhance the MOI and assist you to sink the ball in the cavity conveniently.

Headcover Protection:

Also, it is rising with a clubhead covering that is flexible and moisture-resistant to protect your driver from rusting. It is useful for the prevention of stains and dints on the surface of the clubhead. With its supreme look, this covering will increase the elegance of your driver in the course.

  • High forgiveness
  • High MOI
  • Headcover availability
  • Best angel of loft
  • Large clubhead
  • Average finishing


Here this amazing PGX golf driver is having a cool feel and sound amongst all other drivers. So, for a mid-handicapper, it would be an ample opportunity for an exclusive performance.

2. TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver:

Next, this RBZ golf driver is expressing high performance with a large clubhead. Here, the mid handicappers can experience a low spin and high MOI for straight and accurate strokes. With satin black finishing, it is coming up with more elegance on the battlefield.


Large 460cc clubhead for impactful playability
Premium graphite shaft for controlled strokes
Satin black finishing for stable shots
5-degree of the loft for maximum forgiveness
Offers a cool swing and particular sound and feel

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver Review:Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

For speed pocket performance, it would be an admiring pick to roll the ball down to the hole. Also, it is providing players with accurate forgiveness and straight alignment. Its sturdy construction is balancing the weight on the toe and the heel equally.

To gain more knowledge about this TaylorMade driver, let’s move down.

Sleek Design:

Talking about its elite construction, it is not possible to ignore the sleek design of this driver for maximum striking. It is satin black finishing is beneficial for locating the accurate alignment to slide the ball in the cavity with ease.

Low Spin:

Moreover, it has a speed pocket for increasing the speed of the ball and with the low spin to keep the ball high. Due to high MOI and low center of gravity, it acquires low spin for maximum playability on the greens.

Premium Shaft:

Besides, these drivers are known as the best golf drivers for distance due to the extreme length of their shaft. With the graphite construction, its shaft is having lightweight with a comfortable swing.

Also, it can take controlled shots with a high speed and straight alignment to make a consistent score on the battlefield.

  • The best degree of the loft
  • Durable composition
  • Lightweight shaft
  • Straight alignment
  • Average headcover


On the whole, it is a remarkable golf driver for the mid handicappers to have trails on the daily basis. Also, it has a long life with durable structuring so you can enjoy consistent golfing.

3. TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc):

Here, this driver is an emulsion of various emerging technologies to make the player comfortable while taking shots. It also plays a remarkable role in enhancing the confidence of the mid handicappers and polishes their skills for accurate golfing.


Right-handed orientation
Regular flex
Matte black and silver finishing
5-degree of the loft for the large sweet spot
Unique design and hammerhead slot for off-center shots

TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc) Review:Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

If you are searching for a durable driver along with the perfect grip on the shaft, then you have reached the exact point. With the different insertion of various technologies, this golf driver is rising with optimized speed to slide the ball smoothly in the pit.

Also, it can create a large sweet spot for providing high forgiveness to the player while taking positioned strokes. So, who will miss the chance to pick up this emerging golf driver with a fantastic feel and sound?

Without any further delay, let’s come to its attractive features.

High Forgiveness:

With the insertion of a hammerhead slot, this driver is capable of having a large sweet spot to offer high forgiveness. Also, it is coming up with a blend of other technologies to lower the spin of the ball while putting it in the pit.

Twist Face Technology:

Besides the other features, this driver is attaining twist face technology that is playing a perfect role to improve the performance. As the best golf driver for low handicappers, it acquires the best lie angles ranges from 56 to 60-degree.

Also, this technology is a classic addition to the engineering of the driver for high and straight flights. Its low center of gravity will increase the moment of inertia for positioned strokes.

Optimized Speed:

On the other side, it will optimize the speed of the ball while launching high flights by lowering the center of gravity. Here, the speed-injected technology will enable the driver to overcome the offset distant strokes with perfection.

Also, its low center of gravity will increase the moment of inertia for positioned strokes.

  • High alignment
  • Best lie angles
  • New face center
  • Maximum speed
  • Low spin
  • Average clubhead


Overall, I have mentioned its entire plus and minus points above to guide you about this driver. So, it suits your style then don’t let the opportunity go waste.

4. TaylorMade Golf M2 Driver:

Here, this adorable driver is acquiring left-handed orientation with improved construction. With its long shaft, you can take controlled strokes with optimal spin and high speed. So, with this improved golf driver, you can enjoy golf on the battlefield.


5-degree loft for the large sweet spot and high forgiveness
Geocoustic technology for comfortable feel and sound
Left-handed orientation
Steel construction for a long time golfing
Stiff flex club

TaylorMade Golf M2 Driver Review:Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

When it comes to picking a driver for mid golfers then it is one of the best golf drivers for intermediate players to play with mishits. With prominent attributes, this golf driver is catching the golfers for positioned hits on the ground.

Some of its demanding characters are given below to satisfy your queries.

Best Loft:

With the emergence of technologies, this driver is coming up with an ideal degree of loft to give great hits. Also, this golf driver is amazing for high performance with a 12-degree loft to set exact face angles and lie angles. It would lower the spin and increase the speed of the ball.

Multi-material Structuring:

Here the M2 golf driver is constructed of multi-material which’s why it is more durable than all other golf drivers. Most impressive, it is composed of steel and graphite to resist corrosion and stains while having fun with golf.

On the other side, its construction is lightweight, which’s why it is easy to carry and provides a cool swing. Also, its long durable shaft is responsible for distant strokes with optimal spin while launching flights.

Positioned Strokes:

Furthermore, this TaylorMade driver is allowing positioned strokes with high launching of flights. With the assistance of a relaxed swing and a cool feel and sound, this wonderful driver is rising with precise strokes to slide the ball into the cavity.

  • Best degree loft
  • Decreased spin
  • Greater alignment
  • High MOI
  • Optimized flights
  • Average shaft


In the end, this improved wonderful golf driver is coming up with versatility and durability. So, I hope that you would give it a try to enjoy wonderful golfing in a short time.

5. MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers for Men:

So talking about this fantastic driver, as it comes with a right-handed orientation so it would be a benefit for right-handed golfers. With an elegant black scheme head, this adorable driver is bolting with amazing performance on the ground.


Right-handed orientation
Stiff flex
5-degree loft for a comfortable swing
Graphite shaft for accurate alignment
460cc oversized face for maximum playability

MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers for Men Review:Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

Moreover, it is a complete box of maximum forgiveness, high speed, and perfect alignment to slide the ball on the greens. Meanwhile golfing, you take positioned strokes in a very short time, with its large sweet spot.

Besides, MAZEL golf driver is rising with its exceptional performance and bright color in the market. Its elegant black color is dominating the market of games due to its smooth finishing.

Unique Clubhead:

Here, its curved head is having a cup shape for continual shots on the greens with optimized speed and low CG. This cup-shaped head is composed of durable material for long-time gaming with this amazing driver.

Also, it assists to launch fast and straight flights while sliding the ball smoothly in the hole. So, you will enjoy the exceptional performance while playing with this adorable driver.

Accurate Striking:

Also, it offers accurate strokes with a controlled and optimized speed for putting straight strokes on the course. Here a speed channel is introduced it which allows minimizing the thickness of the oversized face for increasing the speed of the ball.

With the help of this speed channel, you can lower the center of gravity for taking high flights on the course. Also, it helps you to have a comfortable swing and exceptional feel and sound while playing.

Enhanced Sweet Spot:

Besides, it is having a large sweet spot for providing the players with enhanced forgiveness on the battlefield. Also, it helps you to point the exact face angles while setting the perfect alignment for straight strokes.

  • Cup-shaped design
  • More forgiving
  • Straight alignment
  • Distant strokes
  • Less energy use
  • Speed channel
  • Average shaft construction


So, this above-mentioned gear is the best golf driver for 20 handicappers that provides fantastic performance. Also, it would be helpful to vitalize the skills of the players.

6. Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver:

Here this driver is coming with improved forgiveness and triaxial carbon crown to compete with the most trending drivers. This driver is occupying a low weight with a supreme quality shaft for a comfortable swing.


Stiff flex
Right-handed orientation
Synergy shaft material for maximum swing
Durable graphite construction
5-degree loft for the enhanced sweet spot

Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver:Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

This right-handed golf driver is offering a comfortable swing with a long and premium quality shaft. Also, its synergy material is durable for playing with this shaft for a long time. Along with its sturdy construction, its exceptional design is catching many consumers.

Here, this Rogue golf driver is rising with high forgiveness and premium loft and lie angle for consistent strokes. With low spin and center of gravity, it enables straight flights with its standardized grip on the shaft.

Triaxial Carbon Crown:

It is notable how much the weight is light the object is easy to withstand. So, in this case, the crown of the golf driver is constructed with balanced weight on the heel and toe. This lightweight is helpful for the relaxed swing to keep your arms contented.

Also, the lines present on the crown assist to align the golf ball straight to the cavity with low spin. Also, forgiveness is a countable feature along with the wide clubhead to smooth and continuous striking on the ground.

Exceptional Speed:

Moreover, this branded driver is coming along with the jailbreak technology to withstand high speed. With this high speed, it would be easy for the golfer to overcome the spin of the ball. Also, it will provide you with maximum MOI and stable strokes in no time.

Iconic Shaft:

Also, its graphite construction and lightweight is an ultimate source for launching straight flights on the greens. Also, it keeps you contented while carrying it on the ground due to its decreased weight.

Its premium quality shaft is absolute for taking distant strokes on the greens to cover the maximum distance.

  • Tri-axial clubhead
  • Premium shaft
  • Improved forgiveness
  • Maximum swing
  • High speed
  • No headcover availability


Here this astonishing driver is coming with a premium shaft and maximum speed as the best golf club driver for the mid handicapper. So, you may find it helpful for your practice also.

7. TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver:

Coming to the next is the Taylormade driver that is counted as the best golf driver for distance. If you want to make a change in your game then it is an amazing addition to your golf gear for consistent goals.


Right-handed orientation
Senior flex
The durable construction of Titanium
5-degree of loft for maximum angles
Fujikura construction of a long shaft

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver Review:Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

Moreover, this remarkable golf driver is occupying exotic design and durable structure for continual gaming. Also, its lengthy shaft is applicable for distant shots to roll down the ball in a straight line. So, in the next I have explained its prime features briefly;

Asymmetrical Design:

Here, it is presented in an asymmetrical design with a balanced sole to strike the ball in the hole with low force. Also, this driver is carrying lightweight which would be an amazing factor for placing the ball with accurate speed.

Its balanced head is helpful for suitable forgiveness and high MOI that you can hit the ball with a precise and relaxed swing. Also, its carbon, titanium, and steel construction is a blend of durability for a long time.

Classical Performance:

Moreover, its performance is improved with the addition of various innovative technologies in it. Meanwhile, speed injected technology and twisted face technologies are playing a vital role to optimize the speed of the ball.

Its sliding weight technology is essential for balancing the head with adjustable precision of face angles.

Suitable Loft:

On the flip side, it acquires a precise degree of loft which is more than +/-2-degree so, you can change according to your need. Thus, this driver is the best golf driver for mid golfers due to its trajectory balls’ motion on the greens.

  • A suitable degree of loft
  • Additional technologies
  • Improved performance
  • Optimized speed
  • Use of threshold energy
  • Average Shaft


So, this golf driver tends to sink the ball in the hole with high speed, straight projection, and a good feel. That’s why it would be helpful for senior golfers with its classical performance.

8. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver:

Proceeding towards the next is Callaway golf driver for playing an exceptional game on the greens. Here, this right-handed driver is the best golf driver for intermediate players with high playability and classic structuring.


Right-handed orientation
Regular club flex
5-degree of loft for high playability
Titanium construction for lowering its weight

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver Review:Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

With the advent of time, this brand is coming up with improved and upgraded products which are highly beneficial for outdoor gaming. So, you should try this vulnerable driver once, I assure you that you will like its performance.

Premium Construction:

Here this golf driver is coming up with pure titanium construction that is 6 grams light in weight than other drivers. So, it will offer high flights with contented swing and produce a fantastic feel and sound while golfing on the greens.

Fast Ball Speed:

Besides, in the sole of this golf driver, there are two bars of jailbreak to intensify the speed of the ball. Also, it urges the MOI and provides deep sound when you are taking straight shots on the course.

Clubhead Protection:

Along with high performance, it is having a sophisticated covering to protect the clubhead from stains. It is durable enough to bear the hits of other gear present in the bag to prevent dints on the clubhead.

  • High speed
  • Clubhead covering
  • Optimized MOI
  • Durable clubhead
  • Shipping and delivery issues


Therefore, with remarkable features, this is one of the classical drivers in the market. Besides, I have listed its positive and negative aspects above for your convenience.

9. Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback Driver:

Here is the second last product of this article that is a Cobra golf driver known for the extreme playability and sturdy structuring. This golf driver is engineered with classic pure material for long golfing disregarding the hills and grounds.

Below, I have written down salient features of this Speedback driver for your satisfaction.


Right-handed orientation
Stiff flex
9-degree of loft with enhanced performance
Wrap grip

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback Driver Review:Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

This is one of the best golf drivers for low handicappers is specifically designed with a controlled speed for accurate strokes for launching straight flights. With the addition of continual strokes, optimized speed, and low spin, it is an adorable driver for senior golfers.

Speedback Aero Design:

Here this unique design is capable of increasing the playability of the driver. So, this speed-back aero design will increase the speed of the driver and lower the center of gravity for high flights. To revolutionize your game, you must pick it.

Emerging Performance:

Besides all other features, it is counted as the best golf driver due to its high performance and low spin on the greens. With accurate alignment and the best degree of loft, Cobra driver offers high forgiveness to provide you with straight flights.

Comfortable Swing:

Also, its lightweight is exemplary for comfortable swing and keeping your muscles relaxed during and after gaming. On the other side, it offers a cool and comfortable feel and sound while putting the ball in the cavity with a low spin.

  • Low spin
  • Optimized speed
  • Straight launching of flights
  • Exclusive construction
  • Best degree for forgiveness
  • No headcover


In the end, this golf driver is good for putting straight shots and durable architecture. So, I would say to procure this one for once and experience it’s working.

10. TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver – UST Mamiya Helium 5 Shaft:

Here, the last is TaylorMade driver urging with a supreme black titanium look and emerging technologies. Also, it is offering remarkable performance with right-hand orientation and is included as the best-used golf driver for mid handicappers.


Engineered in a sophisticated manner
Twisted technology face
Trajectory loft of the maximum sweet spot
Speed injected technology
High MOI to lower CG
Elite performance with right-handed orientation

TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver – UST Mamiya Helium 5 Shaft Reviews:Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

With tremendous flexibility and multi-materialization of the shaft and the clubhead, this is an astonishing pick for the senior golfers. Briefly, I have explained the particular features of this best golf driver for 20 handicapped.

I have set down some of its features for you, so let’s have a view of them.

Multi-material Construction:

It is highly noted that the construction of the golf gear is of classic and sturdy material or not. So here, this MAX-D driver is coming up with multi-material construction of carbon, titanium, and durable steel.

Also, it is composed of non-corrosive material that can resist moisture and all weather conditions. Besides, this driver occupies light-weight for precise hits and a large clubface to sink the ball.

Straight Flights:

This golf driver is a blend of new technologies for continuous gaming with an oversized head to do with hits and mis-hits on the greens. Moreover, its loft and high MOI are helpful for the trajectory motion of the golf ball with an impressive degree of angle.

For straight shots, this twist face technology is an assisting measure with low use of energy and relaxed swing.

Ideal Speed:

Besides, this admiring technology is authentic for enjoying consistent golfing with a slow and precise speed. This rising technology is helpful for straight and off-center hits on the greens with a suitable flexible shaft.

Also, it is eligible for providing you with a prominent degree of loft and high forgiveness to roll down the ball in the cavity.

  • The best degree of loft
  • Precise speed of ball
  • Oversized clubface
  • Multi-material construction
  • Adjustable clubhead
  • A bit heavy on your pocket


So, this adorable club driver is an astonishing addition to your golf gear with its high performance and exotic design.


Sometimes you may not have any idea of buying a new product so you will be confused about its features. So if without any knowledge about the perfect specs of that product then ultimately you are wasting your money and time both.

To do with this hesitation, several buying guides are available in the shops to provide you with the perfect specs. Here, I am writing this buying guide for snapping out the best golf driver for mid handicappers.

Let’s come to the prominent features that an exclusive golf driver should have for exceptional performance on the battlefield.

Solid Construction:

On the prime note, the driver you are picking must have a durable construction. Sometimes, it happened that due to inferior quality construction, the driver broke down in a few hits. So, it would be irritating for the mid handicappers.

Thus, your golf drivers should be constructed of steel, alloy, or graphite and a blend of titanium. This blend will stiffen the construction so you can enjoy golfing for a long time. Here the presence of graphite will help to decrease the weight of the driver.

For the best golf drivers for mid handicappers, steel will resist stains and prevent corrosion in the moisture.

Sleek Design:

Besides the durable construction, the sleek design of the driver also helps the golfer to attain consistency in the strokes. Also, the exotic design assists in enhancing the confidence of the player while striking on the greens.

Mostly, the unique design of the golf driver is assisting in launching high flights with maximum providence of forgiveness. The smooth finishing of the clubhead is best for the smooth sliding of the ball in the cavity.

Long Shaft:

On the other side, the long shaft is beneficial for taking distant shots with anti-glare construction. Particularly, the shaft ranges from 39 inches to 46 inches with the durable construction of graphite.

Before picking up the golf driver, you should know the height of the player for consistent playability. When the shaft is having enough length, then it would be convenient for hitting the controlled shots.

Also, you can experience a comfortable swing for launching straight flights in the hole.

Degree of Loft:

Moreover, the degree of the loft matters a lot for maximizing the forgiveness on the course. Mostly, the loft is having a degree ranges from 3 to 13 for maximum strokes in a short time without any distraction.

Also, it is responsible for adjusting the face angles and lie angles for stabilized strokes and high forgiveness. So, the best degree of the loft is countable before selecting any driver for the mid cappers.

Large Sweet Spot:

Furthermore, the large sweet spot is another factor for achieving high forgiveness with straight flights. Also, this sweet spot will urge the face angles to deliver accurate strokes with perfect forgiving capability.

Thus the enhanced sweet spot is necessary for the tremendous performance on the smooth surfaces and hills as well.

Standardized Grip:

For accurate hits on the tees and greens, you must have a proper grip on the shaft of the driver. For the mid handicappers, a standardized grip on the shaft is beneficial for handling the driver with equalized pressure.

Moreover, with the balanced grip of both palms on the shaft, you will enjoy accurate and inline strokes with less energy. In many drivers, there is a covering of moisture-absorbing material to absorb the sweat in the hands while playing.

High Alignment:

Meanwhile playing golf, the most important feature of a golf driver is to offer high alignment for high launches. If the driver is attaining an accurate length then ultimately, your driver will provide you with high alignment.

With this high alignment, you can hit the ball smoothly for achieving the maximum score on the battlefield. So your driver must be capable of having high alignment for maximum performance.

Balanced Clubhead:

For tremendous playability on the ground, your driver should acquire a balanced head for smooth sliding of the ball in the cavity. Mostly, the graphite construction urges the driver to balance the weight on the heel and toe.

Also, this balanced head is favorable for easy swing and to produce fantastic sound and feel. Also, it helps to optimize the speed of the ball with low spin for inline strokes to sign victory in the course.

Cool Swing:

All in all, the best golf driver is light in weight and durable in structure with a cool swing. Here it is helpful to keep your shoulder muscles sturdy and relaxed with smooth hits. The long shaft and standardized grip will offer a comfortable swing for maximum striking.

Smooth Feel & Sound:

Moreover, the driver you are attaining must produce a smooth feel and sound for making a consistent score. When the swing of your golf driver will be comfortable then ultimately it will produce a cool feel and exceptional sound.

This smooth feel and fantastic sound help the golfer to build confidence in the ground. Also, the compact design of the driver gives a comfortable feel and enhances the skills of the player with daily practice

Optimized Speed:

Furthermore, the basic function of the driver is to optimize the speed of the ball. So your driver should acquire a speed of 90mph to 100 mph for stable strokes with the usage of low energy. There are several technologies introduces for increasing the speed of the ball by enlarging the sweet spot of the driver.

With high speed, you can attain maximum hits in a short time without any distraction. Here, the high alignment of the driver also plays a vital role in inline strokes.

High MOI& Low Centre of Gravity:

Another important constituent of golf drivers is the high moment of inertia to launch high flights. So if the MOI is high then inversely the center of gravity will be low for taking the ball above the gravitational point.

Also, this inverse relation of MOI and CG will decrease the spin to optimize the speed of the golf ball. All these factors help the golfer to perform up to the mark in the course, collectively.

Head Cover:

While carrying the golf driver in the golfing bag, many other gears can damage the clubhead. That’s why must cover the clubhead of your diver with the headcover to prevent dints and stains on its surface.

Therefore, the construction of the headcover should be moisture resistant to cope with corrosion and dust.


Several golf drivers are trending in the market with different trademarks and prices. But what you have to pick is according to your budget. Your driver should neither be so cheap that it breaks in a few games nor so expensive.

While spending money on the selected driver, you must check the quality and performance of the driver for mid handicappers.


The last thing you have to take is that your selected driver must have a warranty to save your money. Talking about the different brands, they have a different warranty with their construction quality.

But a particular driver must have a warranty of 4 to 5 years with better yards and daily practice on the ground. So, this warranty would be useful for having your money back in case your driver wears out before the time.


Consequently, I have explained the best golf drivers for mid handicappers with their classical features. Above I have enlisted all the merits and demerits of those top-notch golf drivers also. These golf drivers will provide you with perfect striking on the tees and greens as well.

All the aforementioned drivers are having tremendous playability. But according to my choice, Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver is the best due to its high alignment and maximum performance on the ground.

In the end, if you find this article useful for picking up the best golf driver then must appreciate my work. Looking for your kind remarks regarding my writing. Thank you!


1. What is considered a mid-handicap golfer?

A player, who can play between 11 to 20 with consistent strokes at the 80s and break at 90s in a round, is considered as a mid-handicapper.

2. What is the easiest golf driver to hit?

Callaway Mavrik Driver is the easiest golf driver for a mid-handicapper to hit due to its lightweight and comfortable swing.

3. What is the most forgiving driver in golf?

Pinemeadow PGX golf drivers are the most forgiving golf drivers nowadays with maximum performance and an accurate degree of loft.

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