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There are several varieties of golf clubs for different types of players. It may be difficult for you to choose the best golf club for your player. Is it? Different varieties of golf clubs are available in the market. So, you must have the basic knowledge to choose the best golf club.

When you have to play a golf game you have to understand its types and its uses. This is the basic thing that you have to understand is When to Use What Golf Club? Usually, a golf club has 14 to 11 golf club sets.

Now it’s time to discuss its types and their uses!

When to Use What Golf Club

Types of golf clubs

While playing golf, golfers can put up to 14 to 11 different golf clubs in their bags. The golf clubs’ main 6 categories are given below.

  1. Driver
  2. Fairway woods
  3. Hybrid
  4. Iron
  5. Wedges
  6. Putters

What are drivers?

Drivers are designed to hit the longest distance of all the golf clubs. As a beginner, the driver is hard to hit because of the big size, so if you are a beginner you may have less control over it. However, for advanced players, it will be easy to hit with driver club.

The best materials that can be used to make driver are:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • Graphite
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon steel

Main Features

  • Bigger club head
  • The longest driver is 45” in length
  • The loft of the driver is 8 to 12 degree

When you should use a driver in golf?

You can use the driver in different ways and the following are described two:

  • You can use a driver to make a proper tee shot.
  • When you need to cover more distance with a low shot, you may use the driver.

What is fairway wood?

Fairway wood is made of mile wood and it is very useful for beginners. Fairway wood has a small head club and a short shaft. It has also a round-shaped head with a long body.

Fairway features

As it is represented by a name, the fairway woods are used for the fairway. The fairway woods are also known as the 2nd longest club after the driver. They are available in different numbers 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9.

When you should use fairway woods?

  • Fairway woods are used on the fairways when you are at much distance from the green.
  • Fairway wood is used for better improvement.
  • It is used to make a straight shot as compared to a driver.

What are hybrid clubs?

A hybrid club is also known as a “rescue club”. The hybrid golf club is a competitor of the wood and iron golf club. It’s made to help the golfers to use it in difficult situations on the golf course.

Hybrid golf club features

The hybrid golf club has a flat small head face. It also has a shaft, low center of gravity. It has an amazingly short length and a wide sole. Hybrid clubs are available in different numbers such as 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Why you should choose a hybrid club?

  • You can hit the ball easily with the hybrid club from the fairway, sand, etc
  • Hybrid helps you to deal with the trouble that you might face in the thick rough of the fairway.
  • Most golfers use hybrid clubs to make bump and run type shot around the green.
  • You can use the hybrid club anywhere on the golf course.

What are iron clubs?

The iron club shaft is made of steel and its grip is made of rubber. The Iron clubs are used to make shots into the green from any type of lie (rough, fairway bunker, e).

Features of iron clubs

Just like the other clubs, the iron clubs are also available in different numbers ranging from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. The lower-numbered iron clubs cover more distance than higher-numbered iron clubs due to fewer lofts.

When you should use iron clubs in golf?

  • Iron clubs are used to hit a ball off the tee.
  • Iron clubs can be used for long shorts.
  • If you are at a greater distance from the green, then use lower iron clubs.
  • When you are close to the green, then higher iron clubs will make better shots.

Types of Iron clubs

Here are the main two types of iron clubs.

  • Cavity back

These iron clubs are mostly used by mid handicappers as they are easy to hit. Cavity back irons are easy to control and provide more consistency.

  • Blade Irons

These iron clubs are used by professional players who have more control over them and can make a good shot.

What are wedges?

Wedges come from iron family and it is less expensive. Wedges are mostly used by professional players and low handicappers due to their precision and highest loft

Features of wedges

  • Heavy club head.
  • Short shaft
  • Shackles
  • Long lofts.

When you should use wedges?

  • When you are away from green, you should select wedges with higher loft to hit a high shot.
  • When you hit a ball high and want to get it rolls into the hole, you should use a lob wedge.

Types of wedges

  • Pitching wedges

They have a loft of 48 degrees and used when the 9 iron clubs left off.

  • Gap wedges

The loft gap wedges are usually from 51 to 53 degrees.

  • Sand wedges

As represented by names, they are made to drift through the sand. Sand wedges clubs have lofts between 54 to 58 degrees.

  • Lob wedges

Lob wedges are used when you need to hit a ball over the obstacles. They have a loft of 58 to 64 degrees.

What are putters?

A golfer keeps one putter at a time in his bag as it is used to roll the ball into the hole. The putters have grooves on its face which help the ball rolling in a smooth way.

Features of putter golf club

  • Flat club head
  • Low profile
  • Low-loft striking face
  • Bent shaft
  • Non-circular grip

When you should use putters in golf?

  • You should use a putter away from the green.
  • The putter is used to cover the minimum distance.
  • The putter is used to roll the ball into the hole.

How to know when to use what golf club?

Is it difficult to choose the best golf club from the above-given golf course? If yes, don’t worry I will help you to choose the best club.

I‘ll guide you in which area of the golf course what golf club will be used let’s discuss them.

Club used in different areas of a golf course

  • Drivers, fairy wood, Hybrid, Iron club are in the tee box area.
  • In fairway- fairway wood, hybrid, iron, and wedges are suitable.
  • In rough areas of a golf course- Iron, Hybrid, wedges, and 7 or 9 numbered fairway wood are being used.
  • In the green area of a golf course – putters are preferred.


I hope after reading this article you will be able to understand when to use what golf club. Moreover, as you gain experience, it will become easier for you to choose the right golf club.

I have recorded different types of clubs and their main feature which will help you to choose the best club. If this all information is helpful for you then share your valuable reviews with me.

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