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Nowadays, it has become a trend and hobby to play with 14 golf clubs. Many people play with 14 golf clubs while some people play with 11 clubs. The beginners will need more practice and confidence to play golf with great shorts.

The beginners enjoy their journey of the game through the correct use of the golf club. Do many people ask that what golf club do I need as a beginner? The golf club with the 11-clubs set is made for higher forgiveness and strength. Thus, golf game has lots of rules and different types of clubs.

Well, let’s discuss this in detail!What Golf Club do I Need as a Beginner

Selections of golf clubs for beginners:

If you are a beginner then it is necessary to read all steps which are given below:

  1. When you are buying your golf clubs then it must be your priority to understand a thing about the golf club.
  2. You can talk to your golf friend about golf clubs’ important tricks.
  3. You just have to use your golf friend’s golf club to understand it. By doing this you can easily understand the kinds of golf clubs.
  4. Never go to buy a golf club without any practice.
  5. You can also talk with those people who know about the golf clubs.
  6. Never practice on the half club you have to practice with a full golf club.
  7. Before purchase the golf club, you have to try some shots.
  8. You can buy only half the club, not the whole club.
  9. If you are trained with the half club then it’s time to buy the remaining club.
  10. The beginners have to play with the whole club to understand it.

Basic golf clubs for beginners:

The golfers have a choice between graphite and steel-shafted woods. Graphite forest usually covers a long distance. Graphite forest wood is very popular for the wooden shaft. The steel jungle is used less than graphite forest.

Manufacturers provide you neutral options for the head design. The design of the wood head is amazing and there are no harsh scratches on the head.

  • Material of wood head:

The head material has three categories and characteristics that are given below.

  1. Steel: Steel is the most popular choice for head material. It is durable and less expensive.
  2. Titanium: Titanium is used for thrash T. The weight of the titanium steel is high and it helps with the head material.
  3. Composite: The composite is a combination of carbon with steel and titanium. It is very useful to cover the curved and it has amazing results.

1. Iron golf clubs for beginners:

The iron clubs save your shots in the whole round than the others. For beginners, the iron club is a good choice. Iron golf has many choices and a wide range of features. For beginners, it is important to select the right set of iron.

The iron golf clubs have several factors such as style, speed, power, and fault. Some players use iron clubs and some use iron clubs for their needs. Shackles make your game difficult and that’s why it is less used.

Moreover, the iron golf clubs go longer if you invest in quality base irons. The iron golf clubs are used in different ways based on your performance. The irons clubs are used for beginners for their practice time.

Also, you can use shackles with dissimilar numbers that can give you amazing results. Beginners can easily use iron golf clubs. If you can use the higher number then the ball easily upraises into the air. There are different numbers of iron clubs that are given below;

  • Center irons are used for long-sight shots such as 150 to 200 yards.
  • The small irons are used for short-sight such as 120 to 150 yards.

Moreover, you can raise your ball high in the air as your choice. Now you have to realize how much the iron golf club is useful for you.

2. Hybrid golf club for beginners:

The hybrid golf club is made for beginners and the body of the hybrid is amazing. The face of the hybrid is very thin that makes it unique. The other part of the body has a unique body along with a thin face. Because of its thin face, it looks like fairway wood.

The beginners can make good and high shots because of hybrid high weight. You can raise your ball in the fair because of its thin and flat face. The hybrid golf clubs are used most than the irons. If you talk about its body, it is very unique and looks like a thin knife.

The hybrid golf club has many functions and it can easily make good shots. The hybrid clubs have a high number of shackles that can make the head club speed. If it is about the graphite shaft, the weight of the hybrid becomes less.

Hence, you can make many head clubs as you want to raise the ball in the air. The hybrid golf club is used in different ways to decrease the problem of beginners.

3. Wedges golf clubs for beginners:

Wedge is a small part of the iron family golf club. The wedge golf clubs are used in very special conditions. If you are a beginner, first of all, you invest your money in wedges golf clubs. It has different types of models and gives ultimate results.

Your efforts and struggles are considered to buy wedge golf clubs.

4. Putter golf clubs for beginners:

The putter is easy to use on the golf course and it gives you confidence. Putter golf clubs are used for beginners for their brilliant results and you have to use the putter with patience. The putter has further two types that are mallet putters and blade putters.


I have written all the basic and necessary things of what golf club do I need as a beginner. I have gathered enough information on all types of golf clubs that are used for beginners.

Hence it depends on you, which golf clubs you choose to play for beginners. Without any hesitation, send your feedback about this article.

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