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It will be a very exciting experience if you buy a golf cart for your comfort. Before purchasing a golf cart, several factors you may need to know. The most important factor among them is How Long do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

The average life span of golf cart batteries depends on how you take care of them? Moreover, how much and how often you use it. The most common factor which affects the average life span of batteries is carelessness.

In this article, I will guide you on how you can get a better lifespan of golf cart batteries.

Let’s get started!

How Long do Golf Cart Batteries Last

What is the average life span of golf cart batteries?

The average life span of golf cart batteries is from 3 years to a maximum of 10 years. Different factors contribute to deciding how long do the batteries last. The three years life span of batteries is due to the combination of the following factors.

  • Improper charging process
  • Way of taking care
  • Heat during summertime
  • Low-standard batteries
  • High speed than the maximum limit
  • Irregular battery maintenance

By avoiding these basic damage factors you can increase the lifespan of batteries up to 5 to 7 years. Proper care and maintenance can increase the average lifespan and keeps the cost down.

Does all the time plug-in affect batteries’ life span?

Some people thought that if they left the batteries plugged in all the time, the average life span of golf cart batteries will increase. If you are among those, I will tell you that you are wrong. The best way to increase the life span of batteries is to keep checking their water level and carefully driving.

You should turn off the battery after using it and do properly charge the battery.

How you can increase the lifespan of golf cart batteries?

Changing batteries often is frustrating, and time-consuming. Moreover, it will be very expensive to change batteries often, that’s why proper care may keep the costs down.

Here are the ways which can increase the average lifespan of golf cart batteries.

1. Maintaining Water Level:

There is no doubt; both the high level and low level of fluid may lead to battery damage. Therefore, you should keep checking your water level regularly to avoid battery damage.

To check the water level, remove caps of the battery’s cells and take a look if there is enough fluid to submerge a battery, then no need to add water. If not, add enough amount of distilled water to maintain the fluid level.

2. Proper Charging:

Every battery has a fixed capacity to the maximum charging. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, when and how you should charge the golf cart battery. The way of proper charging may increase battery efficiency and lifespan.

You should give proper time to batteries, to get a full charge and should not interrupt batteries until charging completes. The lead-acid batteries should charge when it is fully discharged.

3. Trickle charge when a battery is not in use for a long period:

When there is an offseason you don’t go outside the golf cart left unused. During this long period of storage, the average life span of a battery may decrease remarkably.

In this storage duration, if you set the trickle charge with the battery charge, it can maintain the battery’s health and its power.

4. Corrosion prevention:

The golf cart battery is susceptible to elements and may get corrode over time. This corrosion reduces the lifespan of the battery. That’s why you should store your battery in temperature-controlled places and in dry areas to prevent corrosion.

5. High-quality battery:

The battery is one of the essential parts of a golf cart on which quality you may not compromise. Less expensive batteries have a shorter lifespan as compare to others. To maintain the average lifespan of the battery you should buy mid to higher-priced batteries with having proper warranty.

How should you take care of golf cart batteries?

As a car’s battery needs proper maintenance, the golf cart’s battery also needs great care to maintain its efficiency. Here are the ways how you can take care of it.

  • Check properly the electrolyte level or water level of batteries
  • Proper charge the batteries before starting.
  • Never leave batteries in a discharged state
  • After every use, charged the battery fully
  • Clean battery at least once a month
  • Switched off electric components in your absence

How would you know the average lifespan of a battery?

Some people use their private golf carts for recreational purposes only. Some members get a fleet cart on rent from the golf club to enjoy a full day on the course. Fleet carts cover more distance as compared to private golf carts.

The private golf cart does 1-2 rounds of golf in a weak while the fleet cart does 1-2 rounds in a day. You must acknowledge, the battery in both golf carts may work for many hours. The other factors such as light and radio may use extra power.

In general, the average life span of a private golf cart is 6 to 10 years and the lifespan of fleet carts is 4 to 7 years.

What are the factors which can reduce the average lifespan of batteries?

Different factors which can reduce the lifespan of golf cart batteries include:

  • More usage
  • Way of charging
  • Draw an extra power
  • Improper care

Moreover, if you drive often your cart to go to course, then the lifespan of your battery is less as compared to those who drive once a weak.

What should you keep in mind while charging a battery?

The charging habit is one of those factors which can increase the lifespan of the battery if you do it properly. You can improve your way of charging a battery by following methods

  • Do not overcharge the battery
  • Use automatic charger
  • Set timer during manual charging

When you should replace your golf cart battery?

To replace a battery is very expensive so, you can’t replace the battery often. That’s the reason you have to take care of the battery to keep the costs down. But the batteries are not built to use forever.

When you notice the cart takes a time to go up the hills and its charging time has also increased, that’s the time when you need to change the battery.

 What are the features of golf carts that draw extra power?

The feature which draws extra power may reduce the average life span of batteries. These features include:

  • Headlights
  • A horn
  • Upgraded motors
  • Fog lights
  • High speed


The golf cart battery is very important for its working so, taking care of the battery is very essential for everyone. In this article, I have explained the answer to the very common question how long do golf cart batteries last?

To make the batteries long last proper charging, maintenance of the battery, proper cleaning is the key factors. If you keep in mind these factors and properly maintain your battery, I assure you, your battery will last up to 8 to 10 years.

I hope after reading this article you will understand how you can increase the average lifespan of batteries. If you find this writing helpful share your valuable reviews.


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