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A golf ball is the necessary piece of equipment for the game. Generally, golf balls come in different types and different shapes. The golf ball is made of rubber and the cover of the ball is made up of plastic. This is all then covered by the thermoplastic resin.

The main raw material that is used to make the golf ball is plastic and some chemical also. The crystal compound is also used for pesticides. I shall provide you a brief guide on What are Golf Balls made of? Now it’s time to discuss all in detail.What are Golf Balls made of

History for golf ball

The first golf ball was recognized in Scotland at the starting of the 1400s. In the early stages of the 1400s, the life of the golf game extends by upgrading its condition. In history, the golf ball changes its shape and size gradually. The outer side of the ball was covered with a handmade leather bag.

In history, people made their balls with wooden spheres, dust, and other useless materials such as rubber and leather. The golf ball gradually changes its development as time passing. Now in the 21st century, the golf ball changes its overall conditions like its outer cover and inner layers.

In old times, the golf ball was not formed in any technical ways. The golf ball was made in very little time. These days the golf balls are very unique in shape and weight and they are not useless as the previous ones.

How many types of golf balls?

Golf ball is made in very unique styles and can easily make at everywhere. These days the golf ball has 2 and 3 pieces, etc. Golf balls have made of different layers of rubber material. The rubber material is used for the center part of the ball. Some golf balls have a liquid center and some have rubber.

Here are 5 types of balls given below which are unique in styles;

1. One piece of a golf ball:

This type of ball is used for beginners and it has unique dimples on its outer surface. But some professionals are not interested in these balls.

2. The two-piece of a golf ball:

The ball inside has a rubber layer that is attached to the plastic and it looks unique. These types of balls are used more than the other balls. It covers a large distance because of its compressed core. A two-piece ball has a slow swing speed. Its cover is hard that protect the inner layers.

A two-layer ball is durable and better than a multilayered ball.

3. The three-piece of a golf ball:

In this type of ball, its cover is made with solid rubber, and then it is covered with soft plastic. The rubber layer is situated in the center of the cover.

4. The fourth piece of a golf ball:

This ball has 4 layers and the first three layers are made of rubber. The fourth layer of the ball is covered with urethane. This ball looks smooth due to the urethane.

5. The fifth piece of the golf ball:

This is the last type of golf ball that has many coats of rubber inside the ball.  Then the all ball is covered with urethane.

The creation process of a golf ball

When you see the ball, you thought that it is simple and easy to make. But many other things are used to make the golf ball. People always ignore this process by thinking that it is easy to form. In beginning, people used simple balls that there were no technical things used.

Furthermore, these days solid substructure is used in golf balls. The golf ball creation process is of five parts that I have given below:

1. Creation of center:

In this step, the mold core is a middle part of a two-piece ball. The first step is important for the early stages of the creation of the center. Heat and pressure are applied to the core.

2. Creation of dimples on the ball:

In this step heat and pressure are put on the balls to create dimples. The pressure on the balls issued in tons and the heat is put on the ball is300 degrees.

3. Coloring process:

This is the third process in which you have to paint on the ball. Through this process, the ball looks pretty and gradually goes to its final destination. The rough surface and uneven tone of the ball can be removed by this process.

4. Printing design:

Some types of logos and others words are printed on the outer surface of the ball. Many golf balls have different logos or company names that are printed on them. In other words, you can say that stamping and logo design can be printed on the ball.

For the protection of the logo and stamping, you can use polyurethane to cover the whole ball.

5. The final step is packing:

The last step of the whole process is packing in this process the ball is ready for the packing process. Now it’s time to shipped and transferred to the retailers.

Weight of the golf ball:

Golf ball mass does not increase up to 1.620 oz and the diameter of the ball is not decreased than the 1.680. This is the limit of speed, distance, and balance that is the rule of the game.  The 2.9 grams is the average difference between two golf balls.

The 3.3 grams is the difference between the two poor condition golf balls. The weight of the ball is the unique factor of the game. In this game, you have to concentrate on the weight of your ball. If you have less concentration on your weight of the ball you cannot play well.

Shapes of a golf ball:

The golf ball has many dimples on its surface and the ball is spherical. The spherical shape golf balls used cheap spherical molds without any wrinkles and glitches. These spherical balls are used more in every course.

Furthermore, the balls are made of metal you have to warm it completely and then construct it into a perfect whole round shape. That type of golf ball name gutta-percha is completely made of metal.

If the ball has dimples on its surface, then it can move at double speed in the course. The ball which has dimples on the surface can easily bear the pressure of the air. More dimples give more accurate and progressive full results. The golf game is generally played by 2 players together in the golf round course.


In this article, I have written all the basic and necessary information which I thought is important.  I have written some basic things about what are golf balls made of in this writing. I have completed this article with so many ways of golf ball construction.

Therefore, I would like to know about your valuable feedback on my writing. So don’t forget to tell me about your opinions. I have patiently waiting for your feedback about my article!

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