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Selection of the right clubs for your game is brilliant art. If you’re a beginner in the golf game, you have to choose the right golf club for your playing. As a beginner, you need only 6 to 10 golf clubs but professionals use 11 to 14 golf clubs.

It depends on you which golf club do you need for your game. When you have to play a golf game it’s important to know How Many Golf Clubs Do You Need? It’s not an easy task but practice and concentration are the keys.

Well, let’s discuss it in detail!How Many Golf Clubs Do You Need

How many numbers of golf clubs in your bag?

In the golf game, there is a wide range of golf clubs the maximum number of clubs is 14. If you are a professional, you have to put up 14 golf clubs in your bag. But the beginner has to put 6 to 10 golf clubs in their bag. There is a wide range of golf clubs available in the markets.

You can bring a maximum of 14 golf clubs with you to the golf course. The golf club is used to hit the golf ball. There is no special limit to play with a minimum golf club. It is recommended that you can use 14 clubs but not more than 14.

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Golf clubs for junior players:

The junior players should have to play with 8 to 10 golf clubs instead of 14 golf clubs. In starting junior players can play with 5 to 7 golf clubs. By playing with fewer golf clubs the players can improve their practice.

The junior golfers have to show their interest in the game then they can invest money in a full set of the golf club. You can choose only those clubs that can help you to win early. Golf club set for juniors includes;

1. Two kinds of wood:

Two kinds of wood golf club heads are made of stainless materials. Its loft is 12 degrees and lies at 56 degrees. The two kinds of wood are a complete vast round. It has a long circular and round-shaped flat club head. Two kinds of wood head weight are in 220 grams range.

2. Two irons:

Two irons have the least lofted club and it is the longest iron. It is very flexible and you can easy to make a shot on the small holes. The two irons come in 18 degrees golf club. You can make a shot in a distance of 170 to 195 and 215.

3. One wedge:

The one sand has a wide sole and it is used for shorter shots. The wedge has a high loft and a heavy clubhead.

4. One sand wedge:

The one sand wedge is a type of golf club and its features are given below.

  1. Open face
  2. Wide sole
  3. Lofted 56 degrees
  4. Perfect for high shots
  5. Swing speed 80 yards

5. One putter:

The one putter has 3 to 4 degrees of lofts and has a flat club head. It has a non-circular grip and is used to cover the minimum distance.

Golf clubs for professionals:

Professional golfer’s uses golf clubs depending upon their ability and considering their weakness and strength. They spend more money on the golf clubs focusing on their taste of play. Professional golfers use 14 golf clubs in the golf course.

Let’s discuss the golf clubs in detail.

Types of golf clubs:

  • Driver
  • Fairway woods
  • Hybrid golf clubs
  • Irons golf clubs
  • Wedge golf clubs
  • Putter golf clubs

1. Drivers:

Drivers are used to covering a large distance in the golf course. The professional has great control over the driver club. The professional will be easy to hit the ball with the driver club. The driver is made of titanium, stainless steel, graphite, and carbon steel.

Features of driver

  • Longest golf club
  • Lower loft
  • The longest driver is 45” in length
  • 15.1% driver is used.

2. Fairway wood:

The professionals use fairway wood on the fairway many professional players like to play with fairway wood. It can help you to raise the ball in the air. The majority of golf clubs are used 1, 3, 5 sets of golf clubs.

Features of a fairway wood:

  • Round shaped head
  • Long body
  • Small head club
  • Short shaft
  • 2.1% wood is used.

3. Hybrid golf club:

Hybrid golf club comes in lofts of 16 to 26 degrees and easy to use. The hybrid club is designed for the help of professional players. They use hybrid golf clubs in difficult situations.

Features of hybrid golf club:

The hybrid golf clubs’ main features are given below.

  • Large club head
  • Short shaft
  • Low center of gravity
  • Short length
  • Wide sole
  • 3.7% hybrid is used

4. Iron golf clubs:

Iron golf clubs are used to save your short in the round. The iron golf club is used to make short into the green. The professional player used the iron golf club for large shots.

The iron golf club has several series that start from 3, 4, 5, 6, and ends on 9. Iron golf clubs are of different types such as cavity back and blade irons. The golf clubs are usually used from the range of 2-iron to 9-iron. The iron clubs are used on the surface of rough, fairway, etc.

Features of iron golf clubs:

  • short shoots
  • cover more distance
  • rubber made grip
  • flat round-shaped head club
  • shorter shaft
  • 3.9% iron is used

5. Wedges golf clubs:

In the golf club, the wedges club is the most used golf club. It is a high lofted golf club and designed for short shots. Most of the professional players used the wedges golf club instead of others.

The smaller number of hybrid covers about 10 yards distance. The wedge golf club is of different types some of these are given below

Pitching wedges:

Pitching wedges have a loft of 48 degrees and are used when the 9 iron clubs left off.

Gap wedges:

The gap wedges are designed to cover the distance of the golf course.

Sand wedges:

The sand wedges golf clubs have lofts between 54 to 58 degrees.

Features of wedges golf clubs:

  • High loft
  • Heavy club head
  • Short shaft
  • Shackles
  • 11.2% wedges are used

6. Putter golf club:

Putters are made of Stainless steel and aluminum materials. Without a putter, your set of the golf club is not complete. The putter is designed to put the ball in the holes. The putter is also designed to cover a small distance. Its head is used to roll the ball into the hole.

They are used to cover the minimum distance. The golfer usually includes only one putter in their bag. Most professionals preferred the putter in the green area.

Features of putter golf clubs:

  • Flat club head
  • Low- loft striking face
  • Low profile
  • Bent shaft
  • Non-circular grip
  • 57.6% putter is used


I have gathered all the necessary information about how many golf clubs do you need on the golf course. I have tried my best to give you a beneficial and informative bundle of the article which can seek your problem. I have recorded golf club types and their features for your help.

Now it depends on you which golf club do you need for your golf course? If all the above information is helpful for you then share your valuable remarks with me.

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