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The golfers should know the size of the cart and the size of the cart roof. The durability of a cart is based on its engines. Here are two types of engines the first engine is a gas engine and the second is an electric engine.

The golf cart is four feet wide and the length of the cart is eight feet. The height of the cart is 6 feet. When the golfer plans to buy a golf cart so the priority of the golfer should know How Wide is a Yamaha Golf Cart?

How Wide is a Yamaha Golf Cart

The average width of a Yamaha golf cart:

People are very alert about the width of their golf cart. The Yamaha golf cart width is about 44 to 55 inches. Every golf cart is usually different from each other because of its shape and size. You can measure the cart from the left to the right side that involves the wheel.

The gap between the head wheel is less than the back wheels.  The golf cart size is based on the models and their seating space. The width for 2 passengers is 4 feet and 48 inches and the length is 8 feet and 96 inches. The golfers used many types of golf carts based on the passengers.

The golf cart comes in a versatile variety some have multiple seating rows and some have other luggage rooms.

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Golf cart roof width:

The Yamaha golf cart can cover you from the heat and rain. The golf cart width comes from 55 inches to 112 inches. The width of the roof is base on the number of passengers. Most golf cart brands are not giving the facility of the roof.

Some golf carts come without a roof that is not beneficial. Some golf cart roof has designing roofs and some have plan roofs. The roofs are made of durable plastic materials.  Golf cart roofs come in different styles and colors.

White and gray colors are mostly used everywhere. You can also install the hardware in your golf cart. Yamaha provides us a beautiful color scheme and durable than the others brand.

Windshield design for Yamaha golf cart:

Windshields are made of acrylic, impact modified acrylic, and polycarbonate. Both chemicals are used to cut, shape, and rotate and change the size. Acrylic and polycarbonate are ideal materials that are used in their many functions.

Windshields are used for passengers from the uneven weather. The windshield is the most use full feature in the golf cart. In presence of a windshield, the golf cart works well and works in every weather condition. The windshield protects your face from dusty winds that blow on your face.

A windshield also protects you from dusty particles and other objects. The windshield is easy to install and its tint is amazing. Windshield durability depends on acrylic and polycarbonate.

Seating capacity:

Some carts have a large seating capacity and some carts have a smaller seating capacity. The golf cart comes in many different styles with different seat arrangements. The seating capacity depends on the number of passengers. The golf carts come in a long and smaller size.

Here are some types of seating capacity golf carts that are given below in detail.

2 seater golf cart:

As we know the golf cart seating capacity depends on the number of riders. The 2 seater golf cart has only 2 seats for the passengers. In this cart, there is a small size of luggage area for the luggage. The golf carts come in different colors such as tan, white, and black.

4 seater golf cart:

The Yamaha golf cart comes with 4 seaters and has other features like style, safety, and consolation. The 4 seater golf cart is very durable and can balance the entire load easily.  Yamaha 4 seater has a brilliant bumper and excellent wheel.

Because of its brilliant bumper, there is less case of collision. Their function is amazing and it is very comfortable for the passengers.

6 seater golf cart:

Yamaha 6 seater is more comfortable than the 4 seaters. The six-seater golf cart is used for the VIP passengers. Its price is very high than the 4 seater golf carts.  The 6 seater golf carts are used more and it is lightweight cart.

A Yamaha six-seater has many functions such as durable handling, comfortable, efficiency, safe, etc. The durability of a 6 seater cannot be compared with others because of its functions.

Speed of the golf cart:

Yamaha is one of the famous brands that provide us golf cart vehicles with so many functions. Yamaha provides a variety of speed choices and the speed function is so amazing than the others. The speed limit is usually 10 to 20 miles per hour. But your cart can reach speeds up to 20 to 25 miles per hour.

Your gas golf cart is easily driven in many ways. The electric cart is faster than the gas golf cart. The electric and petrol golf cart works the same and the speed of the electric cart is 23 miles per hour.

The petrol golf car speed is 19 miles per hour that are enough for the golfer.

Weight capacity:

The weight of the golf cart is an important factor for a better cart. The golf cart with 2 passengers without a battery the weight of the cart is 950 pounds. If you add the battery to the cart the weight is 62 to 63 pounds.

The cart with 4 to 6 passengers the weight goes to 100 pounds. But the average weight of the cart is 900 to 1100 pounds.

The weight of the cart is different at the stage of the models and materials. Different models have different weights and their durability is also different. The electric cart with a big battery their weight is 300 pounds.

The 2 seater golf cart has 900 pounds and the 6 seater golf cart has 1100 pounds. The manufacturer wants to low the weight of every cart. The golf cart has a different weight because of different models.

The weight of some golf carts is 500 to 600 pounds without including the weight of the batteries. The golf cart weight is based on some factors and these factors are engine type and some others. The engines are of further two types which are given below.

  1. Gas engine
  2. Electric engine

Let’s discuss them in detail

  1. Gas engine

The gas engine golf cart weighs at least 100 pounds that is high than the electric engine. The golf cart also has a 4.6-liter tank.

  1. Electric engine

The electric engine is a lightweight golf cart and it is a modern engine. The electric engine weight is very low than the gas engining. The electric engine does not use crude oil that’s why it is less weighted.


In this article, I have written all the important and informational aspects of how wide is a golf cart. I have concluded all the necessary information for you which can seek your problem. I have completed this article with many functions of the golf cart and its other information.

This guide can help you a lot and you can easily solve your issues. If you found this content interesting then share your remarks with me. I shall patiently wait for your informative feedback.

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