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Being a beginner you need to learn everything about golf such as golf equipment, golf club, golf ball, etc. The rules of the game are very important to avoid frustrating penalties because penalties ruin your overall scorecard.

That’s why, if you are a beginner or a professional player, it is obvious for you to know the answer to the question of How Many Clubs In Golf Bag? If you don’t have a definite answer, be calm! In this article, I will explain the answer to this question.

You will get detailed information, how and how many clubs you may get while playing.

Let’s get deep into it!How Many Clubs In Golf Bag

How many clubs you may have in your bag?

You are allowed to have a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag. Some golfers don’t know these limited numbers set by United States Golf Association. As in the early 20th century, golf players are allowed to carry 20- 25 clubs.

Nowadays, the choices of golfers have been changed; rules and regulations of the golf equipment are also different.

What are the 14 clubs you allowed?

Among 14 clubs, 12 standard clubs are compulsory for every golfer. Here are the standard 12 clubs.

  • Three kinds of a wood club which includes – 5-wood, 3-wood, and driver
  • Eight Iron clubs which include – Pitching wedge and 3-9 iron

To fulfill 14 club limits, the remaining 2 clubs a player can choose according to his personal choice and need. For instance, he can prefer a hybrid driver for the fairway, putter, and a wedge for the golfer’s short games.

  • Lob wedge – gives better life
  • Sand wedge – help in tough bunker shots

Why golf clubs are limited to 14?

Looking at the typical types of golf clubs the USGA has a fixed limit of golf clubs. The limited numbers of clubs make the players more focused and regular. Moreover, the players show more creativity with course maneuvers.

In addition, the steel shafts clubs, and some others allow limited shot-making possibilities. The extra clubs offer players more short-making alternatives.

What if you exceed the limit?

For a good player, the rule is very important and while playing he keeps every single rule in mind. As a professional player, you should count clubs before putting yourself in play. You can carry 15 clubs; else you would get a penalty for not following the limit.

What’s the penalty for exceeding 14 clubs?

The penalty for excess clubs depends upon the type of game being played. Let’s go through them!

Match Play:

In match play, if you break the rule of club limit, one hole will be deducted from your scores. The penalty limit will be a maximum of two holes.

Stroke Play:

In stroke play, if you carry 15 clubs, you get a penalty of 2 strokes for each hole. If you have been noticed with 15 clubs during a round, then the penalty will be 4 strokes.

Can you borrow or share a club with your partner while playing?

No, the game’s rules didn’t allow the players to borrow or share the clubs during a round. All the players must have their clubs but you can share bags with your partner.

Interesting Facts:

Here are some interesting facts about your partner

  1. You both can carry your clubs in a single bag
  2. The same bag mean’s not allowed to use partners’ clubs
  3. You both must identify your clubs

What the minimum number of clubs you may have?

The maximum limit is 14 but the minimum numbers of clubs are not specified. If you want to carry less number of clubs you can carry 5, 6 or 10 clubs, it’s all your choice. But you have to keep in mind the maximum number of clubs to avoid penalty.

How can you remove an extra club from a play?

To take an extra club out of play is very simple. Before the round, if you notice that you have violated rules, instantly you need to take any action to remove an extra club.

Here the two ways, you may follow to remove an extra club.

  1. You can inform your partner that you have an extra club he can help you.
  2. The other way is you can roll the extra club upside down in the bag.

Do different types of clubs violate the rules?

If you follow the rules of the game during your round, the type of golf club doesn’t matter. You can choose any type of club which would you like. It’s all depends on your interest whether you like to putter, driver or wedges.

What variable option of club you have?

3-wood and 3-iron clubs are present in most of the players’ bags. Nowadays, 3-hybrids clubs are mostly used by professional players. Because hybrid clubs are smooth and have greater clubface surface area.

The iron club provides more control spin over the spin of the ball while the hybrid slides over the grass smoothly which makes it possible to smooth swinging motion.

What are the 14 clubs do professionals have?

The clubs used by pro players depend upon their strength and preferences. The pro players who had confidence in their short games may prefer a wider range of wedges.

Most commonly the professional players use the following combination of clubs.

  • 1-driver
  • 1-Fairywood
  • 6 irons(4 to 9)
  • 1-hybrid
  • Lob wedge
  • Gap wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Pitching wedge
  • Putter

What 14 clubs may beginners have?

As a beginner, there is no specific requirement for the club you have in your bag. Which club you may have it’s depending upon your experience level and confidence in hitting a ball. As you build confidence and get experienced you may choose heavy clubs.

As a beginner, a wider range of wedges will be a better choice within 100 yards for good results. If you don’t need you can skip driver and carry four wedges.

It is advisable to have lightweight in your bag so you should prefer those which give you maximum coverage and also provide different options between clubs.

Is putter including in 14 golf clubs?

The simple answer is yes. The 14 clubs which are allowed to golfers, putters are also included in them. Putters have two striking sides and important for short and low-speed strokes. Also, putters play a key role in rolling balls so that they can fit into holes.

But putters have some limitations in use but not in numbers you may carry four putters in your bag.

Limitations in Putter:

  • The putters which are no more than the 10 degrees of loft allowed to use
  • Two-way chipper putters don’t allow
  • The putter which is longer than the standard length is illegal.


To be a pro player you need to know every single rule of the game. Always be careful through the round and to avoid penalties you must know the answer to this question how many clubs in golf bag?

If you follow proper guidelines and observe the rules of the game, definitely in no time you will become a professional player. In this article, I have provided you detailed information about club limits and how to avoid penalties.

I hope it may prove beneficial for you so do share your valuable reviews to improve more.


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