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Play with 9 holes of golf is a unique challenge for old persons. No worry there is no specific qualification is required but your skill is matters. If you can play with 9 holes of golf you have to show your skill level here. If your skill level is high you can win the round.

Some people do not usually play the whole round because it takes more time than the 9 holes of golf. You can play 9 holes of golf with 2 players or maybe 3 players and 4 players. It’s time to explain How Long does it Take to Play 9 Holes of Golf?

How Long does it Take to Play 9 Holes of Golf

The Best score for 9 holes:

Now we talk about the scores for 9 holes which are the best scores. Players are usually wanted to play 9 holes because it is less time taken. Overall you can averagely cover 3 shots to each par which is the best for beginners and amateur golfers.

The beginners and amateur golfers usually select the 3 golf courses. These 3 golf courses consist of 9 holes and you can easily win. It is a big opportunity for the beginner’s golfer they improve their self and gives confidence.

How much time do you walk for 9 holes?

With 9 holes of golf, you can walk for almost 1 hour and 15 minutes round. If your average skill level of playing is low you can complete your 9 holes goal in 3 hours. And if your skill level is good your goal can be complete in 1 hour.

It is not important that what type of player you are. But the important thing is that what the speed of your game?  This depends on your partner that he is a good player or not.  If your partner is a good player you can finish your goal soon with no difficulties.

If you have no longer time for the game you can play 9 holes goal that is good for your less time. Your speed of play describes your time for the game that you can give in it. No doubt your speed of play is an important factor in this game.

Your speed of game base on these factors which are given below;

  • Level of skills of other players in your group.
  • Non-serious behave of the player.
  • Fitness of players.
  • The Interest of the player in-game.
  • Majority of peoples that are present in the golf course.
  • Walking speed of players.
  • More distance between the holes.
  • Forget the way of play.
  • Use of good cart.

These all factors increase or reduce the speed of the game which is given above.

How much time takes to play 9 holes of golf with 2 players?

The basic thing about this game is your time which you spend in-game. There are many duration of time which you spend in the game which depends on the players. The players may be 1, 2, 3, and 4, and their duration is different from each other.

Your game ends soon if there is only one player to play the game. The time duration with 1 player in the game is 1 hour and 15 minutes. The game plays with 2 players their time duration of play is 1 a half hours.

Same as it the time duration of 3 players in the game is 1 hour and 45 minutes maximum. For 4 players the time duration is 2 hours.

How to play 9 holes of golf for beginners?

The 9 holes of golf generally play by beginners because it is less time taken. Comparatively, 9 holes of golf is less time taken than the 18 holes of golf. This is more beneficial for beginners and gives them confidence and good results.

Some basic points which are necessary to know for every player are written below.

  1. Basic information to know about clubs.
  2. Select the good ball.
  3. Choose the good lessons to know the play.
  4. Choose a decent teacher.
  5. Have an idea about how to start the shorts.
  6. In starting play with fewer holes.
  7. It’s your responsibility to select the correct course.
  8. Start moving next.
  9. Keeps your game speed high.
  10. Clean your course well.
  11. The idea about where you stand.

Use cart instead of walk:

Some people use a cart instead of walk in the game. Choose the correct cart is an important part of this game without it the game cannot play well. Some people use a cart because it reduces the time which is used in the walk. Through the cart, you can find your ball faster.

The walk can tire the player gradually but if the player uses the cart they can enjoy the game. The cart takes less time instead of walking are gives brilliant results to the players. Some courses do not give the service of the cart through cart you can achieve your goal fast.

Benefits for 9 holes of golf:

Golf is a game that gives very positives results to the players. Golfers get physical fitness and give them a lot of good benefits also. Through this game, your mind also feels fresh and active in other words it is especially an exercise part. Some benefits of this game are given below.

  • It saves your time also than the 18 holes of golf.
  • These 9 holes of golf, give you self-confidence.
  • Wining chances are more.
  • These 9 holes of golf, give you a lot of body and mind benefits.
  • It improves physical fitness and stays your heart healthy.
  • The walk during the game burns your fat and gives you positive results.
  • Through golf games, you always stay healthy and not face any health problems.
  • It improves your muscles stretching and movements.
  • It shapes your body by burning your calories daily round.

Avoid injuries:

In this sport game, there may be fewer cases of injuries than in the others games. These games may be cricket, hockey, and football. Some injuries are given below;

  • Back injuries.
  • Hand joint injuries.
  • Elbows injuries.
  • Injuries on the head and eyes.
  • Ankles injuries.

The main reasons for injuries:

Some main reasons for the golf injuries are given below.

  • Use of wrong procedures.
  • Less experience with the game.
  • Not understand the teacher’s guidelines.
  • Ignore the rules of the game.
  • Not properly fit your body.
  • Have no smart ideas about the golf game.

Advice for the golf injuries:

The most important thing is avoid to get injured during the game. Firstly you have to do some exercise to hot your body. You have to sharp your back and also stretch your arms and shoulders. And use perfect tools for your game that thing cannot get you injured.


I have cleared about anything which I have written in this article. In this article I have talked about how long does it take to play 9 hole of golf? That I have written in my article.

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