Best Fairway Wood Ever in 2023 – (Expert Reviews)

Best Fairway Wood Ever

When it comes to a player’s connection with the fairway woods, there’s not a great deal of middle ground. Of course, the longer and higher rods can be problematic.

No matter what your skill level is, good fairway woods make the game more interesting and fun. Furthermore, as golf technology has been evolved, so have the design and distance.

However, you should know fairway woods are a great substitute for long iron rods. Also, they are easier to get hit than traditional long iron rods. If you’re a golf player and have to play on different green grounds then you probably need fairway woods.

Here, you’ll find every detail about the features of the best fairway woods that can help you to beat your opponent into the ground. Furthermore, you will find here every type of fairway wood that is suitable for you.

The key to finding the Best Fairway Wood Ever is to space them out in such a way that provides the most distance and reliability between each club.

We all know that a trusty fairway wood can change the game; therefore you should have the best and persistent one. So to get them to know, let’s just dig in.

10 Best Fairway Wood Ever in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway Wood9.9
2Taylor Made 2017 M2 fairway wood9.8
3Taylor Made M4 fairway wood9.6
4Pinemeadow Yukon Fairway Woods9.5
5Orlimar escape golf fairway wood9.4
6Callaway golf 2018 rogue fairway wood9.3
7Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Fairway Wood9.1
8Taylor Made SIM Max Fairway Wood9.0
9Callaway Men’s XR 16 Fairway Wood8.9
10Cobra Men’s KING F6 Fairway Wood8.8

10 Best Fairway Wood Ever in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway Wood:

Are you in search of the best fairway woods ever but facing difficulty in finding it? Then you’re at the right place! Callaway released original Steelhead fairway wood and in no time it became a favorite for golfers.

So, now without getting late let’s just get into the detail of this amazing brand.


Standard Steelhead shape
Next-generation face cup
Speed Step Technology
Shorter hosel, J-36 carbon crown

Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway Wood Review:Best fairway woods ever

The Steelhead fairway woods are designed for flexibility and performance. With new designs of high MOI heads with high core faces, the Steelhead produces a low-spin high flight for perfect shots.

Distinctive Design:

Especially in comparison to the long iron rods, you will probably find it best for its looks and comfortability. Besides, the head shape and size is quite good. It has a large head size that helps in forgiveness and high launch.

Versatile performance:

Also, the Steelhead XR is best for those players who need more grip, distance, and want something more versatile. In my opinion, it is best for players who want distinctive features and performance.

  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Solid impact
  • Good sound
  • Give a decent distance
  • Average shaping


For all who are looking for the best golf fairway wood, with excellent performance and reliability, this one is best suited for them. So, go through this article you’ll want to order it now.

2. Taylor Made 2017 M2 fairway wood:

Apart from its bold links, Taylor Made 2017 M2 fairway wood has a quite decent style. Taylor Made M2 has an excellent hosel, flexible adjustment and you know what it even needs to get doesn’t modify. Therefore, read this article out to get more detail.


White top line and carbon crown
Extended speed pocket
Lighter hosel
Inverted cone technology

Taylor Made 2017 M2 fairway wood Review:Best fairway woods ever

This ensures low spin with a high launch for the golfers who need to get the ball not that too high thus avoiding the foul concerns.

Technological accuracy:

Also, Taylor Made place a lot of various tech elements into the club. Geocoustic, carbon crown, inverted cone technology, etc are used in its manufacturing. Furthermore, to hit the ball, a fairway wood with a long and high shaft is extremely valuable.

Impressive look:

The new version of the best fairway wood ever golfers are larger and rounder with a bigger face than the previous version. It is pear-shaped and thus has a smaller footprint. Hence, it’s an amazing super stylish look with a confidence-inducing profile.

  • Plain sole
  • Good swing
  • Explosive and springy feeling
  • 112 mph club speed
  • Fixed hosel
  • Average adjustment


Adjustable distance, reliability, and forgiveness are its best qualities and are also a lot of player’s preferences. It is a perfect modern model of Taylor fairway woods, as it has everything you’re looking for.

3. Taylor Made M4 fairway wood:

The Taylor Made M4 fairway wood is specially made for professionals who are looking for a perfect shot. Also, It reaches long per 5 precision on best tee shots. It has an updated look and has great performance. Let’s see its detailed characteristics.


Accuracy and precision
The silver top line with black crown
Ni-Co 300 steel face insert
Easier to launch
More control and versatile

Taylor Made M4 fairway wood Review:Best fairway woods ever

It is the splendid combination of all the desired features that makes it an ideal fairway wood for all types of players.

Exotic design:

Unlike, other M-lineup, M4 has a silver topline, lacks a carbon crown, and black face. Furthermore, the silver top line with red contrast gives it a lavish look. It has a compact pear shape and medium depth face. If you’re looking for something more qualitative with “mini driver” then you need to look at M4 fairway wood.


Taylor fairway wood is the best Titlist fairway wood ever. It is easy to launch and thus gives you more spin. If you need more forgiveness and spin, it is the best as it is much easy to control. So, you could have more distance and versatility just as you want.

  • Extra stiff
  • Good stainless steel
  • Fluted hosel design
  • Multi-material
  • Bit expensive


Well, this flawless fairway wood is based on the latest technology and aspiring desi. Furthermore, all the desired features and specification you want is here, so what are you waiting for. Just go through the details and shop now.

4. Pine-Meadow Yukon Fairways Woods:

With very strong and robust material, Pine-Meadow Yukon fairway woods have been made perfectly. The primary objective of this product is to make it easy for you to take a very long and hard shot at the target.

So, do you want to know a bit more about it? Then keep reading this ahead!


Low-torque pine meadow graphite
Amazing feel and forgiveness
Best for longer hits
Very strong and sturdy construction
Great value for the price

Pine-Meadow Yukon Fairways Woods:Best fairway woods ever

Do you like to have an incredible and unforgettable golf experience? Then the most important instrument when playing is Pine Meadow Fairways Woods. So, you must keep this superlative instrument with you before you go to play golf.

Encouraged Good Speed:

The metal face that is close to zero CG is also encouraged good return speed. Thus, the low-pressure structures are other elements that encourage rapid ball speed and difficult terrain. Also, in this price range, you will get the ultimate and outstanding performance.

Multiple Lofts:

This has been shown to firm up the influence of the ball flight, which in turn enhances power exchange and thus enables increased duration. In particular, eight separate apartments are accessible for the Yukon forests of this pine meadow.

  • Slightly taller face height
  • Expanded sweet spot
  • Easy to find
  • Very consistent and durable
  • Multiple lofts available
  • Poor adjustment
  • Short time warranty product


Well, since it has been constructed to fulfill all your golfing requirements, this tool is one of the most recommended products. However, it has a dual-rail sole mounted to it to make it easily feasible in the rugged and grassy regions.

5. Orlimar escape golf fairway wood:

We will take you through the important information about the best fairway 3 wood ever made.    Some technical aspects should take into consideration while buying for the first time. So have a look at my article, you will get help.


Smooth launch
Balanced forgiveness
High-launching wood
Good hosel adjustability

Orlimar escape golf fairway wood Review:Best fairway woods ever

It is a great option for strong players, while designing it emphasis was made on maximizing the distance and offering unparalleled forgiveness.

High-launching wood:

For all beginners, this product is especially recommended. Also, It provides you high launch to get the ball up into the air. Furthermore, it produces max, carries low to mid spin thus making it easy to get the goal in time.

Best Adjustability:

A golf player needs to understand that adjustment of the hosel is very important in this game, and this fairway wood provides you the maximum. It has a bigger head size and lighter shaft that makes it more desirable.

  • Ease long shots
  • Lighter shaft
  • Bigger head size
  • Longer shaft
  • Best stainless steel material
  • Reasonable distance
  • Mid-launch


Taylor’s made escape fairway wood is best for high handicappers and is based on the latest technology. Hence, gives maximum forgiveness, thus is suitable for each aspect. So, go get the details now and place the order.

6. Callaway golf rogue fairway wood:

The brand new I am going to discuss has brought the greatest evolution in the world of golf and thus, technology has proofs itself that it is worth applying it. Callaway fairway wood is the best exotic fairway wood you could ever have and this has brought much to you. Let’s dig into its features.


Higher launch
Low spin
Swings speed
More loft options
Jailbreak technology

Callaway golf rogue fairway wood Review:Best fairway woods ever

Promising a high launch, more speed, more distance Callaway is giving its best performance in history and is the best tool for professionals.

Variety of Lofts:

We know well about our customer needs and demand, thus have brought this article to you. Callaway fairway wood brings various varieties for you. It has 3-wood options with different lofts and trajectories. Also, It is the enlarged version thus, gives a low spin with a higher launch.

Apex hybrid:

Furthermore, the standard rogue shape is the best version of an apex hybrid. It has an excellent blend of forgiveness, workability, and versatility. Rogue X is shaped like a miniature fairway wood, so we can call it super-hybrid, known for its maximum distance.

  • Apex hybrids
  • High launch
  • Exotic design
  • More loft
  • Not adjustable


As expected, new rogue fairway woods play straight and long, even on mild to moderate mishit, so is the best fairway wood ever. Furthermore, it has come in sub-zero editions for professionals who want low spin head design. Therefore, this one is highly recommended, let’s just order now.

7. Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Fairway Wood:

It is the lightest and most forgiving fairway in Cobra’s collection. Furthermore, it is specially designed to perform at medium swing speed. Also, Its large midsize grip is much suitable for golfers of every age. Want to know more? Let’s come down.


Super lightweight
Most forgiving
Biggest length
More lofts
Compact footprint

Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Fairway Wood Review:Best fairway woods ever

Cobra has recently launched the F-Max super light fairway wood and due to its low-profile, shallow-faced shape, it’s something worth buying. With each swing, you will feel that you’re going to catch the globe.


The Cobra Max light has a stainless steel insert face. Also, it can launch the ball so high thus, help those who couldn’t get the great distance shot. Moreover, its distinguishing feature is that it is available in both left-hand and right-hand versions.


The Cobra light fairway wood is known for its easy-high launch and straight flight. Furthermore, It gives a smooth swing thus, set the ball on an elevating ride. It has an amazingly compact footprint that makes it more demanding. Let’s have a shout out for this amazing version.

  • Good trajectory
  • Elevating ride
  • Quieter sound
  • Silky texture
  • Glossy black color
  • Offset in hosel


If you’re a heartthrob player of golf and looking for a club that should be lighter and has more speed with high flight then you’re at the right place. Cobra Men’s 2016 F-Max fairway wood will help you out in taking the ball right in the orbit. So, click on the details above and shop now.

8. Taylor Made SIM Max Fairway Wood:

Taylor Made has launched the SIM range for 2020 in place of the existing one. So, what’s new in this one? You’re thinking exactly like this right? That’s why I’ve discussed the detail below whatever you want to know is here.


V-shaped steel plate
Reduced friction
More speed and distance
2 degrees adjustability
Loft sleeve
Available at low price

Taylor Made SIM Max Fairway Wood Review:Best fairway woods ever

In this version, the emphasis has made on clubhead which now is greater and as well as the speed. Also, It is made of classic steel material and versatile design. It is specially designed in V-shape to reduce friction.

Improved Ball Speed:

SIM airway is a 180cc titanium head with carbon and ZATECH titanium face. It has a heavy sole of 80g thus, has extremely low CG which ultimately increases the ball’s speed. Giving the ball a high launch improves forgiveness.


For all players who love adjustability, this version has brought a loft sleeve that gives you much more adjustability and customization. Just with the addition of some features, this 2020 model has come as the perfect one. It is also available in 14-, 15- and 19-degree edition.

  • Titanium, black, blue colors
  • Right-hand orientation
  • V-shaped steel sole
  • Ultra-low CG
  • Multi-material design
  • A bit expensive


Taylor Made SIM Max Fairway Wood has a gorgeous design with a combination of metal and carbon. Furthermore, the large club faces and has a low center of gravity. It gives large distance and creates a larger “sweet spot” thus, it is best for those who find it difficult to take a hit.

9. Callaway Men’s XR 16 Fairway Wood:

Callaway Men’s XR 16 fairway wood is the new and latest version. It has the highest MOI, highest COR, and low CG. Furthermore, it also has an improved face-cup for a high ball and thus bears great turf interaction.


Huge variety
Adjustable hosel
Aerodynamic head shape
Lightest crown

Callaway Men’s XR 16 Fairway Wood Review:Best fairway woods ever

Keeping in mind the detailed look of this model, I would highly recommend this one. As the new Callaway collection is more aesthetic and has more guts of taking the game to overturn.

Aesthetics and specs:

Callaway Men’s XR 16 has a matte-black finish on the crown. It has two stripes, on the inner and outer radius of the crown. One strip is white and the other one is grey. Moreover, it is a pro fairway wood so, offer more aerodynamic. If we talk about spec, it hits the market with its exotic features offering more speed and distance.


This version is influenced by aero tech has the head of a 450cc and neutral center of gravity. This smaller package offers a bigger distance and forgiveness. Comes with the highest MOI, springiest face therefore, this smaller package gives every advantage even with this smaller head.

  • Highest COR
  • Highest MOI
  • Aerodynamic head shape
  • Hyperspeed face cup
  • Smaller head
  • Optimize performance


This version has improved aerodynamics on the head shape that helps to have more speed and this is hotter, bigger with hyper speed face cup to offer you more forgiveness.

10. Cobra Men’s KING F6 Fairway Wood:

Cobra Men’s King Fairway wood is the part of F6 collection. And this company is especially known for its speed and forgiving power. Other than that, it is the longest fairway wood with efficient CG and has more adjustability options.


Black in color
Graphite shaft material
Dialed in weight
Easily adjustable loft
48 inches dimension

 Cobra Men’s KING F6 Fairway Wood Review:Best fairway woods ever

If you compare it with the old version, you will get to know that it is much better and different concerning its looks and performance.

Graphite shaft technology:

It is heavier in weight and has more power to penetrate higher flight. It has a more adjustable hosel, as well as it sweeps the ball more easily. Also, It is good for on-center shots, and its loft gives you the maximum distance.


Cobra Men’s is based on movable weight technology that allows more trajectory and spin. This hybrid has a fixed weight in the back with a clubhead. Moreover, It is perfect to deliver a high launch and give optimal stability impact.

  • CG Tuning F6-drivers
  • “Front to back” technology
  • Eight adjustable lofts
  • Speed channel
  • Optimum spin


When we talk about best fairway wood, then Cobra Men’s should be the topic to discuss, as it gives more advanced features and options. This is pocket friendly as well, so it is the best option to consider.


In this whole article, my topic of discussion was best fairway woods ever and I tried my best to give you as much detail of different brands as I can. The aim to write this was to facilitate all of you out there who find it hard to recognize the best one.

As I have discussed a lot of different brands but I would like to recommend you to Callaway Men’s Steelhead fairway wood. We should keep an eye on the things that are suitable for use as well as best in performance, that’s the reason I am suggesting this one.

Also, share this article, and don’t forget to give your valuable feedback.


1. What is the best fairway wood?

The best fairway wood is the one that has the combination of hot faces with ultra-low weighting to get maximum distance. So, Taylor Made fairway wood is the wood that offers this all to you.

2. What is the best fairway wood for a high handicapper?

Taylor Made M6 fairway wood is the best one for high handicappers, as it makes it easy for you to hit the ball and to elevate the ride.

3. What is the best fairway wood shaft?

Callaway graphite is best, as it is tough and has a wide range of lofts. For the epic play, you must have this one. It provides you ultra-low weight, maximum distance, and more accuracy.


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