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Just like other golf equipment a golf cart also plays a very important role in a golf game. If you had a plan to buy a golf cart you need to know the basic dimensions of this vehicle. It’s a fact many golfers have very little knowledge of these carts.

At least, you must have an answer to this question. How wide is a golf cart?

It is one of the best feelings when you go out on the golf cart on the course. Sometimes the path goes to the course is narrow; therefore, buying a cart to understand the dimensions of this vehicle is very essential.

Let’s discover them!How Wide is a Golf Cart

What are the Standard dimensions of the golf cart?

When you decide to buy the best golf cart you should keep in mind the standard dimensions of following

  1. Golf cart space
  2. Golf cart length
  3. Roof dimensions
  4. Parking dimensions

According to a standard size, the golf cart is about 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, and measures about 6 feet high. Irrespective of the brand the standard dimensions of the golf cart are the same.

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What should be the average size of a golf cart?

Golf carts of different brands are available in the market in different shapes and sizes. If you are confused to choose the right size you need to know the average size of a golf cart. To know the average size you have to understand several factors such as type of engine, the weight of the cart, load capacity, etc.

Therefore, you should keep in mind the individual measurements while getting the cart.

How many types of golf carts?

Different types of golf cart you will found in the industry and here are:

  1. Electric powered carts
  2. Gas-powered carts
  3. Diesel carts
  4. Pushcarts
  5. Pull carts
  6. Remote Controlled carts

These are the types of golf carts available in the market you can get according to your choice and needs by keeping in mind its dimensions.

Why dimensions of a golf cart are important?

Basic knowledge of golf cart dimensions’ enables you to make the right choice. Two-seat, four seats or six-seat golf cats provide you an opportunity to choose the best-spaced cart per your need.

Moreover, its relay on dimensions what’s the capability of a cart, how it runs and you can know its durability and other features

What should be the length of course pathways?

Some golf course pathways are wide enough to move the cart from one tee to another. But some course structures have narrow bridges or enclosed underpasses that make navigation difficult. So the proper size of the cart enables you to move through such areas with ease.

What should be the length of the golf cart?

The golf cart length measures include from front to back part of the cart. Two-seat golf carts are about 96 inches or 8 feet in length. The length of the cart depends upon its seat limit as the four or six-seat carts will be more in length.

What should be the width of the golf cart?

The width of carts is measured from left to right across the cart which includes wheels but not other accessories such as side mirrors. The golf cart is narrow from the front side as compared to the backside similarly the front wheel distance is less than the back wheels.

The width of the two-seat golf cart is 4 feet or 48 inches while the carts for 4 or 6 passengers are more in width. The exact dimensions of carts depend on the manufacturing available seats of the golf cart.

What should be the height of the golf cart?

The golf carts’ height measures from the highest point to lower from the ground up. The height of the cart can be measured in two ways.

  1. The one way is to measure the height from the base of the tire touching to the ground up to the steering wheel.
  2. On the other way, you can measure the distance from the wheel to the roof of the carts.

If the cart is without a roof then the manufacturer’s height can be measured from the bottom of the tire touching to ground up to the steering wheel.

The standard width of Golf carts

Different carts vary in dimensions mostly in length due to the different number of seats available. More number of seats will add to its length but minimal effects its height and width are almost same as given below.

  • Two-seat- ~ 48 inches wide
  • Four seat- ~ 48 inches wide
  • Six seat-  ~ 48 inches wide

 Do you want to know the average weight of a golf cart?

When you talk about the weight of the golf cart, there’s no average weight limit. Since the weight of the cart depends upon its features such as its material, engine, design, size, etc. However, most commonly the weight range of the cart is 900 to 1050 pounds.

The weight of the cart won’t be too much to carry it around on the truck. You may cross-check to confirm if it will fit in your truck or not.

Where to store the cart according to width?

When you know where you are going to store your cart you keep in mind the dimensions of the cart while buying it. If you don’t have enough space to store your personal used golf cart you can get help from these two ideas.

1. Garage:

Some home garages are big enough to fit one car and free space of few feet will be left spare. If your car size is small it enables you to store your golf cart with it but it depends on how much space is available there.

But if there is no space you have to choose one between car and golf cart or you can try my second idea.

2. Waterproofed golf cart cover:

When there is no enough space in your garage you can store the cart by an alternative method. You can buy a waterproofed golf cart cover which is an inexpensive method to your cart safe.

What dimension of a trailer should be according to the cart’s width?

The trailers are also available in different dimensions but the standard size of the trailer is 5 feet in width and 10 feet in length. Any golf cart irrespective of its width can easily fit into the standard size of the trailer.

Some trailer is equipped with landing ramp which allows you to load golf cart easily


These are the dimensions and width of golf carts out there. I hope you by reading this article you will get the answer to the question how wide is a golf cart? Along with the width of the cart, you will get information about the length and height of the cart to get an idea of the average size of the cart.

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