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The golf ball is one of the important tools used in a playground while playing golf. Many players didn’t know about the golf ball. They don’t even care to know what makes the golf ball and what is it. So, knowing about the weight of the ball is not something that plays care to know.

If you want to become a pro player you should have all the basic knowledge about golf including its weight. Before knowing the other feature let’s first answer the most common question How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh?

Let’s get started!How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh

What should be the average weight of a golf ball?

According to USGA rules, the average weight of a golf ball should be 45.93 grams. This weight makes the golf ball the lightest equipment as if you have ten golf balls they make one pound. As the USGA had set the rules the average weight of the ball should not more or less than 45.93 grams

Roughly you can say that it should be 46 grams by rounding up the figure. If the weight of the ball exceeds or decreases by a minimal margin it’s ok it doesn’t affect your performance.

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Does the weight of a golf ball affect performance?

It’s very important to know the effect of golf balls on performance. According to USGA rules, for 280 yards, the weight of the golf ball allows it to move at the velocity of 250 feet per second. If the ball has a higher weight than the 46 grams then it will cover more distance with higher velocity.

The more the weight of the ball you put the higher the velocity of the ball and will cover more yards. The heavy hitter can cover the extra yards by hitting with heavy balls. But if you are a heavy hitter you can cover extra yards by hitting with a lighter ball.

What are the advantages of golf ball weight?

The golf ball’s weight increases its ability to repel air while flying without being slow. Let’s take look at an example of a Wiffle ball! Do you know it’s a lightweight ball and quickly stops while passing through the air? If you put some weight in it can travel a further. That’s why the USGA had set the limit of the ball’s weight.

What should be the size and weight of a ball?

In the early days, the golf balls didn’t come in the same size and weight but now the size and weight of balls are very consistent. Now the USGA has set the rule that the weight of the golf ball should be 45.93 grams and diameter should not less than 42.67mm or 1.680 inches.

The above-given weight and size are standard which are same till now.

Categories of balls depending upon conditions:

Do you know the condition of balls also affects the weight of balls? To understand the condition of balls let’s take a look into the following categories of balls.

Poor Condition Balls:

This ball is visibly damaged and it is not able to play with. There are holes and cuts on its surface and some sections are missing. The weight of poor balls is 45.72 and the weight difference of these balls from one another is 3.3 grams

Average condition Balls:

The balls with the average condition are also visibly damaged such as they have marks. But average condition balls are fine to play with. The average weight of these balls is 45.72 grams and their weight difference from one another is 2.9 grams.

Good condition Balls:

They are the balls that have no visible damage but you can say that they are second hand and you can play nicely with them. The weight of good condition balls is 45.8 grams and the weight difference between these conditions of balls is 1.1 grams.

Brand New Balls:

These are brand new balls which are not used before and on average their weight is 45.93 grams. The weight difference of these brand-new balls is negligible as there is only a 0.1-gram difference between the new balls we weighed.

Why do you need to know the different conditions of balls?

The interesting fact of the balls’ condition is that the weight of the ball increased as the condition of the ball improved. According to one experiment, the difference in weight is 0.21 grams between a poor condition ball and a brand new ball.

Sometimes the poor condition balls are heavier than the average condition balls because the poor balls allow dust and debris to enter into them which increases their weight as compared to average balls.

What are the top-selling golf ball brands?

As you know the golf ball is a very important piece of equipment and they come from different brands in different types. Some brands are here for you

  • Taylor Made
  • Titleist
  • NIKE
  • Callaway

How the weight of balls can differ based on the manufacturer?

To get to know the weight of balls on the base of manufacture let’s compare the weight of average condition balls. Most of the average condition balls weigh 0.3-gram difference. But the balls of some manufacturers are lighter and some are heavier.

For example, on average the Dunlop balls are the lightest balls and their weight is 45.43 grams. Pinnacle balls are the heaviest balls and their weight is 46 grams. The former is lighter and the latter is heavier than a legal limit.

The weight difference between different manufacturers is 0.7 grams. These manufacturers are Titleist, Top Flite, Dunlop, Pinnacle, Nike, and Slazenger.

Why heavier balls perform better as compared to lighter balls?

The ball speed is at the start and the factors that affect the flight of balls are weight, lift, and drag. Not only the weight difference affects its performance, but also golf balls vary from one another in types, construction, dimples, and compressions.

How many types of golf balls on the base of construction?

In addition to weight, the construction types of golf also affect the performance. Here are the different types of golf balls on a construction based.

  • One-piece golf balls
  • The two-piece golf balls
  • The three-piece golf balls
  • four-piece golf balls
  • Five-piece golf balls

Does all the golf ball the same weight?

As the USGA had set the legal limit of golf balls’ weight and size so the manufacturers tried to maintain their weight for good performance. But there is a little bit difference between balls of different brands. This minimal difference is due different structures of manufacturers.

How much a ball weighs in ponds?

In ponds, the weight of the golf ball should not exceed 0.1012lbs. The heavyweight will affect its performance than the legal limit. In addition, the weight of dozen of a golf ball is about 1 pound 3.4 ounces. This may help when you buy a dozen balls.


On the whole, I’m happy to share with you this writing and as a beginner, the science of ball is difficult to grasp and also confusing. For a good performance not only weight of balls but worth everything. With weight aside, different factors affect your performance and learning.

I hope this article helps you know how much does golf ball weighs? If you have any queries related to this writing please let me know.


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