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Golf shoes play an important part in the golf game but some people ignore their importance. In the market, there is a large variety of golf shoes with their equipment. In history, the golf shoe revolution was started in 1800. A big part of enjoying your round of golf is relaxing the course.

Many people spend a lot of money and time buying comfortable golf shoes. Most of our choice of shoes is only for comfort. The main function of golf shoes is to provide grip, which is necessary for the player. Now we discuss how to clean golf shoes so let’s get started.How to Clean Golf Shoes

Care about golf shoes:

Some people are very careless about their golf shoes but some are very conscious about their shoes. Some people forget their shoes in their car that is not good behavior. By this non-serious behavior, you can harm your golf shoes.

It’s a big duty to take care of your golf shoes; if you are not properly clean them you can lose your shoes. They may belong a lasting if the players properly take care of them.

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How to clean men golf shoes:

Golf shoes are a necessary part of a golf game without them you cannot play well. Players invest a lot of money to get the best and comfortable shoes. There are many types of cleaning of golf shoes but some important types are given below.

Cleaning of mesh shoes by hand:

  1. Sink the shoes in warm water and then add some detergent to clean them well.
  2. Use brush and genteelly apply on the dirt and spots to get rid of them.
  3. Scrub well on the stained area gently.
  4. Now use cold water on the spots and remove all the soapy water.
  5. Now put the golf shoes in the open air for dry.
  6. Some people use a hairdryer to dry the golf shoes.
  7. Now remove the laces slowly and clean them in warm water and then dip it in the soapy water.
  8. When the laces show clean then pick them and place them in the open air for dry.
  9. Place the shoes in the dim sunny place.
  10. Remove the inner sole to clean it if it is not fixed at its place. Now clean it with the cloth and apply its cleaner solution with warm water.
  11. Now remove all stains with the old toothbrush which is useless and apply it to the place of the stain. Now scrub it well try to clean it with detergent.
  12. You can also clean the mesh shoe in the washing machine. You wash it in a gentle and peaceful cycle so you can get a clean shoe.
  13. Now place it in the open air to dry it. And add some paper to clean all the remaining water in the shoe.

There are many types of golf shoes but some of them are given below with their cleaning methods.

1. Cleaning of leather golf shoes:

Many people choose leather shoes instead of other ones because they know the reliability of leather shoes. The golf leather shoes are very unique and easily stretchable with no difficulties. It’s easier to clean than the other shoes with no difficulties.

Here are some points of cleaning leather golf shoes.

Use an old toothbrush:

Some people use an old toothbrush to clean the leather shoe because they know this brush work well. Use a toothbrush to clean the shoes is a unique idea in which your shoe can not get harm.

Use a mixture of detergent:

Some shoes are cleaned with a mixture of detergent or soap with warm water. In this process, your shoes look clean well and there is no spot anymore. It’s a very important stage of cleaning leather shoes.

Drying process:

Now you put the shoes in the full airy place where no full sun shines come. And you can also put it at room temperature to dry it.

Examine the shoes:

It’s a good habit to check your shoes after every golf game and it is important for every player. A good player always takes good care of their shoes and checks them to the shoe repairer.

Use of leather cream:

The final step of the cleaning of the leather shoe is to use leather cream on the shoe. The leather cream is used to hide any type of spots and for its shine.

2. Cleaning of white golf shoes:

While golf shoes are used more than other shoes because it matches with every outfit. Many golfers use white shoes especially because it’s actually in trend. Here are some basic and simple techniques of cleaning white golf shoes which are given below.

Remove laces:

Firstly remove the laces if it is not fixed with the laces hole and then try to wash them. You can wash them with detergent and soap and then wash them with water. And then leave it to dry in the cool air.

Ways of washing:

Put the white shoe in plain water and then wash it and then add some detergent to it. Now scrub it well to get a clean and glowing shoe with no dirt.

Take off the grass and other things:

Now it’s time to remove the grass, dust and another thing which is attached with the shoes. It can help you to give a good and clean look to your shoes.

Apply cleaner:

Clean the shoes with the cleaner it gives you a very clean and glowing look. Some people use cleaner instead of detergent and soap because it gives a good fact.

Drying process:

Some people put their shoes in front of the sun that can damage your shoe color. Always put your shoes in a room temperature atmosphere this process is not harming your white golf shoes.

Use polish:

The final step is to use polish at the end to cover the stains and many other things. You can use polish after all the cleaning process doesn’t use polish at the early stage.

How to clean women golf shoes:

Here are some basic and informative steps of cleaning women’s golf shoes which are given below briefly.

  1. Firstly remove the laces and use dry shoes to clean. The dirt is easily removed from the dry shoe.
  2. Now you can use a very dry brush to remove all the dirt.
  3. Now add some soap in the warm water and put the shoe in it and leave it for some time.
  4. You have to scrub on all surfaces of the shoes where you find a spot.
  5. And now remove all the extra solution of the soap with any cloth.
  6. If you find your sole of the shoe is also dirty then get it out from the shoe. And put them into the bowl of water and also add some cleaning mixture. Now you can easily clean them all.


I have written all the necessary information about how to clean golf shoes. I have talked about every possible way to clean golf shoes which I have thought necessary.  I have tried my best to give all the basic and important points of this article.

Now I have gone to the next point where I have to need your opinion.  Don’t forget to share your opinion with us.

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