10 Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers in 2023

Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

Mid handicaps golfers are good at some parts of golf. Good fairway wood makes it possible it possible to maintain the balance of high launches and longer distances. This technical point is very crucial for mid-handicapper.

Being a mid-handicapper is extremely exhausting. The technology nowadays in fairway woods is extremely helpful. I would prefer to go straight towards my topic of discussion. So, the aim is to highlight the main features of fairway woods.

I’ll tell you here about the fairway woods that can yield 250 yards off the tee and 7-9 kinds of wood. In this session, you’ll get to know a lot about the main and desired features the Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers should have.

You all know well a lot about golf. If you play it professionally then you will surely play in the future. Then you must be concerned about the speed and accuracy that a fairway wood offers. A mid-handicapper badly needs to hit the ball.

So, the fairway wood that will use by a mid-handicapper should be such that it can cope up with a bad hit. Thus, if you want to know more about the woods that will be comfortable for mid-handicappers, then go through this article once.

Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers in 2023 – Quick Comparison:

ProductOur RatingPrice
1Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Woods9.9
2Taylor Made M2 Fairway Wood9.8
3MW8 Moon Golf Fairway Wood9.6
4Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood9.5
5Taylor Made SIM Fairway wood9.4
6Taylor Made M6 D-Type Fairway Wood9.3
7Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood9.1
8Callaway Mervik Max Fairway Wood9.0
9Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Turbo Fairway Wood8.9
10Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speedzone Fairway8.8

Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers in 2023 – Detail Reviews:

1. Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Woods:

With the advancement in technology, the golf industry has also modified its equipment. For the coming year, they’ve launched a new version known as Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Wood. Here, I am going to discuss it in detail.


Classic head shape with modern Hawkeye
Face-cup technology creates faster ball
Speed step technology makes faster head speed
Shorter hosel
J-36 carbon crown
Extreme forgiveness

Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway Woods Review:Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

Callaway is available in different options. It contains lofts ranging from13.5 degrees to 24 degrees. This is a good option for beginners.

Carbon crown:

This is the key factor in Callaway’s success. This version has more steel in head shape. It is far more interesting than the Epic-sub zero one. If you’re concerned about being a mid-handicap one, then you should consider this fairway wood.

Hawkeye sole:

The Hawkeye sole makes it more attractive and versatile. The toe and heel both got relief and thus are a good option to consider. It has a steelhead face shape and low weighted with low spin gives it a higher launch. And this point is more important for a mid-handicapper.

Epic drivers:

Callaway has recently launched its new version with more power and epic irons. So the strength and length make a good combination for mid-handicappers to perform well.

  • 1 launch angle
  • Quality shots
  • 250 yards off the tee
  • Strong shaft
  • Smooth spin
  • Stability
  • Low spin
  • Fixed hosel


Callaway Men’s XR fairway wood is an iconic name and is the best fairway wood for mid to high handicappers. if you’re a mid-handicapper and looking for versatility and more distance, speed then it has all the features you’re looking for.

2. Taylor Made M2 Fairway Wood:

In the previous article, I’ve already discussed the details of Taylor Made best Fairway woods. Then you must be thinking why I am writing about this one again? The aim of writing it here is to make you people know about its guts that it could show for the mid-handicappers. So without waiting let’s just dig-in.


The white top line with carbon crown
Rounder and larger face
Plain sole
Flexible speed pocket

Taylor Made M2 Fairway Wood Review:Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

Taylor Made fairway wood has a huge club variety but when it comes to mid-handicappers then you should take a review about Taylor Made M2 fairway wood. You will glad to know that this article is especially for you people.

Durable carbon design:

Taylor made has come up with its best collection and it has the carbon composite crown which is specially designed to calibrate the new player requirements. Therefore, if you’re a mid-handicapper, you must stick to this choice.

Better speed performance:

The ability to experience better speed is one of the best performance of Taylor made fairway wood. You cannot improve yourself if you don’t focus on the shot speed. So, this fairway wood makes sure that you get a better shot on its inverted cone technology basis.

Nice whap sound:

Taylor Made is no doubt hot in looks but it is also good in sound and so makes a nice whap sound. Its higher handicaps give a springy feeling and are good at compromise and forgiveness.

  • Best material
  • Low CG
  • Carbon crown
  • Inverted cone technology
  • To options for the average player


In this up-coming decade if you’re concerned about the choices that you not at all making good then don’t need to be panic. You want to win the game, and you will. Just make a better choice.

3. MW8 Moon Golf Fairway Wood:

Now you have known well about Taylor and Callaway, but these are not enough.  As you know nothing is perfect in this world so, is the golf tools as well. But it doesn’t mean you cannot buy a desirable one.

These are specially made after considering the different player’s choices and demands. I’ve brought this article, for those who are concerned about quality and performance and so this MW8 will give you much satisfaction.


Made of premium material
Easy to swing
Low center of gravity
Epic performance
Exotic look

MW8 Golf Fairway Wood Review:Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

Taking into consideration its qualities and performance, it is among the top desirable ones. This tool not only helps you catch the good shot but also best for mid-handicappers who want easy hit and low swing.

High-Reliability and Efficiency:

The MW8 Moon-Premium Golf Fairway Wood has a soft texture and feels that is indeed durable and integrated. Moreover, it has enough stamina to bear test time and thus gives you maximum and efficient performance in the field.

Stronger shaft:

As compared to the other fairway woods, it has a broader head with a strong and longest shaft. This is the best fairway wood shaft in terms of quality and also helps in forgiveness. It gives maximum speed and distance so that a mid-handicapper could get a goal easily.

Great control:

This moon wood is shorter than the typical fairway wood. This shorter length gives the players some perks, as it becomes easy to hit the ball. Thus the stability and consistency also get improved.

  • Long shaft
  • Iconic style
  • Easy to hit
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Build especially for mid-handicappers


As stated above, this tool is specially made for mid-handicappers so now there should not more argument in describing that how could it be good for mid-handicappers? Those players can blindly take it as their first choice.

4. Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood:

The one thing you must notice about the Orlimar golf fairway wood is that it always gives lengthy lofts. The high hitting technology gives this fairway wood an extra reputation in the market. Nevertheless, the Orlimar brand uses tri-metals, bi-metals, and titanium technologies.


Good weight balance
Powerful swing
Smooth motion
Shallow face height
Graphite shaft
Low center of gravity

Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood Review:best fairway woods for mid handicappers

It has a 4.5 rating out of 5 and will be a wonderful addition to your golf accessories. Furthermore, it gives you maximum forgiveness with high ball speed and fewer swings so what else do you need?

Graphite shafts:

Most of the golfers want fairway wood with long shafts but some want it to be short to make a real hit. You will get surprised to know that the Orlimar brand gives you all the customize options as per your choice.

So, if you are a mid-handicapper and want a graphite shaft with a high-reliability rate and fabulous hit. Then you must make Orlimar your first choice, as it gives you all the parameters without any lack of quality material.

Aesthetic Look:

Here let me tell you some perks you can enjoy with Orlimar fairway wood like you can have a good size shaft with maximum distance and forgiving capacity. You will experience the best performance of your career. And its exotic design and style will steal your heart and the aesthetic look will boost up your confidence.

Wonderful Specs:

The Orlimar drivers have graphite shafts, excellent grip, and loft angles with the 8.5 to 12.5-degree angle. They are available in carbon as well as in stainless steel shafts. Its hybrids are also available that gives you more options.

The low center of gravity that has been given by its clubface will be good for you to give a hit. The hit by the Orlimar fairway wood is long and elevated that goes straight up to the mark.

  • Long shaft
  • Best grip
  • Excellent lofts
  • Core-bearing technology
  • Fixed hosel
  • No adjustability


Do you struggle with hitting good shots? Then I highly recommend the Orlimar fairway wood which is strong and has good strength of bearing the low swing.

5. Taylor Made SIM Fairway wood:

This tool also belongs to the Taylor Made family but has quite good and innovative features are built in this one. Comparing the mid-handicapper with the other players, we get to know that a mid-handicap player needs more easy shots and low swing.

So, keeping this point in mind, we have brought this new tool for you.


Easy shot
Good looks
Long shaft
Low swing
Good adjustability

Taylor Made SIM Max Fairway Review:Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

This fairway 3-wood is made of premium quality material. This company doesn’t compromise on the looks, performance, and quality as well. So, keeping in account its qualities, I’ve brought this option to my article.

Flawless looks:

Taylor Made best fairway wood for seniors has the carbon crown, silver face with black top-lines. This fairway wood has a larger face size and a more smooth head texture that cause more forgiveness and swing just like a mid-handicapper wish for.

Good adjustability:

As you have read at a lot of places, especially in my article that most of the fairway lacks adjustability and have fixed hosel. But unlike the others, this tool gives you maximum adjustability for a mid-handicap. Thus, makes it possible for the player to hit a good shot.

Speed pocket:

The Taylor made two head speed pocket with the flexible sole helps in maximizing the speed and distance, thus making it a plus point for mid-handicappers to hit the ball easily.

  • Lighter in weight
  • Best stainless steel material
  • C-300 shafts
  • 400-yards range
  • Reasonable price
  • Best adjustability
  • No fixed hosel
  • Often remain out of stock


A mid-handicapper should choose what he/she can easily handle and on which can get a good grip in a short time. So, this Taylor made wood is a reliable option for them.

6. Taylor Made M6 D-Type Fairway Wood:

Till now there is no fairway wood ever made that could have adjustable forgiveness and speed. This version is a bit unique from their other M-family members. Let’s have a look at the detail to know more.


Tweaked speed pocket slot
C-300 Steel
Twist face design
Thinner silver to line
Smiley like face shape
More forgiveness

Taylor Made M6 D-Type Fairway Wood Review:Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

If we compare the M-Family members with M-6 D-Type then we will get to know that in this version extra twist of 0.5 degrees has been given to create 1.5-degree forgiveness. So, it is more fascinating for mid-handicappers.

D-Type version:

If you are a mid-handicapper and struggle to get an easy hit, it is for you man. If you try hard to avoid fading then stick to this version and you’ll never get disappointed. It has 15, 21, 28-degree forgiveness level and angle that helps to get back on track.

Matte-Finish look:

The silver and brown crown boosts up the confidence of a player. The matte-finish look helps to minimize any glare even on the brightest day and thus if you can have a good hit without a fast swing. And what else a mid-handicapper could wish for?


Taylor-made M6 D-type is the latest version and is the best one among the family no doubt. Instead of its high quality, brilliant features, and exotic performance, this brand still demands a reasonable price. You can easily afford its price and can enjoy the game.

  • Face rotating feel
  • D-type
  • Matte-finish look
  • Reduces glare
  • 4 launch angle
  • Straight shot
  • A bit expensive


Well, this is the best fairway woods set. This D-type is not for everyone and so is best for a mid-handicapper capper only. This is specially made for them that is why it is more unique and qualitative than its other family members.

7. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood:

It is the Callaway family hybrid. This fairway wood has been designed for those who are mid-handicaps and want something relaxing in their lives. So have a review of the content below, you’ll surely get want you want.


Flash face design
3^ power 3-wood
Different spin rate
Jailbreak technology
Designed by A.I

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood Review:Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

This new flash face fairway has designed by A. I and so gives an optimized performance. It is made of exotic materials and so is uniquely designed to maximize the speed of the ball.

Optimized performance:

It is the result of a combination of best technologies and so has more forgiveness, speed, and distance. Ultimately, it gives the best performance, a mid-handicapper could ever give. It has exotic and flawless edge geometry that helps to get the hit.

Epic flash drive:

Due to the artificial intelligence technology, this version has a new basis. The flash face technology and metal wood hybrids are its special features. A mid-handicapper can get an easy launch and fulfill their need for speed.

Best edge geometry:

Edge geometry is the point where the face meets the sole, thus giving it the epic look. It not only makes it stylish but also improves the turf conjunction to elevate speed.

  • All-rounder
  • Single fixed sole
  • Versatile edges
  • Artificial technology
  • Metal hybrid
  • Average shaft length


This version has based on artificial intelligence and so grooving about the features is far of more concern. It is pretty obvious that is 100% accurate and epic for a mid-handicapper. So, just click on the link below and get more to know.

8. Callaway Mervik Max Fairway Wood:

Callaway Marvik Max has reached the top of the list among clubs. By using the innovative technology, it has reached the top of the fairway woods that have been recommended for mid-handicappers so far.


Aerodynamic crown
Reduces drag
Exceptional distance
Enhanced forgiveness

Callaway Mervik Max Fairway Wood Review:Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

It is named as the longest fairway wood. It is known for its dynamic qualities which you will know soon as well. So without any delay let’s just dig in.

Aerodynamic crown:

It gives a brilliant performance with its epic design and it is totally as per your choice. Are you facing difficulty being a mid-handicapper? Want to get the ball high in the air? Then just buy this one and feel the pleasure of high launch.

Shot making ability:

This fairway wood gives dynamic solutions to get the ball up in the air. It is the best tool for those that couldn’t make a hit and so fail to have a good shot. It has a compact head and dual weight to adjust the launch

Epic flash fairway:

It has a face cup with jailbreak and true flash face technology. It has a balanced face geometry that results in the best shot. Therefore, it is the best intervention of the time in golf.

  • Dual-weight
  • Forward-leaning balance
  • Compact head
  • Incredible edges
  • Only build for high launch


The Callaway Marvik max has the best fairway wood shafts offers the largest club head. It is the shallow one with dual weight to give better contact with the ball. Therefore, you can trust its performance blindly.

9. Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Turbo Fairway Wood

Want to have an excellent fairway wood with better accuracy? Then, the Cleveland golf launcher HB turbo will be the best option for you. It gives plenty of forgiveness and high spin speed. But wait, I think you would like to know some interesting facts about it. Let’s have a look.


Turbocharged cup face
Hi-bore technology
Counterbalanced shaft design
Versatile & efficient
Low CG

Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Turbo Fairway Wood ReviewBest Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers

Talking about its reviews, it has a 4.3 rating out of 5 that you won’t get in any other product of this price. No doubt it provides you great quality at a reasonable price.

HB Launcher

The HB Launcher has a brilliant clubface that will launch the ball straight up for you. But you would like to hit spectacularly without any difficulty in launching. Therefore, Cleveland has brought this HB special launcher for mid-handicappers.

The HB driver makes the best fairway wood you will ever have and it must e noticeable that this property is not available in any other fairway wood. Although they have their own space and characteristics to pursue well they cannot beat this launcher.

Durable and efficient

Cleveland fairway wood is based upon hi-bore technology. Hence this is so clear that at least you will not get disappointed by its reliability and performance. If you want to give a sky-high shot with maximum forgiveness then you must have an HB launcher.

The farthest distance it can give no matter what but you just have to take it as your choice, the next step it will ultimately do by itself. Being a golfer and being a professional you must have the best choice of the time.

Stainless steel material

Although you have experienced many fairway kinds of wood and they were might be good too. But can you give their warranty for durability? Your answer will be No!

Thus, you will be amazed to know that this fairway wood not only gives you efficient performance but also gives you a warranty for its reliability as it is made of pure stainless steel material.

  • Incredible forgiving power
  • Excellent launch driver
  • Good sound and feel
  • Pure stainless steel material
  • Good adjustability
  • Average looks


You know well that it is the era of rush and hush, everyone is looking for more advanced technology. That is why Cleveland has brought the latest technology based fairway wood for your ease.

10. Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speedzone Fairway Black-Yellow:

Innovation has become huge in golf during these years. As time passing by, versatility and durability are taking their place in clubs. A mid-handicapper has not been going good at hit for years.

This is a general observation, but they admit it as well. So, cobra has launched its hybrid that will ease you in no time, hence have a look.


Compact size
173cc head
Flatter sole
Less visibly
high launch
Low spin

Cobra King Speedzone Fairway Wood Review:Best Fairway Woods for Low Handicappers

Whenever you go on cobra’s website you see their traditional customize option. So, you must be anxious about what’s new in this? This article will help you to learn a lot about it and in the end, you too will get convinced to have this fairway wood.

Cobra hybrid:

This belongs to the cobra family and so have many things in common. But as a science took to its roots so is this family as well. It has173cc head

Thus is a larger head size than the previous one. It is designed in such a way that its rails are reduced to get good turf drag. This makes it a good catchy one for mid-handicaps.


This is the best fairway woods for seniors. It was designed such that to give a low spin and this low spin ultimately gives extra 5 yards. Its face is its power zone and so this flattened head ultimately gives efficient performance. Thus, mid-handicapper now can get easy hit and high launch.

Carbon fiber on the crown:

This version consists of a crown that has fine look and helps golfers to keep eye on the distinctive target. It is also available in lustrous yellow color on the carbon fiber on the crown.

A mid-handicapper will find it easy to get the ball at wood’s tip. So if you find it hard to distinguish the catch then choose this one.

  • Flex zone
  • Stability
  • Carbon crown
  • Mid-high ball trajectory
  • consistent sound
  • Only for mid-handicappers
  • Average hosel


This fairway wood contains a blast of features and spaces to adjust the qualities and performances. Hence, a mid-handicapper could easily customize the characteristics which they want to perform well.

Best Fairway Woods For Mid Handicappers – THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE

Playing golf and I mean playing good golf and win is not that much hard. This game is too much easy and fun. No matter what experience you have, even if you are a beginner you can turn the tables as well.

But you need to focus on just basic elements that can trigger your game and your enthusiasm as well. For the mid-high handicappers, it is compulsory to take care of their comfort zone and preferences.

Thus, without any delay just dig into the details that I have mentioned in this session, just because to make you feel relaxed. So, no need to be worried, just read the rest of it and you will become able to make an opinion.

These are some of the elements a fairway wood should have. Without these basic characteristics in the wood, you even cannot move forward. So, let’s move on.


In golf the 3-wood is the most important element, in the past, the irons were used. But nowadays, these 3-woods have taken iron’s place. The 3-wood is much comfortable in getting the grip and is very stylish as well.


The golfers can adjust the loft of the fairway wood with the help of an adjustable hosel. Remove the screw in the heel, connect the shaft with the head, these are some points of adjusting the loft. 4-5 degree angle of the loft can increase or decrease by this process.

Face angle:

It is the angle of the face at address. It sits perpendicular to the target, clubface opposite to the player. It is a player’s choice to make it close or not. The clubhead and face vary in size, angle, and shape. You should choose which you find more suitable.

Moveable weights:

It is important in the fairway wood to adjust drivers. It should have moveable weights to manipulate the settings in the clubhead. This process is done to get a good shot. This is the customize setting, players can do it y themselves.

Steel materials:

The stainless steel material is the best one for fairway woods. steel gives a strong element to the club and provides maximum forgiveness. It is inexpensive as well and is suitable for small heads. This steel material is durable and smooth and thus helps in hitting the ball and giving a good straight shot.


It is rarely used but its special quality is that it is light in weight. This characteristic in fairway wood is useful in the face. Thus, a light face means a low center of gravity and so, more forgiveness. It is costly as well.


Lightweight materials such as the carbon crown in the clubhead make its perimeter low. Due to this quality, it offers more forgiveness and is also not that much costly. The carbon crown is sometimes black. But it varies from one species to another. There are red or white silver lines on the top as well.


It is the main and important part of a fairway wood. Some hybrids and other versions have come up with short shafts to offer more control. But the preferable is the long shaft as it provides maximum distance and speed. So the forgiveness also increases and can go with a good hit.

Degree angle:

Fairway wood starts at 13 degrees and the highest one is 22. You should have a 3-wood with a loft having a degree angle between 13 and 15 degrees and 5-woods should have 17-19 degrees, 5-woods should have a loft angle 16-18 degrees.


Hybrids are most important in golf. The bag of a player is not complete without 2-3 lofts. One you often need but you should take 2-3 in numbers. 4-wood is the best choice. These hybrids contain properties that make it easy for you to get a shot.

Good sound and feel:

Always make sure that your fairway wood should give a good feel and sound. The clicking sound of a fairway wood boosts up your confidence and helps you give a better play. So, do make about the material that produces sound when it strikes the ball.

So these were some major element you always take into consideration while buying a fairway wood. If you are a mid-handicapper then you have a bunch of options among which you can choose the best combination.

These are the basic elements that take part in the construction of a good fairway wood. So, if you’re concerned about making a choice then you must read this buying guide in which I have brought a variety for you.

Hence, customize your favourite and desirable characteristics to get rid of confusion and select the best one. You will probably enjoy the game, the wood, and the victory as well. But first, you have to gain knowledge.

And to gain the knowledge you need a good and genuine plate form from where you can get help and easy access. That is our main aim to guide people and to make your life easy and well standardized.

I hope this will be helpful for you and you liked it. If you do so then plz do make sure to give us your feedback and your opinion as well.

Your opinion will be very helpful for us in raising our standards and writing more and more for you people. So don’t waste time and let’s have your favourite one without getting difficulty in the decision-making process.


In this whole article, I summed up 10 different fairway wood products. I wrote this article especially for mid-handicapper who finds it difficult to get a good shot and also loses their confidence.

So, to boost up their confidence and to help them in making a choice, I brought this article. All the details about features of products, their specification, qualities, and flaws all are described here well

Now you just have to read it out thoroughly so that you can choose the best and suitable one for yourself. Being a mid-handicapper you should keep in mind all the parameters and then select a reliable one

But I would like t to recommend you Callaway Men’s Steelhead fairway wood, as it the most accurate and reliable one for a mid-handicapper and is also available at a reasonable price. Hope you get enough help here; give us your feedback thank you!


1. How to hit fairway woods and hybrids?

In most cases, we have heard that many players find it difficult to hit the ball. So, the thing that happens with them is that they give it a low swing and so the ball cannot make a fair distance.

If you want a proper hit, just stretch your arms, take a proper position, swing the ball, make a goal point, and make a proper set-up. With these easy steps, you can get a good shot.

2. What are the fairway woods?

Fairway is a type of wood that is used in golf. It is among the category of the club but is different in some sort. These are known as fairway woods because the club head is made of wood.

But now they also come in metal and steel material. The fairway wood has a long, strong shaft with distance and hence is good for the golfers.


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